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Monarch Anyone?

Old 27th May 2013, 10:04
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Nope....they got his paypacket
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Old 5th Jun 2013, 12:08
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Any further updates?

Hi Folks

Anyone know what's going on regarding Recruitment, I'm still on 'Hold' but nothing else heard.

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Old 5th Jun 2013, 20:06
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I phoned HR a couple of weeks back and they are slowly working their way through the stack!
Apparently if we have the hold for interview email we will be called in due course.
I've phoned them a couple of times over last 9 months and they are always so friendly. Bodes well as a company to work for....hope I get to find out
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Old 6th Jun 2013, 08:08
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Thanks Smalljetpilot
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Old 7th Jun 2013, 13:58
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Do MON charge for the Type Rating?
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Old 7th Jun 2013, 14:02
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No they do not.
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Old 7th Jun 2013, 21:12
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Thats right,

You'll be treated as an adult professional from day 1. No paying for type rating, uniform or Line training. They'll even pay you from day one even while your training! You will continue to be paid even in the quieter winter months and there are extra goodies like pensions, guaranteed summer leave and a respected scheduling agreement.

In short, you are employed by a proper company on a proper contract. The goodwill effort they receive in return from the guys on the frontline is worth much more than the pennies saved on the delightful "flexible" contracts offered elsewhere.
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Old 10th Jun 2013, 08:39
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It starts with an apostrophe test.
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Old 10th Jun 2013, 10:32
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The PPRuNe spelling & grammar police are recruiting, you should apply
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Old 11th Jun 2013, 09:20
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A mate of mine starts his TR in the next few months. He's been in the hold pool for several months.
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Old 11th Jun 2013, 15:14
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Contact List

Hi Guys,

Any new swimmers feel like being part of a pre-start contact list?

Just gives us a chance to get any accommodation / obvious basing swaps / banter going far enough in advance to be useful.

I'm happy to look after it, but if you do want to be part of it, drop me a PM.
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Old 12th Jun 2013, 17:24
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Monarch Airlines Plans 62-Jet Deal by September in Discount Push - Bloomberg

Hopefully this is promising for those of us "on hold for interview".
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Old 13th Jun 2013, 14:58
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Perhaps new Monarch pilots in the next few years will need to get type ratings in the following aircraft instead of the standard Airbus:

I guess we'll find out at the Paris Air Show shortly. That said, mentioning C-Series interest could just be price negotiating ploy by Monarch management to drive down Airbus and Boeing bids....
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 18:46
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It's been a little bit quiet on here recently, so might anyone please be able to advise us swimmers as to if there are any updates on the recruitment drive this year?

The last thing I heard that was a combination of a bit of a training backlog and cost wise, which meant that the majority of recruitment for the timebeing was going to be T/R? Obviously, I must stress that was just the rumour I heard though.

As a non-T/R swimmer, I'm very much keeping everything crossed for the timebeing - but with everything being quiet at the moment, I'm wondering if this recruitment drive might be slowly coming to a bit of a halt for this year? Or if the non T/R recruitment is yet to kick off properly?

Any insight or information is greatly appreciated! Many thanks...
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 19:21
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Put simply from what I see as a normal line pilot, there appears to be quite a backlog of new recruits still to be brought online. There are defiantly more aircraft and thus more pilots to be to be recruited at some point in the future.
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 19:33
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Alloy - thank you very much for your prompt response!

I had been made aware (through the rumour tree) of training backlog over the last few months, and, putting 2 and 2 together, thought that this might have some particular impact upon recruitment over this period.

Either way, I'm hoping that the non T/R hold pools aren't too deep just yet! The news on future recruitment being inevitable is certainly enough to give heart to those of us who are waiting and hoping still.

Very many thanks
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Old 23rd Jun 2013, 08:44
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Command Board meets this week. 16 more guys to be moved to left (this summer). A chunk of these guys will come from the A300 and will not be replaced. On top of this we are awaiting fleet announcements. Crystal ball stuff but it looks like 1 A300 to go Oct, so a few crews will take some places on A320. I know we have 2 courses booked in for November. We have some non tr on courses in Sept that have been pulled from the hold pool. By the time Oct arrives we will have made our fleet announcements and will have an accurate FTE crewing figure. I would say Jan time would be next course etc so you can see we have a few things to sort before we need to interview further....especially if we decide to go 737. Why bother interviewing lots of FBW guys?
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Old 23rd Jun 2013, 09:33
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Mesh - as always, thanks for your response and insight!!

I was aware of a couple from the current place of work getting the nod and being given hold pool places for the moment with a view to January/February start dates - so that makes sense. Thank you so much for clarifying the situation though!

Although, I suspect that the annoucement for the fleet renewal and expansion will go in the direction of Airbus in the end! Bearing in mind the cancellation of the 787 orders and what I've heard about the board still viewing Long Haul as being important enough to maintain a presence on the Long Haul routes, I can't help but feel that come the announcement, we'll hear something about A350s in Monarch markings!
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Old 24th Jun 2013, 07:56
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would be lovely wouldnt it but IMHO and as I have stated before I don't think we will ever have a long hall side anymore. Remember as well guys its the end of our second year of cuts at the end of this financial year (Oct) so a decision on the A300 whci I think is delaying a lot of this will be made only once we have flogged it to death over summer and we have an idea on how busy the 330 will be over winter.....
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Old 27th Jun 2013, 18:25
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fleet options

Mesh, good points as usual.

"specially if we decide to go 737. Why bother interviewing lots of FBW guys?"

Possible answer:

- B737 option would require serious retraining of existing FBW crews anyway?
- would negate CCQ option and cost company more to convert crews to A330 or poss future A350.
- If FBW crews in hold pool have other flying experience eg: Q400, B200, EMB jets or even instructional backgrounds surely they are no more risk or training cost than CTC cadets?

Another reason why a new A320 order might happen is Monarch maintenance - lots of FBW experience there and servicing EZY machines for foreseeable.

C series could shake up the market - Osdessey seem to think it will beat BA's A318 out of LON City.

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