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Non type rated easyjet recruitment?

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Non type rated easyjet recruitment?

Old 7th Oct 2013, 06:24
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You've all heard of delusional optimists no doubt; this fellow is a psychopathic pessimist.

Both character traits should be ignored.
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Old 7th Oct 2013, 06:29
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Are you a psychiatrist or an easyJet pilot?
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Old 7th Oct 2013, 15:36
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You've all heard of delusional optimists no doubt;
Replace words "delusional optimists" with words "eJ (flexi-crew) offer to DEPs"

character traits should be ignored.
And word "character traits" with "contracts"

And you have sound advice!

Last edited by Sprinkles; 7th Oct 2013 at 15:49. Reason: To be more accurate in my explanation. I've got no opposition to permanent contracts being offered!
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 01:45
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In the midst of the Madhatter's Tea Party inhabited by Narrow Runway and Sk8erboi, I dare to hope that some rational discussion may yet prevail.

Sprinkles - I have some considerable sympathy for your position and I am genuinely sad you felt you had to leave. I do not know exactly who you are, but I suspect you are one of the guys who went off to Monarch, having become really hacked off with easyJet. In all honesty, I have always felt that going to Monarch was a bad move, but easyJet have to take some responsibility for creating the environment that made you all feel you had to leave. The simple truth is that your time here coincided with an increasingly vicious battle between the pilots and management that only came to an end with the NEC agreement. I fully accept it is not perfect and that there have been winners and losers from it. Considering the very difficult balancing act that BALPA have had to perform, I think they got the best deal they could have done without turning to industrial action. Had they done so then I do not believe they would have had sufficient support to go to a strike - they knew that and our management knew it too. Given that scenario they called off the dogs at just the right time. Although I could not personally cope with the Monarch SOPs, the deep night flying, the old aircraft (posh new ones coming some day soon they tell me) and a very uncertain financial future, I can see the attraction. They have somehow managed to make their pilots believe they are in a great company despite it all, and for that I can only commend them. It is not BA or Cathay, but there are a lot of pilots who like being there - difficult to knock, even if it is not my bag.

My own regret is that we managed to alienate so many of you when we just did not need to. We failed to show you from Day 1 that we were a genuine medium to long term option - inexcusable really. Nonetheless, times have changed and there is a permanent contract for all new joiners, and for that I rejoice. Despite the ramblings of Narrow Runway and his mad mates, the Captain contract is still 100% intact, which was a critical concession easyJet had to bite the bullet over. EasyJet is a great company to work for and it offers a range of opportunities that few airlines can match. Another key part of the whole attractiveness or otherwise is that, love it or hate it, you know from Day 1 what you will get paid and the exact details of the contract. For some of you it is not enough, and that is fine. My own view is that anyone who comes here looking to make it work will have a great chance of a fantastic career. If it is not for you then that by all means go elsewhere. if you have a better job in the offing then I am sure you will take it. Good luck.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 04:24
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Hi, has everybody already been offered a contract or are there still some people waitting in the Pool ?
Any permanent contract offered in mainland Europe ?
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 04:42
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I'm still waiting for the interview after passed the online test.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 07:01
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At least you have the good grace to remain civil, whilst admitting that the captain contract formed part of the NEC negotiations.

However, it's obviously on the table as the main target for management to change.

I will maintain my position. The captain contract for the current NEC joiners will not be the same as your current, relatively generous offering. That will be a critical moment for existing easyJet SFO's, as they will be affected even if current captains are not.

Everyone can feel free to hurl insults, but that is my viewpoint and I will happily stick to it.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 12:41
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I'm guessing that striking was not an option due to the fact that flexi crew were not employees of easy. However, as NR says, and I'm inclined to think the same way, management will probably offer a less appealing contract to these newcomers when it's time to move to the LHS. I believe this because at day one they have hooked those pilots willing to accept poor terms. They now know the calibre of the new flexi crew (I understand there maybe 10 of the 200 offered a perm position). So of course they will "try their arm" when it comes to promotion, profits are priority (even though they say its safety, hahaha).
So, as these flexi crew will now definitely be permanent employees (having served their 12 months flexi crew probation) ADM and peers will be happy and legal to strike to make sure their new peers are receiving the same pay for the same job. So I guess we'll see strike action at easy in 2-3 years
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 13:11
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Thumbs up

For the record, I have been offered a permanent SO position, with a start date in Feb and LGW base. This is NOT a CTC/flexi contract, nor some pseudo 1 year probation period. It's a full time position.

1 year as SO, straight into FO at 1 year anniversary, and straight into SFO at second year anniversary (because I will meet all factored easyJet hours, as per their policy appendices).

NTR, 2900hrs regional TP as FO.

I, for one, am excited to be starting...
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 13:50
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GTIIB, I believe you will have to fly 2 years as FO before becoming an SFO. So SFO after 3 years in the company. Command 2-4 years after that, if things pan out.

It will be interesting to see if Narrow Runway gets into Jet2, since he has applied there, and whether it is as good as he thinks it is.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 14:01
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Really Annoyed

It always pays to have a look at what is on offer in the market.

I am a realist in respect of what Jet2, or any other companies offer. It is by no means certain that I'd be offered even an interview at Jet2, or if offered a job whether I'd be in a position to accept. Who knows?

My life is a very pleasant one. I fly 2 very much in demand types currently and I'm happy to carry on doing so. One just like yours at easyJet and one lovely, long haul corporate jet. I must be doing something right though, surely?

But where did I ever say I was a good pilot? Or that I professed myself to be so?

Just because I have differing opinions to you, doesn't mean that I think I'm a better pilot than anyone else. To even suggest that is simply risible.

I've seen the reality of deteriorating terms and conditions in our industry over the last 15 years.

Unfortunately, I don't think we've reached the bottom yet and I consider the recent recruitment events at easyJet to vindicate my viewpoint entirely.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 14:21
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Reread my sentence. I did not speculate on your ability.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 14:45
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Ahh - I've just re-read the appendix and it's badly worded, or at least, easy to misinterpret.
I understood it was 2 year employed - not 2 years "employed as FO". Either way, that's still pretty quick in the grand scheme of things.
I think my point was more that permanent positions were available in UK bases, more than yearly progression statistics. But hey ho. I'm happy
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 20:33
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A lot has been said on this topic.

From what I gathered, I suppose that, if they really liked you during the assessment, you were offered a permanent SO, FO or SFO position, depending on experience (and maybe also performance during the assessment??...)

If you met the requirements but they want to make sure you are a good fit for the company, you were probably offered a 1 year contract, with a "frozen" permanent position waiting for you, depending on how your first year goes. I'm guessing a very high number of people will perform well enough and end up on a permanent contract, anyway.

Those saying this 1 year contract with the company is a permanent position, are simply playing with words. I think it is a step in the right direction, don't get me wrong. It is a contract with easyJet! But I can' accept that, having to go through another interview at the end of the contract, the company decides to call it a permanent position. It might become that - and probably will - but you are most definitely on a one year contract!
Having said that, it is a smart way of easyJet filtering a few possible mistakes during the initial assessment... There's always a couple of bad apples making it through the interviews and sim.

And my advice to those being offered this 1 year contract and feeling insulted, because they feel they are excellent and experienced pilots (with 10.000h on the Space Shuttle or whatever "experienced" is these days) is to prepare yourselves better next time.
Apparently there were real permanent contracts on offer here. Just not to everyone...
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 20:37
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Are easyJet going to reopen applications to non-TR'd experienced guys again next year?
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 21:02
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So your an experienced pilot who is excited to pay 24k for a type rating to go on a salary of 38k a year?

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Old 8th Oct 2013, 21:13
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As mentioned many times, its not £38k a year, its £38k for the first year.

Circa £53k years 2 and 3 (100% FO). £63k year 4 onwards (100% SFO). Approximate figures.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 21:40
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So your an experienced pilot who is excited to pay 24k for a type rating to go on a salary of 38k a year?

I am excited about the proposition of joining a successful and stable airline, flying a useful type and modern equipment. No, I don't want to have to pay for a rating, but show me anywhere else that is offering guys like myself, who fly RJs or props, the chance to move on to bigger, better paying equipment?
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 23:15
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I've kept my posts to a minimum and I agree that certain topics on this thread are getting rather long in the tooth. After a lot of communication with easyJet I wanted to try and clarify, one last time, what has been offered.

On offer for the UK were two options, depending on assessment performance.

Flexi crew for 12 months with CTC then the possibility of permanent at the end of the 12 months. This is subject to completion of a second assessment and satisfactory performance over the year.

The other option is permanent employee from day one with the first 12 months as SO fixed at 38k with no sector pay. After 12 months move over to the FO pay scales.

As a permanent employee you can only join a UK base, so far only LGW offered to my knowledge, on a SO contract. It is not possible to go straight in as an FO or SFO. Obviously this is all applicable to non type rated guys!

Last edited by Boeing 77W; 11th Oct 2013 at 08:33. Reason: Removal of 'old' information
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 23:36
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What facts?

This whole debate is about possibilities or probabilities.

In the world where I live, I'm free to speak openly and express opinion. It's called expressing a democratic right.

Debate serves to expand the mind. You may want to try it some day. Normally there are two sides in a debate though, so you may need to get used to that part.

Let's see where this all heads in a while from now.

Good luck to all.
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