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Airbus vs Boeing

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Airbus vs Boeing

Old 24th Apr 2008, 08:17
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ksa5223 LOL thats hilarious
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Old 24th Apr 2008, 14:35
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Flap limit speeds - disagree; They seem to be present, or do my eyes deceive me...?
Not quite in the same way if I underdstand the point here. Airbus's show VFEnext whilst decelerating so you get a visual indication on the PFD speed-tape of the flap limiting speed for the next flap setting
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Old 27th Apr 2008, 14:44
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-setting the park brake; airbus is a simple, no effort switch. I will need a chiropractor after a few months on this tractor, and
-how can this airplane have been certified when it is IMPOSSIBLE to do a full and free control check (full control column pull back) if sitting in the correct position reference the white cross in front of the column used to SET the correct position!!!!

Hint for Mr Boeing...side stick.

As an aside I understand one of Boeing's major issues with the side stick is lack of feedback/situational awareness.

2nd hint for Mr Boeing...make the side sticks move together as if they were a conventional column and if need be make them move with autopilot inputs. There you go...problem solved now lets get on with it and ditch the biggest negative in your airplanes.
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Old 27th Apr 2008, 15:53
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Mr. t

1. Some of us value true performance over frills and we don't expect a flight deck to be a spa or a balcony seat at the Opera House.
2. There is no history of a "cross-wired" yoke ever causing a near-accident.
3. I have not seen a video of a wingtip strike involving a 777.
4. Setting the park brake is one of life's difficult challenges and sometimes you must conquer it more than twice a day but then again there is no history of landing with it on. Also it still works on an electrically unpowered aircraft.

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Old 27th Apr 2008, 16:33
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Old 27th Apr 2008, 18:21
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you drive your tractor; I prefer my bentley
or maybe I just prefer shopping at Harrods compared to Woolworths
(lets face it; it's a good accountants airplane but a poor pilot's plane compared to the Bus)

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Old 27th Apr 2008, 18:49
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It always amazes me when the Airbus v. Boeing question comes up that some of us get very up tight as if it's something personal. I really don't think either of the two company's management really care what we think. Especially the coming years when all management will be looking towards the accountant for which aeroplane is better.
But my Airbus is still better than your Boeing

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Old 27th Apr 2008, 22:36
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I rest my case!
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 07:13
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They're both good aeroplanes and they can both get from A to B with a minimum of fuss and ease.
However, while they carry about the same amount of people, the A340 burns something like 8 tonnes per hour and the B777 more like 6 t/hr and it goes faster.
Why on earth would anyone buy an A340?
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Old 28th Apr 2008, 11:28
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I feel both airplanes have there good and bad points. Ultimately though I feel with productivity on the increase around the world , more of us will be spending more and more " hours" in the seat. So you can argue all you like about the technology. All I want is a nice comfy office ( that wont neccessitate back surgery in a few years). Also with the mountains of info we have to access at times give me the table any day.
The bus wins hands down for comfort. I still think Mr Boeing faired very poorly with the comfort factor. Its almost disgracefull.
Can you imagine buyng your new Ferrari with "go cart " or lawnmower seats in it. Even the averge public bus has a better seat.

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Old 29th Apr 2008, 01:11
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I agree with you fourgolds

SAAB's seats are the best in the world... I drive a Saab 9-3 Viggen and you can sit in those seats forever. It's a shame that aircraft builders havn't put anything that can compare into commercial aircrafts =)
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Old 29th Apr 2008, 03:53
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Why on earth would someone buy an A340?
Maybe to feel more comfortable on the polar routes.
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Old 29th Apr 2008, 17:00
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Air Canada pilots preferring Boeing?

Someone on the net claiming he is a AC 767 pilot, is claiming Air Canada pilots and maintenance folks far prefer the Boeings over the the Airbus types. He quotes:

Quote from 36 year airline pilot in letter to AW&ST,
April 14, 2008:

"One third of my time has been in Airbus models and while they are quiet and comfortable, they are sub-standard to Boeings in every measure except acquisition cost. The common belief among pilots and mechanics is that they are 'throwaway' aircraft. As the A330 age has approached 10 years in many fleets, maintenance and decreased reliability have gone through the roof."

Can anyone confirm / deny this?
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 06:11
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2 cents

Can't speak for the wide body airframes, we operate about 10 1994 A320's and these aircraft have been to hell and back, they still fly straight and I have been AOG on only one occasion in four years, very reliable, I personally believe that Airbuses do better if flown, leaving them sit on the deck will create problems.
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Old 1st May 2008, 13:41
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control column

I respect your opinions however regarding the control column the only positive thing you must admit is that there is a mechanical linkage with the other one that allow you to "feel" what the other guy is thinking . this is I believe heavily missed on side stick controls configurations.
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Old 2nd May 2008, 01:11
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From a pilot's point of view....

... and of course in disagreement with the bean counters, I would say: neither I love the MD-11 - what a gorgeous plane. Makes me somehow still feel proud to be a pilot
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Old 2nd May 2008, 05:37
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Oh yes!! The MD11 had the best flying office, by far.

My best of:

cockpit space: MD11 / 777 / AB
view: MD11 / AB+777
seat: MD11 / AB / 777
noise: MD11 / AB+777
yoke/sidestick: AB / 777+MD11 (best would be ss with feedback)
ride: 777 / MD11 / AB
RAs: MD11 / AB+777
Em descents: MD11 / 777 / AB
gen Emergencies: 777 / AB / MD11
Checklist work: 777 / MD11 / AB
FCP: MD11 / 777 / AB
Throttle concept: MD11 / 777 / (AB go back to the drawing board, the fix stinks!)
Brakes: AB+777 / MD11
Landing performance : 777 / AB / MD11's weak spot!
X-wind: 777 / MD11 / AB
Hard landing danger: 777 / AB / MD11
Taxiing: neither (go back to the drawing board, all of you!)
FMC: neither (just include the goodies of the competitor and yours will finally be fine)

Now everyone has his priorities, so the objectively perfect one does not exist.
For me it would be the MD11 cockpit/FCP/AT, with AB sidestick (moving feedback please), including the electronic checklist of the 777, on a 777 airframe.
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Old 2nd May 2008, 12:23
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Thank you! Very interesting! Send this to Boeing and AB!

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Old 2nd May 2008, 18:10
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GMDS Oh yes!! The MD11 had the best flying office, by far.
Amen to that!!
Loved flying it
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Old 2nd May 2008, 18:50
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I like your discussion. It shows that you have no problems whatsoever I would understand if you would complain about a loud turboprop or a Russian airliner, but the differences between A and B is so small and neglectable that it's not worth an argument.

On the other hand I have to smile about your wishes for the designers. Airbus will never do movin throttles and feedback units on the sidestick. That's the trick behind it: Because you only have a stick, you save hundreds if not thousands of kilos of weight, millions of costs and uncountable hours on maintenance. That's why this concept is so powerful.

Let me say this after having seen both worlds: I don't need moving throttles, and I have enough feedback from other sources when it comes to monitoring pilot.

(currently flying the mighty F100)
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