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Monarch Anyone?

Old 7th Aug 2013, 10:21
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Non-TR Courses

Can anyone tell me when Monarch are running their non-TR courses this year? Are they following last year's program with non-TR courses in November, February & March?
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Old 7th Aug 2013, 10:24
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I hear that it is next Summer.
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Old 7th Aug 2013, 20:32
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You hear right at the moment. Course running Nov and Dec will be command upgrades and A300 to FBW conversion courses.
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Old 1st Nov 2013, 15:51
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All very quiet at the moment. Any plans for further recruitment? I've had an application in for over two years and my status has been 'hold for interview' for about 20 months now. Would dearly love the opportunity to present myself to them.
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Old 1st Nov 2013, 16:17
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Recruitment has been completed for the year. I would expect them to start interviews late spring/early summer next year.
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Old 1st Nov 2013, 16:40
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Thanks for the update CEJM.
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Old 1st Nov 2013, 22:48
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I'm still hold for interview too and have been for seemingly ages now.

I've seen various snippets of information to suggest that there will be no pilot recruitment for the foreseeable - however - with the noises coming out of Luton at the moment, it would appear that there is an imminent announcement for the fleet renewal and expansion by the year 2020.

If this really is the case, I hope that it accelerates any recruitment into the airline. Seemingly most of the people at the present employer who were in the "hold for interview" pile have gone to sandier (or even oranger!) fields. Fingers crossed for some positive news in the imminent future.
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Old 4th Nov 2013, 20:50
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Recruitment will recommence probably May next year for our continued expansion of several units per year, or 30-40 pilots annually rough figures.

We have 6 MPL pilots of a total of 500+! We may recruit more in small numbers, but we continue to recruit non-MPL cadets, type rated (many from easy) and non-type rated pilots (including ex-military).

We even take ex-CAA!
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Old 5th Nov 2013, 06:08
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Is anyone at Monarch worried at the rate of expansion ? If you keep blowing into a balloon it will eventually go pop !
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Old 5th Nov 2013, 07:30
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Planned expansion is around 5-6 units per year taking us to around 60. I don't see that as reckless or excessive. Loads are up, expecting to be back into profit this year in line with targets. I have no concerns.
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Old 13th Dec 2013, 08:03
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any update for us hold pool swimmers on recruitment in 2014???
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Old 14th Dec 2013, 18:30
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Roll on the DEC opportunities.
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Old 14th Dec 2013, 19:47
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khaosai, already ready heard of potential 9 DEC interviews from HR bods. Apparently too many CTC people there just like here at EZY, the insurers don't like it. Just a rumour though.
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 02:13
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With around 45 very experienced captains due to be re-fleeted over the next 10 months I wouldn't hold your breath on the DEC score. As for the cadets, they usually stop being cadets around 15 months after joining, and are in the command experience bracket at around the 4.5 - 5 year point. As they usually only form around a third of any recruitment drive, there is no shortage of experienced First Officers to draw on, even when TTC (Time to Command) falls to the 5 year level or below.
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 08:19
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Great company and DEC in a few years would be a nice opportunity. Let's see how it goes.
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 21:00
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Been in the holding pool for a while now, anyone have any updates? heard rumours possible recruitment in May.......
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 07:20
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Last communication I recieved
Recruitment possibly to open up again late summer 2014/winter 2015
I understand there are courses organised at present for low experience guys from one of the integrated programs hopefully things open up for the rest of us later this year
Good luck
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 08:09
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Yes i heard CTC guys are possibly being interviewed in May, fingers crossed for all us guys with experience.

Hi Mesh..do you have any info for us all in the holding pool?
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Old 27th Jan 2014, 22:58
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Everywhere you look, this and that UK airline not taking on experienced pilots but taking on this and that scheme of 'cadets'. It's driving me mad. Been flying for years, did my time, worked to save money to fly, got a job light twins, turboprop built hours onto jets then wide body then out of work and now on the scrap heap. I'm having to go back to labouring to pay my bills. Moan over. Sorry a lot of us guys in the same boat including the poor Flybe and potentially GSS lads/lasses.

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Old 28th Jan 2014, 01:12
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You're moaning in the wrong thread. Monarch do take on cadets as part of a balanced intake, however they also recruit both experienced type rated and non-type rated pilots as well. They have done for many years. Within the latter two groups they also take on ex-military career changers and pilots made redundant from failed or contracting carriers. In the last few years that has included BMI and Astraeus, and this year will likely include Flybe.
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