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WantingBetterTerms 28th Feb 2014 20:46

Have around 300 pilots left RYR lately?
Heard a rumour that said there was an emergency meeting in Dublin because a lot of pilots were leaving to join other companies. The rumour says around 300 have left in the last months.

Does anyone have any info about the status in the company?

A and C 28th Feb 2014 21:45

I was under the impression that RYR are in the business of selling airline seats and have found that they can make a lot of money selling the front right seat to young hopefuls.

So with that in mind it sounds like a bit of movement will bring in a fresh batch of low timers along with more cash.

go around flaps15 28th Feb 2014 21:56

Yes but 200 hour cadets turn into potential captains. The problem for Ryanair is not only losing Captains but it's also losing 3000 and 4000 hour Co-Pilots who have good training records and deemed suitable for command upgrade. Lots of these guys and girls are electing to join the likes of Norwegian,Emirates, the other airline that we can't name, Jet2, Aer Lingus, and a few have joined Easyjet.

The real problem as I see it will be when Norwegian and Emirates start recruiting at the same time.

4redsyourdead 28th Feb 2014 22:21

From Rumours I have heard that figure sounds pretty accurate

OutsideCAS 28th Feb 2014 23:11

That's why RYR is now starting to wither and slowly die, they will now begin to reap what they have sown. The figures of people leaving are only the start, many more are in the process of starting to jump ship to better pastures, and the true figure is double what they think it is now.

aslan1982 28th Feb 2014 23:27

thats roughly correct as 10% of captains have left my base and another 25 confirmed from another big base in spain.

so 300 is 10% of the workforce in terms of pilots.

interesting to see whats gonna happen.

Everyone and I mean everyone I fly with or talk too is trying to get out or building hrs to get out

Nobody wants to stay.

Hangar6 28th Feb 2014 23:36

FR the dream ticket ?
Over 2400 applied to join EI in 2013
Swamped the computer system .

Dan Winterland 1st Mar 2014 05:37

Michael O'Leary may have to start being nice to his pilots. And while he's getting accustomed to this new feeling, he can try and improve his customer relations as well!

top9un 1st Mar 2014 05:59

If 70% of those leaving are "service providers", then only 90 pilots are leaving Ryanair, so no problem there then.

737 Jockey 1st Mar 2014 08:35

Will be interesting to see how they manage this Summer season. Of course, they wil NEVER be short of cadet FO's, as this is a large profit centre for them. The problem will be losing too many Captains and command ready FO's in a short space of time. I had heard a rumour they were to be wet leasing for this summer, but then I heard it was actually dry leasing 4 Fly Dubai aircraft to test drive the MNPS & HUD equipment.

One can only hope that any real shortage (which will always be denied by the propaganda machine) will translate into better treatment and terms & conditions for FR Pilots, and in turn the industry. I won't be holding my breath on that one.

doniedarko 1st Mar 2014 09:39

Just to play devils advocate here for a moment. If RYR have lost 300 so what?. The cadet production line will churn out replacements and command upgrade can be accelerated 'IF' you have the candidates. Throw in a couple of DEC courses from the turboprop gang and problem patched for another 6 months!. If that doesn't plug the gap then just tailor the schedule as allegedly happened during the summer of the London Olympics. ( just start a fight with a medium sized regional ryanair base get MOL up on telly with the standard diatribe about 'outrageous costs' and close the base ). As much as many would like to see a bit of schadenfraudheading MOL's way I fear you have a long wait ahead of you .........

I'll get my coat !

Deano777 1st Mar 2014 10:02

If MOL paid my type rating, gave me a proper RYR contract and gave me the base of my choice then I'd join them. I think we're more than likely to see Lord Lucan alive before that happens though :mad:

slr737 1st Mar 2014 10:17

70 to 80 % of each OCC course in Norwegian is ex-RYR. Each OCC is about 16 pilots, mix of Cpt and FO and there is an OCC each week until end of may.

Just make the count only for NAS without considering EK and the others

pilotho 1st Mar 2014 11:24

Despite people leaving you have to remember that not everyone is unhappy at Ryanair. Some people are in the left seat and live about 20 mins drive away from their based airport.. Ryanair just have to put some effort in making that happen for more and hey presto, happy pilots!

To be honest, it's quite tiring to fly with people that tends to moan as soon as we get to TOC so all the best to people who have found a place where they want to be.

There isn't a perfect company out there but please let me know if someone discovers one!

TypeIV 1st Mar 2014 11:32

And also many Scandi FOs are on queue for joining SAS. I know of dozens who have actually joined this winter. On the other hand thousand and thousands of cadets are on hold to replace them but there will be a backlog when it comes to captain supply if nothing changes. Wich will prob ably translate into better T&C for the captains. But I doubt that :}

However, I don't think there will be any problems for them solving this, if they only loosen up on the basing policy a tad, I know many who will join them in the blink of an eye. Many ex AlItalia, spanish, Germans, ex propdrivers in the ME would return if they got a base close to their families.

Pablo_Diablo 1st Mar 2014 14:02

For those that do stay then it looks like there is a oasis in the midst of the desert after all.

Check things out at Home Page | GTD aviation.

Things are about to get very interesting in Ryanair!


WeMadeYou 1st Mar 2014 15:14

SAS are taking in around 100 FO:s every year now. Jet Time, Primera, Tui Nordic are also taking people very often now. I know lots of people who left the company recently and i will hand in my resignation myself now in the coming days. :)

If 300 left now in a short time i'm sure it's going to be even more in the future. I'm pretty sure they will have to cancel flights this summer due to pilot shortage.

Birdstrike737 1st Mar 2014 17:15

Pigeon Voyager, what planet are YOU from? Ryanair headquarters?

Do you really think that a reputable law firm in Luxembourg would lend its name to a "Nigerian Scam?" How many "Nigerian Scams" operate through Luxembourg banks? I'll help you: none.

You are clearly not in the water with the Ryanair pilots, and apparently you think that by sitting at the edge of the pool you have the right to throw things at the people who are treading water in it. Don't give discredit to the privilege we have here, which is to use a website without giving away our real names -- it's supposed to be used for purposes that help pilots, not hurt them. Personal responsibility does not end at "anonymity."

And "a general giving away his battle plan." Really? If someone is about to execute something that 3,000 pilots have been waiting for (for a long time), and hundreds of Ryanair pilots are a part of it, the "General" is supposed to suddenly become a "magician" and tell everyone to trust him that a rabbit is in his hat? WHY? OF COURSE WE GIVE THE PLAN AWAY! WHAT IN THE HELL IS THERE TO HIDE??

Out of decency, you should pull down your post.

Birdstrike737 1st Mar 2014 17:26

Pablo Diablo,

Thanks for passing out the word here. Sorry that in my first posted response to Pig. Voy. I used your call sign by mistake. Problem is now corrected.

Let's make Spring 2014 "The Ryanair Spring"

Keep spreading the word.

Wodka 1st Mar 2014 18:46

I wonder if this exodus will force a change in recruitment strategy to consider experienced guys - TP's, Other jet time, 73 rated etc - assuming they will need to plug these senior FO's

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