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All not well at Brookfield!

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All not well at Brookfield!

Old 28th Mar 2008, 14:15
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All not well at Brookfield!

It appears that there's discontent with the Brookfield guys in FR. Forced to highlight a preferred month's annual leave in 2008/2009, no one it appears is getting June, July or August(or any month they requested!)............
Oh dear, did they sit fat dumb & happy and really think that they wouldn't be next to get fu*ked about by Ruinair......
Perhaps they'll wake up & smell the coffee now???
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Old 28th Mar 2008, 22:08
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They are only being given the winter months, and even then not the month they ask. . . ."as you are asking for Nov we will give you Jan". . . Oh dear.
Despite what some people may feel about contractors you have to remember that a fair number of them didn't even choose this route but were given no choice at the end of their line-training, so shouldn't really gloat chaps.
I suppose you could say they should have seen this coming, but it is still a bummer.
The braver ones will just say " sorry guys I am not avail in Aug". . . . . the consequences of a move like that will of course depend on the market situation on the day.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 06:46
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Are you actually suprised?

Really?!? Why?

MOL is a hard assed git and you signed up to be a contractor to him. The fact that the economic downturn has resulted in you all being abused up the bum should come as no suprise.

You have undermined the profession of airline pilot. You have cravenly stolen jobs by signing up for debt. You have worked to provide profit for Satan.

You want ANY sympathy? Good, I'm glad you don't because there sure as hell isn't any coming. Go back to selling cars in Latvia or renting houses in Bishops Stortford. 'Cause your future in commercial aviation is over.

You danced to the devils tune. PAYBACK.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 12:38
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Possibly the most melodramatic and hysterical post of the month.

MOL is a hard assed git
I haven't seen too many airline CEOs who could be described as softies.

undermined the profession of airline pilot
rather have placed a higher priority on money than Ts&Cs

You have cravenly stolen jobs
Hardly, rather have taken the same jobs as they would have anyway, just have paid more for the privilige.

You have worked to provide profit for Satan
Oh please, unless the airline is privately owned, we all work for the shareholders.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 12:51
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Do you think the moderators would ever agree to posting a daily page 3 type pic on this site to go with the literature..

It would most certainly be the icing on the cake
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 13:59
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Just seen that FR have sacked all there 40 call centre people in DUB and given them the very minimum statutory redundancy payoff, how nice, anyone thinks the staff cost cutting will go further than this...
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 17:55
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It is great to see the BA pilots stand up against "Open Skies" when theoretically it won't really affect their current T's&C's. They are essentially doing it for the future of their company and are prepared to stand up against management. Wish the same could be said about the scabs at FR who wouldn't stand up against a mouse. I know FR is just one training school for providing pilots but it would be nice if the airlines could turn the tables and not employ those have sold their souls to "satan", and leave them stuck in the job that they bought.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 18:01
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Are you getting enough sleep?

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Old 29th Mar 2008, 18:30
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Back to topic. Here's the mail I got.
"We have now completed processing applications from our pilots for a full calendar month of unavailability. I can confirm that you have been allocated February.

This has been a very complex process as we have had a significant number of requests for the same months which has obviously resulted in some pilots not being granted their first preference. We are delighted however to be able to confirm that 46% of our Captainís and 37% of our First Officers have been granted one of their three choices.

These allocations have now been entered into the Ryanair rostering system and cannot be amended for any reason therefore we would ask you to avoid calling our office with any requests to change your allocation as this is now impossible.

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Old 29th Mar 2008, 18:58
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I can smell the shiiitttteee off that from here!
With a huge % of contract pilots in FR it is impossible to stand up to the company. How many contract pilots does BA have??? Hmmmm, i wonder. Hence the stance it's pilots are taking & fair play to them. They are smelling the coffee before the water is in the kettle...........
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 19:04
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The tax man cometh'

Word from training dept. is that as part of the cost cutting,numbers of brrokfield contractors will not be re-employed after their sojourn.That the company is to cut back on pilot staff and lay up aircraft.Those who will be re-employed will do so on lesser terms than they are on now.

Smithy - there are a large number who would effect change at Ryanair,that takes frustratingly long.Until you know the exact in and outs of summary firings,court cases,intimidation and bullying within ryanair.You may well keep your "scab" sentiments to yourself.If you are in ryanair,get off your ass and join those who seek to better all our terms and conditions.If you are not in ryanair,may be best to keep your ignorant statements to yourself.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 19:16
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So much crap spoken here
words like scab and satan are not appropriate in any polite society.
There seems to be a lot of sour grapes here about RYR, not actually deserved, but anytime one mention RYR out come the nasty people.
If any of you are like that in your company to your workmates you wont last long.
If you were ever to fly with me you would be treated with the contempt you deserve. being a gear bitch is a tough life.
On this post i have never read such a load of bollocks in a long time.
Would you dare post the same under your real names.
Those in RYR are Pilots well trained and professional, if some of you who post here failed the RYR interview I can understand why, but being bitter and twisted never helps the people in RYR just make twats feel better for positing.
I have said on a previous post that I have nothing to do with RYR, but support young pilots out to get their first jobs, and there is no such thing as a free type rating.
Look at CTC wings for low paid exploited youngsters.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 19:29
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Not be re-employed, huh? So why is it that every time I'm at EMA 10-12 guys are being interviewed? Redundancies, my arse. First thing they'll do is to stop hiring. Then of course, BRK pilots will be made redundant. You mention "...after their sojourn.." A 5 year contract is what they give us.
What you say, will be true in about two years time. But not now.
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Old 29th Mar 2008, 19:49
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It would be interesting to know if 'smith' actually flies comercially for a living?

If so I wonder how he/she gained the TR at their company, Maybe bonded or perhaps a 3yr reduced salary agreement?? Therefore indirectly paying for it.

I dont fly for RYR but would happily accept their offer of an SSTR if it got me a job when nobody else was offering. Does that give anybody the right to call me a scab..?
If so I would say to them.. Ok thanks for that you To$$er!!

Clearly thats all just an 'IF'

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Old 29th Mar 2008, 19:58
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They will still hire because new guys are cheaper & they can give them an even shiiittteeer contract. Hmmm, wonder will we get that 3% payrise on Tues, me thinks not!!!
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Old 31st Mar 2008, 08:52
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They will keep on hiring because the new guys represent a source of profit. Lets face it if you think FR pay CAE the £30k or whatever they charge the cadet for a type rating then you need your head read. Then there is the free labour during the line training. The new cadets also represent a soft target and can be moved around the bases at will to fill gaps in the roster. Also a young guy/gal is more likely to put up with being given an air/ground mixed roster than someone with thousands of hours and an ATPL that will head for the hills and go fly for someone else.

MOL just announced a profit warning so it should be no surprise that he is going to cut back. He said years ago that he wanted the majority of FR's staff to be contractors so that he had a fluid workforce that he could cut at short notice.
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Old 31st Mar 2008, 09:29
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I'm not a comercial pilot but i am a fair paying passenger. MOL treats his passengers (me included in the distant past) badly, the attitude has and always will be if you pay £10 for a ticket what do you expect?
I decided i would not fly with him 10 years ago and never have, you have a choice.
The crew that fly for him,staff or contract, had a choice and they made it.Contractor or not, the only way to change the way you are treated is to stick together and say no. He can't make money if you don't fly. If he sacks one of you then you all stop flying, he can't replace you all at once.
MOL has been very good building on Tony Ryan's airline, keeping down wages using fear and intimidation and as long as he makes money the share holders wil leave him to it.
I had a choice as a passenger and so do you as a worker, together you can make a change, how many of you got the month of you asked for? was it 46% or is that spin? Start a thread and find out.
Its over to you, i made my choice about i am treated and by the way i respect MOL but would not work for him either.
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Old 31st Mar 2008, 09:34
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You are incorrect. A bond is not the same as paying money or accepting reduced salary for your TR.

I have been bonded twice in my career and feel it is a fair and sensible arrangement between pilot and airline. What I steadfastly refused to apply for ever is the easyJet SSTR and as for FR... a cold day in hell.

My point is that a bond is NOT indirectly paying for a type rating. I have been paid the full salary and the company rightly paid for the training needed for me to work for them. SSTR, reduced salary or stumping up for your rating is unfair, unethical and I can't see why anyone accepted it in the first place.
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Old 31st Mar 2008, 12:02
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Day Dreamer

Your post is just nonsense.

"Being a gear bitch is not much fun".... what leads you to believe that all posters on here would be junior to you??? You could be their "gear bitch" perhaps?? Or perhaps your ego precludes that.

And just how do you support young pilots in getting their first job?? Perhaps by relieving them of their money on a type rating course?? And then landing them the dream job in Ryanair, or perhaps even worse being a Brookfield contractor. You are all heart.

Grow up.
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Old 31st Mar 2008, 12:22
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I'd second stansdead's post Day Dreamer

If you were ever to fly with me you would be treated with the contempt you deserve. being a gear bitch is a tough life
Oh dear.

Look at CTC wings for low paid exploited youngsters.
No, I'd just refer you back to your own shambles of an outfit. FR is the lowest of the low when it comes to exploitation, and we all know it.
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