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Have around 300 pilots left RYR lately?

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Have around 300 pilots left RYR lately?

Old 29th Mar 2014, 11:20
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It is a certainty that for around the last 8-12mths 80-95% of new hires in NAS have been ex FR.

That must equate to 300+ to NAS alone.

I have heard that Emirates is similarly well disposed towards ex FR candidates, so I can well imagine that at least 500 have fled the Harp in the last 12mths.

Given that the 5/4 roster was the only selling point, and given the devaluation of that now that everyone is in reality a "floater" so therefore likely to easily lose 1-2 days commuting, why would you stay ? what is there to like anymore ?

As we used to trumpet back in the REPA days, this is all about R E S P E C T , this is unlikely to be forthcoming anytime soon, so you have to look elsewhere if you want it. Twas always thus, but roster stability & the "fools gold" of signing up as a "contractor" compensated, none of these carrots now exist in reality, so, the exodus will continue.

Heard strong rumours of Fly Dubai airframes being wet leased for Summer.

Historically any anticipated shortage has always been avoided at the last moment by someone else going bust. . . perhaps opening bases in BRU/FCO could have been partially motivated by the hope that one of the incumbent carriers might be helped "over the edge" thereby freeing up a few local drivers.
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Old 29th Mar 2014, 21:06
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There is a lot of noise about base transfers, with surveys being conducted to the effect, but I am far from convinced that it's a genuine effort to improve morale rather than a smoke screen. I know a lot of people unhappy with their bases who want to go somewhere with vacancies but their transfers are being refused. I hope it's not just a hollow masquerade. As for the number of 500 resignations, it would not surprise me if the number is even higher. I have also heard that the rostering manager has gone to NAS, though I have only heard that from one source.

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Old 30th Mar 2014, 09:28
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Just read in the dutch newspaper that Air Berlin is not doing very well. Could the next lot of drivers come from them?
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 17:20
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Sounds likely - rated and desperate, so cheap on training and cheaper than the RYR guys on pay, if the agencies play dirty. Then again, the agencies may want to keep the contracts attractive to all and the NAS union is fairly active...
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 11:40
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Rumor confirmed

Just floated arround a bit lately, met some old aquaintans.
Here is what is happening:
Northeren base with 5 aircraft lost 27 pilot the last year to Norwegian and Sas and diverse.
Bergamo exodus to Norwegian or anyone to awoid jail.
Madrid base desimated due to Norwegian Mad base plus other Spanish bases.
400 cadets planed this year, emergency plan 650 cadets executed.
Main rostering mann left for Norwegian.
Linetrainers leaving,,,,,
New TREs makining partial passes left right and senter due to incompetensy,
FlyDubai wetlease due to lack of aircraft.
Looking forward to a very hot summer.
United We Stand
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 13:10
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" emergency plan 650 cadets executed" ? ?

that is a bit serious, even by Ryanairs exalted standards

Can't see how that will help
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 22:51
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I keep reading about the quality of training at Ryanair.What makes it so good.Sorry if it is obvious but I'm over on the other side of the pond and am not very familiar with what goes on at Ryanair only what I read here.We use AQP at my company and it seems to be much better than the old fashioned PC.
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Old 1st Apr 2014, 23:08
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Have around 300 pilots left RYR lately?

Emergency plan of 650 cadets executed? What does that even mean?! That was the plan from over a year ago. 1300 cadets over the next three Is the plan...
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 07:49
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Ryanair's training department reputation comes mainly from other airlines. As Ryanair is effectively most European pilots first jet job. This year they will take 400 cadets ( not 650) and train them. These cadets have on average 160 hours in their logbook when the join Ryanair. Six months later the should be in the RHS as fully operational FO's. It's impressive what's more impressive is the training department is actually run by pilots with none of O'Learys oppressive henchmen at the helm ....yet. These pilots will on average last up to five years in RYR before waking up and realising that they have no future and moving on. The airlines who take these guys have invariably come back for more. Anyone who can put up with RYR's basing/annual leave/ taxation stays but it is increasingly a fewer number.
The problem this year is that a) the fleet is 7 hulls down after leased aircraft were returned b) Norweigan have decimated the FO's that were due to be upgraded to Captains this summer. The hulls have been replaced by wet/dry leasing. The captain shortage has been solved by allowing former employee's to return ( previously you were ' never' allowed back ) .....oh wait how many former inmates are filling the OCC courses ...ZERO. Yep two OCC courses planned but not one former employee has rushed to Ryanair's aid.
Ultimately RYR will just trim the schedule to suit the crewing resources available as the did in 2012 when the Olympics were on. But now RYR are trying to play catch up with other airlines but with a tarnished brand image . One wonders after two profit warnings how much longer the shareholders will tolerate "deckchairs on the Titanic "
Finally as of the 1st of March the rumour was approx 200 resignations in the system ...that covers a 5 month period so the 500 maybe a slight exaggeration
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 11:10
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Sir, You are closer to Dublin then I, and You have some good points.
But , there were 200 in the system leaving as of 1march that represents 5 months? Brookfilders have 3 months notice Ryr the same Storm is just a few and shurley 3 months.
So out with your calculator,,,
This is the known, the unknowns are the on that is presently sick ( on a Norwegian, Sas etc Occ) waiting for his march paycheck.

Now, if all the hiering European airlines had any brains, they would all start a few extra occ cources, get a few Line trainers from Ryr and , voila!

The need is at least 650 cadets, to replace the senior f/o leaving, and upgrading.
That is a Head of Trainings dream, the thing with dreams are there are two kinds : Wet and Nightmares,,!?
But he can cope, he has as You said a few good men, and a close to perfect program for the circumstances. And you can always go of motion and terminate a student .

The lintrainer Boss , now he has a close to impossible task.
Good Sop, linetraining documents and strict progress criteria for cadets and Captain upgrade linetraining.
BUT, good old linetrainers retiering, many getting burnt out, new ones making basic errors, nitpicking on non-critical items etc.

But ,lets hope You are right , only 400 cadets and a handfull of occ direct Capts.
Then we will all fly to max this summer.
Anyway think of Yourself fellow Aviators hire a RYR pilot, You will have a frind for life and industy conditions may stop deteriorating.?
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 12:02
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Norwegian are also losing pilots

NAS have seen more resignations than they would ideally like, the reasons are very varied and not the same as Ryanair, but churn is churn whatever the reason!!

SAS have taken a quite a few, obviously getting back to live in Scandinavia is a priority for many, but also issues such as temp contract, agency employment, lack of pension all have an impact, NAS unlike FR doesn't have the training capacity to support the level of resignations and expansion at the same time.
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 15:52
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NAS unlike FR doesn't have the training capacity to support the level of resignations and expansion at the same time.

I wonder. If you do some maths and calculate the number of sim hours required for TQ courses, upgrades, OPC/LPC's, RST's etc. does RYR have enough sim space for their program? That is now. What about the increase necessary as the fleet expands? It is a proven ratio. Then there is the ratio of SFI/TRI/LTC/TRE's per a/c. That is also a proven historical ratio. Have they and will they have enough? You can't be in the sim and the cockpit at the same time. The need for safety F/O's during LT is another parameter in the mix. I suspect sim time might be a limiting one.

Regarding the number leaving: an annual loss of 10% is quite common. This is made up of medical, retirement, quitting. I suspect in large stable airlines retirement is the largest part. It is predictable and manageable. It's not a surprise. I suspect the leavers are the majority at RYR and this is a surprise and unpredictable. The flexibility of the contractor scheme allows you to be over crewed at no cost. However, the resultant loss of expected earnings increases the rush to leave for those F/O's who have large debts and lower income. You can't have it both ways. It is a vicious circle towards a downward spiral that will bite you in the backside.
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 19:03
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1300 cadets?

First step of O'Leary flightdeck philosophy...B737-800 single pilot

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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 20:36
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 20:50
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Talking Irish Aviation Authority IAA

For the record IAA are not state funded at all, they make good annual profits from all the Airlines, and yes we are cash strapped for sure, but come on fiscal advice from California ? Jaysus Mary and Joeseph you are kidding ?IAA are competent and the results are evident in a very sound aviation environment here.

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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 22:23
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 22:35
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 23:01
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Summer schedule is ON.

Fellow Aviators.
April has started, fools day has passed.

Somone claimed the Irish Aviaton Authority are self sponsored and Competent.
This is news, indeed.

Do not try to understand EU standards from a logical standpoint. If You do understand it most likely FAA will suspend Your medical! But do take note , the canser spreads quick. Ps I am an old faa instructor what does AQP vs PC entail?

Somone in the know mentioned that all is well , 1300 new the next 3 years so a few more then 400 this year is ok!
Son its all about timing. Evenly distributed ,OK.

Here is my new bet.: A total of 850 pilot shall leave Ryr this calander year !
Today another jumpseating Scandinavian fo told me he is gone for SAS, lovely!

Wondering about Norwegians capasity for training.
They may be in for a nasty surprice , if they do not start treating pilots good.
As I can see it they have no clue, just cherry picking RYR.
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Old 2nd Apr 2014, 23:25
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Just look at how the world media has pulled Malaysia to pieces over something that is not their fault. Imagine what they would do to Ireland.
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Old 3rd Apr 2014, 02:46
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AQP or Advanced qualification program with my company is a four day event.The first two days are ground school and days three and four are in the sim.day three is MV or manouvers validation basically stalls steep turns v1 cuts single engine app etc.It is training and is basically what the old PC was.day four is the checking portion of the whole event it is scenario based training.you are given a flight for example from Memphis to la guardia with a set number of events that will happen ie re route last minute sid or runway change then something happens in flight before a crossing restriction etc.much more relaxed.It is very strictly scripted so they cannot mess with you.on the whole it is a much more enjoyable experience
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