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Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Norwegian B787 - LGW based

Old 13th May 2017, 08:39
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Been here as a Captain a few months now. Some people like it, but I don't.

10 days off and doing over 90 hours east west. First 3 years no overtime pay, so they work you as hard as they can. The times they maybe have a surplus of crew and the schedules aren't as busy you can expect no more days off than 10, but spare days to be standby.

Hotels by the most part are terrible, and the transport is usually a van where you only just fit. Sometimes theres not even enough seats if theres extra crew on training flights. Then a few have to wait for the return trip to get picked up, or agree to squeeze in illegally. Many places you have to call the Hotel yourself to arrange pickup!

Very nice colleagues to fly with, but i got to say I'll be looking for another job as this one is modern slavery.
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Old 13th May 2017, 16:27
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Midnight cruiser, with that attitude , you will be outta the door my asian friend
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Old 20th May 2017, 14:23
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How much net can I expect as a FO on the 787?

As far as I understand, it's a contract with rishworth?
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Old 20th May 2017, 14:52
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Answer 5000 net
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Old 20th May 2017, 15:14
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So no deductions at all
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Old 20th May 2017, 16:53
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5000 net as a first officer....your dreaming right!
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Old 20th May 2017, 17:34
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I think Samca is right 5k Net in Euros though.
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Old 20th May 2017, 20:20
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Hi, Anybody knows the Net Salary for Captain and Relief Captain under Rishworth contract?
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Old 22nd May 2017, 14:57
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Thats the gross figure without per diem .
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Old 23rd May 2017, 08:41
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Thats about £4900 after tax then ( but without per diem) which could be taxed at a different rate
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Old 24th May 2017, 01:38
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. 6.1 Employer shall for the period from the Commencement Date until the termination of this Agreement pay the Employee the monthly payments as follows:
(a) Salary of Captain GBP 7,470;
(b) The Employee can claim destination specific per diems to cover work related expenses for time the Employee spends away from Base outside the UK as part of their flight duties or on other official work-related business. The Employee can claim a maximum amount of GBP 830 per month as per diems based on rosters. Should the Employee claim more than GBP 830 in a month, the Employer may carry forward any excess to the following months until utilised or the current tax year ends, whichever comes first. Should the Employee claim less than GBP 830 per month, the Employer will add any excess carried forward from previous months. If this sum is less than GBP 830, then the difference will be paid as a taxable bonus; and
such payment to be prorated for any employment commencing or terminating part way through a month.

. 6.2 The payments specified in Clause 6.1 above are before Taxes and shall be paid in arrears. The above stated payments are the total remuneration payable to the Employee inclusive of all benefits and no overtime rates or additional payments will apply.

. 6.3 Payment shall be sent from Employer’s bank account to an account to be nominated by the Employee for each month of completed service, no later than the 28th day of the month of service (less any bank transfer charges payments if to more than one bank account, if any). Where the 28th day falls on a weekend or public or bank holiday, payment shall be sent on the next working day.


. 7.1 The Employer shall be entitled to deduct any Taxes arising at Base or as required under the law of any other jurisdiction.

. 7.2 Subject to any deductions by the Employer in accordance with Clause 7.1 above, the Employee shall be responsible for all Taxes relating to the Employee or to this Agreement, and shall:

. (i) file all tax returns and pay any required Taxes as they fall due in any applicable jurisdiction; and

. (ii) provide the Employer with information requested by the Employer evidencing the Employee ́s tax and social security numbers and payment of Taxes in accordance with Clause 7.2 (i) above;

. (iii) indemnify the Employer and/or the Client in respect of any failure by the Employee to pay Taxes due or comply with any applicable laws and regulations.
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Old 26th May 2017, 16:41
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Would any of you be so kind to tell us how a normal roster would be for a Cruise Relief Capt? Any chance to commute on days off or they are just spread single days off?

How long does it normally take to upgrade?

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Old 26th May 2017, 22:10
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I'm interested in any information regarding TnC you might have and as well any information regarding Relief Captain positions

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Old 31st May 2017, 00:27
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I posted the full LGW Captains TnCs above . Direct from my contract . For the unitiated thats it . Oh sorry a £85 phone allowance . So NLH can call you at 3am .

Note that there's no overtime payment . Zilch , zero , Zip.
Hence on the first 3 year contract expect to work all hours God sends ( or should that be Klos sends . For zero remuneration. I mean £0.0.
Who's pockets are you lining?

Note: NLH are very keen that you are not caught up in tax avoidance schemes and explicitly will stand by the contract re local taxation.
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Old 31st May 2017, 16:51
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If you want Ts&Cs then go straight to Rishworth. They are more than happy to send you the Powerpoint presentations and details if you ask.

I'm sorry, but to copy all of the info I have here is really a waste when they are so keen to disseminate the information!
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Old 5th Jun 2017, 03:08
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whats the pay after the first 3 year contract with no overtime?
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Old 5th Jun 2017, 05:51
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Is it me or does there seem to be an excessive amount of mystery and cloak and dagger about what happens after the 3 year contract? I saw an oblique reference to after the 3 year period earlier but why is it so hard to be upfront with the details? It might make the appaling pay worth it if you know it does eventually get better!
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Old 7th Jun 2017, 01:32
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The above post typifies the modern day pilot. Willing to take "appaling" (posters words) terms n pay , for a perceived increase (Unknown) after 3 years of an "appalling " contract. In the hope of what ?

To join as NLH as DEC, a pilot has to have considerable experience. They are therefore more than likely to be over 40. Most are 45+ for DEC. Its a true wannabe who is willing to sacrifice 3 years of their lives, at this age, in the hope that the next contract may be better. But could be worse, or non existent.
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Old 7th Jun 2017, 04:24
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You presume a lot there fly4more. No I'm not willing to come back for that and no I'm not in the age bracket you mention.

I absolutely agree it's appalling pay, however for people wanting to come back to Europe what would you suggest we do? There aren't many DEC jobs available, and those that are available aren't a million miles off what Norwegian long haul is paying. Further it's the European airlines that have gone down the route of specifying that you have to have the type to apply or be willing to pay for it to get the job which further limits the choices people have.

But thanks for the sanctimonious post, you really achieved a lot and helped your fellow colleagues with your innate knowledge of the terms after the three year mark!

Last edited by Rhodes13; 7th Jun 2017 at 05:07.
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Old 7th Jun 2017, 14:32
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Rhodes, you sound like some shell shocked soldier with post traumatic stress disorder. Have you been in battle overseas too long n wish to return to the busom of your mother land? As if they really want you back , thats what happens to soldiers of fortune.

Lets be positive now, at least you can buy a detatched 4 bed residence, perhaps send the kids to grammar school n buy the missus a new mini. If you stayed at J2 god help you with any dreams of private school or a flash gaff.

NLH is a bind for most there. But they dont fight it.
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