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Airbus A320 crashed in Southern France

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Airbus A320 crashed in Southern France

Old 24th Mar 2017, 12:33
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The father of Andreas Lubitz has chosen to mark the second anniversary of the crash by saying his son was not responsible, was not depressed, and instead the father and a journalist plan to hypothesise that the son was incapacited by carbon monoxide fumes in the cockpit.

Unsurprisingly this has drawn criticism from the bereaved families, and possibly from other members of the Lubitz family.

Germanwings crash families angered by pilot's father - BBC News
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 12:39
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The father will clutch at any straw and that is understandable. The journalist is nothing but scum and as for being an 'expert'. Well, the facts speak for themselves.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 12:44
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Fake news, or you couldn't make it up news?

So, by his hypothesis, the carbon monoxide must have changed the altitude on the FMGS from FL380 to 100 feet too?
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 13:10
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The whole hypothesis is based around the toxic cabin air story, which is largely pushed by Tim van Beveren, who acted as the 'expert journalist' here.
You may google this guy and come to your own conclusions.

This guy has written a couple of investigative books that touch on some aspects that deserve to be more thoroughly worked on. The way he promotes it, though, makes me think he is more interested in selling books than actually helping the industry improve.

The cabin air hypothesis does not only imply the alt-selection knob mysteriously turned by itself (twice!), it also doesn't have an explanation why the door wouldn't open.

And of course the date wasn't carefully selected to maximize publicity...
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 13:52
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Doesn't this man have any decency? How painful for the victims. This father should be ashamed, not looking for publicity. The same counts for the so called "expert".
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 14:39
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The father I can understand, being one myself. If my daughter was to be involved in something similar, it would be exceedingly hard for me accept she'd committed suicide, taking all her passengers with her. It is not outside the realm of plausibilty, that I would be in total denial and grasp at any straw trying to prove her innocence. To put it shortly, I do not expect to be acting rationally.

As far as the 'journalist' goes, however, he deserves nothing but utter contempt and ridicule.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 15:10
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Originally Posted by SMT Member View Post

As far as the 'journalist' goes, however, he deserves nothing but utter contempt and ridicule.
Indeed, but T.v.B. in this case acts more as an expert/consultant which even makes it worse.
I've seen the whole live dicussion today and had the impression T.v.B. doesn't believe his own words.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 15:25
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Yepp, don't know why he jumped on that ship. He did a really great job on the Fume story.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 15:59
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Unsurprisingly this has drawn criticism from the bereaved families, and possibly from other members of the Lubitz family.
FWIW it drew criticism on French news this lunchtime, though they unfortunately seeemd to imply the father was responsible for the unfortunate timing.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 19:22
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Disgusting behaviour, with no respect shown whatsoever for the sensibilities of the victims families, seemingly motivated purely by "self promotion" of the supposed "expert" (who seems curiously unable to read & interpret the contents of an accident report.)

And, if he can, how the hell does he explain the somewhat inappropriate selections on MCP of altitude/speed (which if I remember had to be increased several times to finally arrive at Vmo) deployment of speedbrakes, disabling/denial of door code entry . . . . not to mention the "practice run" with the MCP Alt on the previous sector.

Should be taken outside & given a good kicking.

The Father (at a push ) may have some excuse for this behaviour, the creep propelling the whole thing along to suit his personal egotistical/money grabbing agenda should be shot.

Last edited by captplaystation; 24th Mar 2017 at 21:40.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 20:31
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Originally Posted by captplaystation View Post
Disgusting behaviour in the name of "self promotion".
These 'free-lance aviation journalists' need to keep coming up with novel theories to promote their 'investigative' work.

Another recent example:

The passengers and crew of Malaysia Flight 370, which disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing three years ago today, were lulled into a blissful sleep leading to a “happy death” long before the airplane crashed into the sea. That’s the conclusion we must draw if the Boeing 777 was lost, as I speculate it was, due to the incapacitation of the pilots in a depressurization of the aircraft. After that, the plane flew on its last heading until running out of fuel somewhere in the South Indian Ocean. Flight MH370 was a ghost flight.

As I write in my book, The Crash Detectives, the airplane was flying at 35 thousand feet when a sudden and rapid loss of pressure occurred on the plane. For reasons discussed in the book, the captain was probably not on the flight deck at the time. At that altitude, the co-pilot has just seconds to act.

Trembling of the extremities is one of the first symptoms of sudden onset of hypoxia. So when the first officer reached to the airplane’s transponder, intending to tune the frequency to the emergency code [sic], those spasms in his arms led him to inadvertently turn the dial to standby. He is not aware but he has severed the only means air traffic control has to identify the blips on their screens as the plane flying as MH 370.

Now, as his condition deteriorates even further, the pilot puts on his emergency mask and turns the airplane back towards Kuala Lumpur. Here he encounters the 2nd failure; the mask is not providing him with 100% oxygen under pressure so he is not regaining his mental acuity. He is suffering from insidious hypoxia. Revived enough to make decisions, addled enough to not realize he is doing the wrong things he never begins a descent to an altitude where the occupants of the airplane can survive without supplemental oxygen.
Malaysia Flight 370 Victims Likely Experienced "Happy Death"
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 20:58
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Malaysia Flight 370 Victims Likely Experienced "Happy Death" ... nice sentimental writing with some elements of aviation fact but .... NOT CONVINCING.
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Old 24th Mar 2017, 21:22
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Not only is it not convincing, it's patently WRONG - for example, the author refers to Alaskan Flight 536 as being a 737 when in reality, the decompression at 26.000 feet happened to an MD-83; the issue with a 737 was flight 808 and after it hit the jetway / baggage handling equipment, it was removed from service pending an inspection, it did NOT suffer an explosive decompression.....

Based on such a shoddy level of investigative journalism, the rest of the book is most likely going to be a story straight from Cloud Cuckoo land....
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Old 25th Mar 2017, 09:16
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Can someone confirm whether or not that BA no longer utilises a 2 person cockpit policy? If this is the case, then it is indeed worrying.. The United States adopted a 2 person cockpit policy immediately after 9/11 so why wasn't this policy also adopted across Europe?
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Old 25th Mar 2017, 09:56
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For a whole bunch of reasons:

Assessment of effectiveness of 2-persons-in-the-cockpit recommendation included in EASA SIB 2015-04
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Old 25th Mar 2017, 10:03
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Old 25th Mar 2017, 10:28
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Can someone confirm whether or not that BA no longer utilises a 2 person cockpit policy?
Do you really expect an answer to that or any security related issue on an open forum?

As to your further comments about the US situation - have a read of the EASA SIB Dave R kindly posted a link to.
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Old 27th Mar 2017, 06:48
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A solution for one problem can create a separate and entirely different problem. Super secure cockpit doors have led to pilots being able to down aircraft when alone in the cockpit with no way for others on the aircraft to regain "control" of the cockpit. This anti terrorist door created the opportunity for those pilots who are unwell or misled to kill everyone on board for whatever reason they may have.

Perhaps it's time to rethink this strategy. Let's go back to regular doors and screen passengers better. Once you let on terrorists , having a secure door does not solve ALL of your potential problems. It is impossible to be reasonably sure another pilot is not going to use the opportunity of being alone in the cockpit to once again down the aircraft. But we need to ask ourselves if the problem of having pilots down aircraft behind secure doors is greater than the problem of terrorists gaining access to the cockpit. Which problem is greater?
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Old 2nd Apr 2017, 14:26
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"Assessment of arguments

The evidence suggesting incorrect investigation proceedings appears very strong and thus clearly underlines that there is a need to conduct further investigation to clarify all those points. It remains fully open whether such investigations would lead to a completely different scenario of how this aircraft came down possibly exonerating the first officer or whether these investigations would bring about firm evidence proving the first officer's guilt beyond any reasonable doubt."

Translation: "Here at Avherald, we have an extremely flimsy understanding of the way an accident investigation is carried out, its scope, and (perhaps most importantly) its purpose. But we're not going to let that get in the way of some free publicity."
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