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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Old 11th Dec 2016, 19:18
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So on promotion to Captain, in their fourth year of "service", a UK based line skipper on an OSM contract based at LGW can gross 13k in an average month? Is that right? Thanks
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Old 11th Dec 2016, 19:22
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That is correct.
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Old 11th Dec 2016, 19:25
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That's a lot more than I thought. Many thanks for the information
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Old 11th Dec 2016, 22:06
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How are the rosters at NLH at the moment?

And if one joined as a "relief capt", how long is the current time to become a proper captain? And what is the selection criteria? Seniority?

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Old 12th Dec 2016, 01:17
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I am working as captain on the 787, and a little curious of this Norwegian adventure for my last couple of years. Currently I am on a final salary pension scheme and wonder what Norwegian could offer.? Obviously anything less than 28% in a purchase scheme would be very bad and a joke.
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Old 12th Dec 2016, 07:47
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BA ( et al) final salary pesioned pilots were the scurge of the industry for years. Thankfully, retirement ages have increased and therefore the market saturation of type rated experienced guys willing to take a pittance for their endeavours has shrunk.
Contract jobs are a plenty now, and rates have increased.

Why would Norwegian employ a pilot on full pension knowing that they will run for cover if things are not to their liking ?
The contracts are 3 years btw .
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Old 12th Dec 2016, 07:47
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Direct Bondi

Thank you for your reply,

I don't think I have ever before had such an evasive answer on these forums.

It begs the question why ?
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Old 13th Dec 2016, 07:11
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-So what are the terms and conditions for the OSM contract for FO, Relief Captain and Captain?
Any annual salary increase included?

-Rishworth is announcing AMS and CDG as bases starting next year. Any info regarding taxes? UK tax since it's a UK contract? Or tax in Netherlands or France?
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Old 13th Dec 2016, 07:33
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I'm also confused by the two different contracts on offer.
Are you guaranteed to be moved to the (better?) OSM contract after spending 3 years on a Rishworth one?
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Old 13th Dec 2016, 08:06
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Yes, you may be moved to a different contract:

“Pilots are threatened with losing their jobs if they did not move to OSM”


“In order to force pilots into signing the new contracts, the company introduced aggressive tactics by establishing a deadline at short notice”

“Pilots received written threats of contract termination if they chose not to comply with the imposed deadline”

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Old 14th Dec 2016, 00:36
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Why is there a reluctance to accept the OSM contract, if it's supposed to have better conditions than the initial 3 year contract? What's the catch?
I know that the OSM contract looks suspicious, since you're not directly employed by Norwegian, but so is the temporary 3 year contract. So what are the terms and conditions for the OSM contract?
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Old 14th Dec 2016, 08:01
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There is no "catch" on LH, and no shortage of quality applicants either. On SH there are still several issues to be resolved with OSM, not so much about the pay but more to the administration side of things, but that is another matter.
The links provided by direct bondi refers to SH and are outdated. As to why he keeps putting up smoke and mirrors for his colleagues is beyond me. This forum is about helping/informing each other and possibly sharing some gossip..
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Old 15th Dec 2016, 02:14
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I have a Screening with Norwegian... >>US pilot, any info
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Old 15th Dec 2016, 19:57
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Originally Posted by marvelman View Post
Even, R J co-pilots, first year, now get more than $ 60,000 + $ 35,000 bonuses !
Which US regional pays their co pilots 60K plus bonus?

Endeavor pays 60K incl. bonus..
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Old 21st Dec 2016, 21:59
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Nowergian plans to expand to Singapore

Flygtorget Flygnyheter Flygnyheter Norwegian planerar linje till Singapore
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Old 23rd Dec 2016, 11:40
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Of course Norwegian will not be far behind matching or even surpassing these t&c.
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Old 23rd Dec 2016, 13:37
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Any current UK Norwegian LH guys on here that can answer questions about take-home pay, rosters, allowances etc?

Everyone else, don't worry, I have my eyes open!
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Old 24th Dec 2016, 08:26
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Lets say you started out as an FO 3 years ago on LH. You just upgraded to captain on the osm contract year 1. Monthly pay :
Basic 8125
Per diems 913
Lets assume 89 hrs for the month and 4 unused standby duties : 4091
Total : 13129 plus pension comes in at 5 percent.
Assume a 4th year FO who failed his upgrade and on a OSM contract : Monthly pay 7852 plus 5 percent pension..
On the OSM, are you actually an employee of OSM or a contractor and liable for employee AND employer taxes, NI, etc. etc. Is it a permanent employment contract in the UK?

And whats the deal for the first three years with NLH. Are there any up to date figures around?
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Old 26th Dec 2016, 09:28
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Is it a permanent employment contract in the UK?
The word ‘permanent’ cannot be associated with Norwegian’s atypical labor scheme.

The 3-year fixed term contract is for employment with an agency. Pilots are required to sign a clause that “no employment relationship exists with Norwegian”. Income tax and social contributions are deducted by the agency. Norwegian rents the crew member(s) from the respective agency and may cancel the individual Service Provider Agreement (rental agreement) of the crew member without notice, reason or recourse. A shelf-stacker directly employed by supermarket has more labor rights and labor principles than a 787 agency pilot flying for Norwegian.

Following the recent DOT decision Norwegian may believe its ‘flag of convenience’ scheme has succeeded and opposition crushed. A December 20 letter to President elect Trump by over 100 Members of Congress suggests otherwise:

“We strongly urge you to correct the Department’s mistake. We urge you, on Day One of your presidency, to start the process necessary to revoke or suspend Norwegian’s permit”

The letter may be downloaded and read in full via the following link:


ALPA is “considering all action” to reverse the DOT decision. The Association of Flight Attendants, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO federation of unions, has already acted by distributing leaflets last week at several major US airports. The leaflet has the heading “Who is crewing your plane?”



Norwegian’s US based cabin crew, after winning a legal ruling that Norwegian must recognize and negotiate with their union, appear to have encountered resistance:

“However, the Company wanting to “conduct an election” to select representatives to “be the liaison between management and cabin crew” bypasses the Union’s status as the bargaining representative of the cabin crew”


The first 100 days of the Trump administration will be interesting for the smiling rock ape regime.
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Old 26th Dec 2016, 23:12
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Will these pilots be paid BA-level wages?

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