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easyJet/CTC Cadet Pilot Slavery Contract

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easyJet/CTC Cadet Pilot Slavery Contract

Old 27th Jan 2010, 19:46
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You're right Zippy, I could be taking his comment far too literally... but even if what you're saying is the case, it's hardly going to amount to much unless one's "legal" efforts are of gigantic proportions.

God knows how many CV's get discarded by airline companies on a daily basis - I reckon a pre-requisite for any HR representative of theirs has to be skin thicker than a rhino!
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 21:35
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That's s**t guys, you are loosing jobs at bmi to make space for ptf cadets from J.Curd scheme! The latest news is, that after completing their 150hrs in RHS they get a chop from bmi and are moved to ezy at gatwick on fexicrew?! I thoguht ezy wouldn't do busines with mr Curd again.
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 23:10
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Not ATP anymore...now it's A320 Type rating..Cringeworthy website..

A320 Type Rating - A320 Type Rating Training - How To Fly An Airbus

Watch the video..
'..This is Antonio....he's doing very well... (at paying for my new R8 and shafting the industry)...this is only his fourth payment ahem session...'
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Old 27th Jan 2010, 23:14
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It still is ATP as well, apparently - the old website is still up. I'm not going to give them the publicity by providing a link though.

That video made me want to throw up.
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 03:17
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and here the whores:

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Old 28th Jan 2010, 08:13
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Christ....they even have a page on "how to fly an airbus" !!! I imagine that is the part designed to whet the appetites of Mum and Dad or the desperate person in question before they cough up 30K.

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Old 28th Jan 2010, 11:29
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i cannot eat enough to vomit on this kind of pay as you fly scheme!!!

it is unbelievable.

it is a disgrace for our profession.

good luck for heavy abnormals, with 40h on the FFS!!

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Old 28th Jan 2010, 11:56
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This scheme was a hot topic about two years ago on the easyJet BALPA forum. It was happening at about the same time as the first CTC cadets were not kept on after the initial 6 months. This scheme was, in my opinion, the eye opener for management to the fact that there were so many mugs with money for an airbus typerating. Why should they pay CTC for a cadet when there are so many willing to hand over vast sums of cash? Less able than CTC cadets (I was unfortunate enough to be safety pilot a couple of times) but does it really matter? Airbusses fly themselves don't they? Maybe we could uprank the cabin crew to FO for the summer? No, scrap that idea...they earn more than a new FO!
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 13:06
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I was offered summer contract as CC with EZY but when I saw the contract it was a joke. Pay for own uniform (which you must give them back when you leave), pass/ID, etc in exchange for poor pay and being allocated 7 days holiday in 9 months!!

I know I'm not alone in declining the offer, but sadly I suspect others will accepts those terms. And guess what will happen to CC T&Cs next time..... Unless people stick to their guns of course.
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 13:28
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"Dear Mark the aviation industry is in turmoil at the moment but don't worry there are opportunities out there if you know where to look.

Its not ideal I know...who actually wants to pay to fly. Unfortunately this is the reality we have to deal with.

Therefore what you need to decide is, do I do a type rating at the lowest price... You can get some very cheap deals if you look, but they will not open the doors we can.

Mark we cannot promise the world but we can offer you now a proven route. We have just secured interviews and assessments to the best performers from the bmi scheme.

In fact this year 11 pilots out of 15 have secured the opportunity of flying the A320 after training.

2 pilots joined Tiger in Singapore - 1 pilot joined Wizz

In these difficult times we believe this is exceptional.

Mark check out our assessment page and book your place as soon as possible as places are limited. One of the team will contact you once payment has been made to confirm a date at our Gatwick office and simulator.

Click here: Assessment page

Mark you can also email a320typerating to start the ball rolling. One of the team will get back to you with more info and assessment date.

In the next message we will be offering you an opportunity to take part in the private a320 programme.

We have also placed pilots from this route too!

Until then Mark all the very best.

a320typerating team"
speechless, i'm going to be sick now
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 13:30
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Cabin crew, like piloting still has the pretence of an 'aspirational' career. While guys like yourself who obviously have a bit of life experience and an understanding of self worth will turn ridiculous offers down, the problem is that there are many who won't. Companies like mine will continue to prey on this regrettably.
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 15:14
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Still don't understand why the pilots at easy let this happen.. it's in their own hands.. they're the ones that can change it.

Because next step is short term contract captains and then your own jobs will be in danger.

Stop the complaining on ab-initio's and take action!
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 17:38
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Some more gems from the 'new' company's site:

I do believe if I had carried out my type rating a year or two earlier I would of gained immediate employment"

"I wouldn't have been able to get into the airlines any other way"
(What does that say about you?)

"I am now in the position that given my experience on a jet, airlines are putting me well in front of other pilots with more hours but no type rating"
(What airlines would these be? What do you mean by "in front of"? How many airlines have you got queueing up for your services?)

and the best one... "
Iím now coming to the end of this contract and I have over 500 hours on type and the number of companies hiring A320 first officers is increasing as the world economy recovers"

Company names change; the complete b*llocks stays the same. The new website is just as amateurish as the old one was. It certainly wouldn't give me the confidence to spend a large five-figure sum with them. They even refer to the JAA as the "joint airworthiness authority!

Also, what's with this constant reference to "the TRTO" in all those testimonials? Can they not decide what they're called?
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 23:16
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£450 for an assessment too! Haha, what a bunch of idiots, money would be better spent on a week in IBZ with the lads!

Just don't do it seriously not worth the investment.
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Old 28th Jan 2010, 23:33
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Also, what's with this constant reference to "the TRTO" in all those testimonials? Can they not decide what they're called?

Zippy, didin't you realise that referring to yourself in the third person makes you seem more grandiose? Either that or mildly psychotic!

Or then again, maybe they're trying to start a trend, and we should all refer to ourselves as 'the pilot' in casual conversation?! 'The pilot' would love a tea, white and one please!
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 01:07
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Just feel so sorry for the BMI guys about to be displaced by these 'ATPers'. That's truly immoral..

Wonder if any BMI skippers will refuse to fly with them?
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 03:41
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if you look at the testimonials:" ...500hours later, I am ready to look for a job"

They are still JOBLESS !!! (and heavy debts to pay!)
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 08:44
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re bmi, I am sure Lufthansa would not countenance such an iniquitous scheme in Germany with the home airline. Or am I wrong here?
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 11:01
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So guys, what are we doing about it?

I've sent a letter to my MP. I think BALPA will huff and puff, yet ultimately they may prove to be a toothless tiger. I remain a member, but I'm not confident on this one.

Seeing all the posts from the bmi pilots about to sent out to the street whilst the banner 'Self Sponsored A320 TR and Line Training - Place available 18th Feb Start with Line Training out of Heathrow on the A319/20/21' is wrong.

I am a Ryanair pilot so many may warrant hypocrite status. I can't stand at idle watching my bmi and ezy peers being made redundant by 'pay for line training' schemes. Many of my colleagues in the UK tried to make a stand for recognition recently. There are a few of us out there that are offering you their support.
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Old 29th Jan 2010, 11:06
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"Pay to fly"ers have kept bmi holdpool pilots out of work for a long time now. Now it looks like they will take even more jobs due to forthcoming redundancies within the company. LH are at the helm now and haven't given any indications of stopping it.

As you say, completely immoral. I hope that participating on one of these courses becomes something extremely undesirable to see on a CV in the near future.

Also, I hope the public become more aware of these schemes and stop flying with the guilty airlines. Perhaps then they would be pulled. To this end, I have written to several newspapers asking them to expose these airlines - one has already replied saying they have had numerous letters already on this subject and had forwarded my letter to the chief editor and travel correspondant. I would encourage others to do the same.
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