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Monarch Anyone?

Old 28th Jan 2014, 11:32
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Yes sorry, I didn't mean Monarch by itself. It was a general little moan. Perhaps not the correct thread technically. I just saw the word cadet again and had a little gripe out of frustration at what's been a dire year for me and others.

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You cannot escape the fact Monarch are an Operator that lots of people would like to work for. But I feel this particular discussion is in its right place. As it is clear it is taking place at Monarch.
Yes, that is correct, but Monarch would make no apology for their cadet recruitment, as it has served them very well. They have been recruiting cadets for a long time and many of those ex-cadets are now training captains and hold management positions within the company. Monarch treat their cadets very well and as already exemplified most of those cadets establish themselves in good career paths within the airline.
the percentage of guys from CTC/OAA with no experience of commercial/military flying going straight into the plumb jobs in the UK does tend to grate especially when there are so many suitable people out there who have worked through various stages of their Airline development path with experience/life skills/good flying records/balanced personalities banging on the door of not just this particular airline but of the others as well.
Not forgetting that almost all of the selected cadets are considered "suitable people" for the steep and demanding learning curve that is expected of them. They also have "balanced personalities" and good interpersonal skills with strong (CRM) non-technical qualities that were an ingrained part of their training courses. "Life experience" is one of those abstract terms that people often use to mean anything they want it to mean. All of the cadet pilots bring similar and individual life experience in much the same measure as anyone else of their respective age group and spectrum. Cadet pilots are usually fast learning individuals who are a pleasure to work with. Most line captains enjoy being a part of the cadets continuation training and development process, and it is a very positive and rewarding part of working here.

This is a company that has and does value quality and loyalty. It has never had any problem in attracting applicants with a high degree of both. That holds true for cadets, ex-military pilots, and pilots from other companies. On that score, and given the balanced nature of the recruitment portfolio, it has nothing to apologise for. Experience, although not in isolation, is valued. However, cadets with a lack of flying experience are also valued for the demonstrable qualities they bring to the game. All cadets are subject to a 6-8 month probationary period upon placement. At the end of that period and subject to vacancies being available, and a high level of demonstrated attainment and progress, almost all are offered contracts of employment.

Generally speaking, two of the three recruitment sources are firmly targeted at the "experienced pilot" market. Terms, conditions and career prospects are good by industry standards, and that is always going to mean a lot of disappointed applicants. The final group are "apprentice" pilots, and across the group there has always been a solid, mentored and recognised history of apprenticeships, which the company is very proud of. From the cadet pilot source, the company also seeks to attract the best applicants and its experience has been long term and positive.

Whatever recruitment source is highlighted, the airline does not charge for type ratings or any other form of training. Cadets and non-type rated pilots do enter into a reducing and short term bond to cover reasonably assessed costs if a contract of employment is offered. All pilots within 24 months (at the latest) are on exactly the same incremental salary ladders irrespective of their pathway at induction. All are on exactly the same T&C's.

That is pretty much the way it is, and the way it has been for quite a long time. Monarch is a good career airline and has a solid training and apprenticeship ethos. It works for the company, and it works for most of those who have made their careers here. There are three general recruitment gateways which provide opportunities to a broad range of would be applicants. If those gateways don't suit other peoples perceptions for whatever reason, I doubt the company will lose any sleep over it.

Finally, I would point out that Monarch has never been a company focused on "simulator tests" or technical rich recruitment interviews. The focus has historically always been on the personal qualities of the individual. Anybody who has been through an interview, will often comment on the relaxed and seemingly informal nature of that process. This focus doesn't ignore the experience levels or training background of the applicant, because the recruitment source pools already provide much of that information both by default and reference.
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Where do I apply? Sounds like the dream.
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A chap I met recently has just been taken on by Monarch. He's a low houred chap who's spent some time in Monarch's Ops department.
To say he's happy is an understatement. As far as I can recall, he did not go through the "big 3".
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Old 29th Jan 2014, 11:27
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Monarch's T&Cs are a minor miracle. If it was a listed company, it would have gone the way of EZY etc.

The experienced vs cadet debate in the context of Monarch only reflects that there are far far too few jobs offering decent T&Cs, as Monarch is not taking the mick as it knows that it could fill its places by asking for £30k TR, zero hours etc.
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Excellent post from Pilots of the Caribbean. An accurate description of how things work within Monarch. Management pilots with a practical outlook. One of the best flying jobs to be had in the UK.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 16:12
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I hate to sound like a broken record, but is there anything new concerning people in the hold/hold for interview pool?
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selecting days off

Do you get the option of choosing/requesting a select number of days off during your roster each month? If so, how does this work?
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Old 1st Sep 2015, 16:52
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It is very complicated and you tend to pay with a hard roster either side. You can have 3 in a Summer roster period and 4 in Winter, but there are a set of rules as long as your arm to tick off before it is granted. As with any airline, if you are expecting a life these days, forget it!!!
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Old 5th Sep 2015, 16:00
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Monarch interview

Hi anyone gone through and passed the adapt tests, to be invited for interview ?
Any info is welcome, ie prep etc, pm me please....
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Old 29th Sep 2015, 16:03
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On average, around what time is the earliest report time for duty and what time does the latest report time start?
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Cheap Flights & Holidays - Book Your Flight Online - Monarch

There isn't an average really, normally a morning and afternoon wave (slot 1 and slot 2 - slot 3 is the night Ibiza).

04:30 - 05:30 UTC report is slot 1 generally.

We report 1hr 15mins before departure, but generally the FOs get in 10-15 mins before that to get the paperwork printed out. You can see form the different bases what time the latest departure will be.

Turn-arounds down route are now typically 50 mins and 2 sectors for each crew per day.
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Do you get rostered home standby's as part of your work week during the summer?
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Mostly home standbys with a few airport duties thrown in.
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Old 1st Oct 2015, 10:00
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After reading over 40 something odd pages on this thread, can someone please clarify this;
Can you voluntarily choose a part time (50% or 75%) contract on entry? And if you wish, can you opt to stay on a part time contract permanently?

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It would appear to have crept under the radar a bit, but looks like applications on oracle have opened again in the last couple of days? Seemingly for NTR too!
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Old 6th Nov 2015, 08:51
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Interview and Selection process

Hi Everyone

Any ideas on the assessments and selection process?

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Old 6th Nov 2015, 17:04
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One of the many reasons I left after 19 years of full time at aged 54. No proper part time available any more. Just every w/e//bank holiday to work and then random part time days off. That said may change back in the future but too late for me!

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Does anyone have anymore details as to what Monarch are actually offering? Is it definitely 85% contract etc? What's the average monthly take home pay for a year 1 FO? Are they looking for guys to put onto the new 737's? Or will it be onto the A320? Details on the website as usual are fairly limited.

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Where did you go ? Retire or overseas? Just curious as im over 40 too
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