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Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost

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Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost

Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:26
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Maybe I am being a little naive here, but.....

Why are Commercial Airliners not fitted with SLBs (Sonic Locator Beacons)?

Would this not make SAR Ops of this type easier at a relatively low price....
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:26
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The police IG at the presser live at the moment (0715) says the known Iranian lad with the stolen passport (and his buddy) were most likely asylum seekers, not terrorists. When he didn't show up at FRA, mom called the authorities.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:26
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It was already stated this morning that the two Iranians were trying to get to Europe via china and that they have been identified
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:27
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Originally Posted by CodyBlade
The Press briefing is becoming a farce.

Stop giggling and laughing!

Think of the families..

Very unprofessional and even sarcasm from the police minister / commander.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:29
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Several news sites now carrying reports about several different fisherman reporting a 'low flying' aircraft moving very fast just off the Malay coast. One fisherman saying that the lights were about the 'size of coconuts' which is why he knew it was very low. Apparently these reports are why the search area has now been expanded to include areas of land.

It would appear that they really have no idea what general area this aircraft went down in.

If indeed this was the aircraft flying low back towards Malaysia then it must be a deliberate act to turn around, descend and then crash the aircraft...... of course these reports could be completely false as eye witnesses are historically very very bad sources when it comes to aircraft accidents.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:37
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Since they are looking west of Malaysia I suspect they have ACARS data. But why is it kept so secret, or don't have any data, is a mystery.

Malaysian officials non-committal on MH370 ACARS transmissions - 3/11/2014 - Flight Global

.... acting transport minister Hishamuddin Hussein, he instead embarked on one of the search and rescue flights looking for the aircraft in the Straits of Malacca on Malaysia’s west coast.

Media reports have said that no ACARS data was received from the aircraft when its transponder disappeared from radar ....
... "All Malaysia Airlines aircraft are equipped with continuous data monitoring system called ACARS which transmits data automatically," says MAS. "Nevertheless, there were no distress calls and no information was relayed."

Presumably the aircraft would have transmitted ACARS data prior to its disappearance, but an industry source familiar with ACARS says this would be entirely dependent on the level of service ...
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:38
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Originally Posted by Akron36 View Post
Was MH370 equipped to send ACARS data stream - if so to whom, the airline, Boeing?
ACARS is "broadcast" and unencrypted, anyone can receive and decode the messages.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:43
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Quite some number of pages back I made a post that has disappeared as completely as MH370.

The initial press release from MH stated clearly that the a/c lost contact with Subang ATC at 0240 local time. This was also posted on page 1 of this thread. It has not been redacted to the best of my knowledge.

The transponder supposedly stopped at 0121 local. One hour and twenty minutes creates a rather large search area from the point at which the transponder ceased transmitting.

Clearly something is known that has not been shared yet.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:44
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Wrong direction?

Is it possible that the entire flight from KL was on the wrong heading? is this the reason why the search in Mallacca Strait?

No offense intended.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:46
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Frenchwalker: two Iranians

Two Iranians? I thought the one using the Italian passport had been established as an African - I don't know what nationality.

I first looked at this thread when there was just the very first post and nothing else. Sadly, I don't think it's just press briefings which are descending into farce. So many circular discussions, spiralling down...
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:46
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Ci 611 inflight breakup:

The wreckage was discovered quite quickly, while this one is very unusual.

ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 747-209B B-18255 Penghu islands, Taiwan [Taiwan Strait]

China Airlines Flight 611 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:48
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Personally I'm inclined to the "Helios" theory that that the crew became incapacitated in some way.

In other words, it's happened before and could happen again...hypoxia leading to confusion, unconsciousness and ultimately impact with the ground.

Having worked "on the ground" in various parts of Cambodia and Vietnam I am very aware that there are some extremely remote regions that are deeply forested. Just as an example, I was familiar with Ratanakiri province in eastern Cambodia.

It may sound unlikely, but at night, it could just be possible for a 777 to come down without being 'noticed'.

I don't know to what extent these areas are being searched?
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:49
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I'm not certain if this piece if news has been mentioned here but Berita Harian, a Malay language daily in Malaysia is reporting that flight MH370 did indeed turn back from the SCS. The RMAF chief Rodzali Daud is quoted as saying that the last time the flight was detected by military radar, was at 2.40 am and somewhere around Pulau Perak (Perak Island) north of the straits of Malacca. It was flying at 1,000 metres lower than its 10,000 metres altitude when it turned back. Apparently the Singapore ATC also detected the plane.

The source: Berita Harian | Operasi SAR ke Selat Melaka

I don't know how credible the news is but MalaysiaKini is also reporting it.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:54
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Has that debris, photographed by pax on flight to KL at 06.40 Beijing on Monday, between Vung Tau and Brunei been discounted ?
I think you're referring to the "debris" that was photographed over land and was electric lighting.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 07:58
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I'm surprised we haven't heard much from Rolls Royce. They have an engine data monitoring service which should have a readout from this flight...

Live monitoring helps engine manufacturers track performance - Telegraph
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 08:01
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Where is the debris?

Notice the lack of debris in the water in this shot? There is none. Hundreds of photos on google and not one piece of debris in the water. Clean as a whistle. The entire tail section is clean off and it landed in the water. All doors still closed and intact. You can bet if it wasn't sitting on the reef, it would be on the bottom of the ocean without a trace......This one lacked a mayday call as well......Could the tail section have parted company with the fuselage?

Last edited by Acute Instinct; 11th Mar 2014 at 08:24.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 08:01
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Am i right in saying the 777 comms are located on the centre pedestal? If so could an electrical fire beneath the panels disable VHF and transponder?
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 08:03
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The 'debris' was not over land according to this -
Aerial Photos of Unidentified Objects Off Vietnam's Coast

A passenger on a Beijing to Kuala Lumpur flight on the morning of March 9 photographed unidentified objects off the southern coast of Vietnam. The approximate location of the photograph places it to the north of the area being searched for debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

The time stamps suggest they were taken in sequence, at approximately 6:40am Beijing time on March 9. This matches the flight path and time. The internal airplane map shows the airplane placed off the southern tip of Vietnam.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 08:04
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About the Bomb theory

"Also raising doubts about the possibility of an attack, the United States extensively reviewed imagery taken by spy satellites for evidence of a mid-air explosion, but saw none, a US government source said. The source described US satellite coverage of the region as thorough."

Read more: Malaysia Airline's flight probe finds scant evidence of attack

I light of the above info is it possible bomb may not be the cause.
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 08:04
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Notice the debris in the water in this shot? That's right, there is none,
Sorry, the fact that you don't see any debris on this photo doesn't mean there is none, photo is at too oblique angle to spot any floating debris. Poor example.
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