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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:15   #4861 (permalink)
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Back to SC Sea

Originally Posted by Sheep Guts
Reasons not to stop searching in the South China Sea
You may be right. Not to forget Malaysian police reporting hearwitness accounts of a loud bang near coast off Kota Bharu.
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Not sure if anyone here has given Tomnod a go or not - I have but found it annoying that I couldn't see where my map related to / the actual area I was searching. I figured if someone has a theory of where the plane went down then it would be nice to be able to search that specific area, not just a randomly generated map.

I saw someone post a way round this so thought I'd share it incase anyone is interested. I can't see this info in the thread already so hopefully this post will stay!

Load a map at Tomnod

Change the word "challenge" in the url to "api". This brings up a page with the latitude & longitude on it which you can then google. You can then decide whether to search this area or select "Jump to random map" and start the process again
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:21   #4863 (permalink)
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changing challenge to upi brings up page not found.
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:22   #4864 (permalink)
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With CNN covering other matters, I switched on FOX and Judge Pirro's 2 hour MH370 special. BTW, some of the annoying "talking heads" and hosts/hostesses on TV make the most annoying folks in this forum (probably including me) seem like Mother Teresa...

...interviewing her 2nd "guest expert" she started off a query with "we know there was a unexpected turn pre-programmed into the flight..." - the guest started to say "thats not clear" and she argues "yes it is" and (with host perogative) changes the subject and moves forward.

SO I grant you this is an un-sourced issue (reported by ABC NEWS and FOX and "their sources") that could make this less than a FACT.

That "maybe fact" and the timing of the off-ACARS-14-minutes-transponder-THEN "alright goodnight" has had me convinced for some time that deliberate actions not electro-mechanical mishap (like coffee or batteries) is afoot. The authorities who have seen other data appear to believe this, though I dont trust them and I dont exactly rule out a KAL shootdown mentality in this day and age.

SO: has anyone sourced a reliable time-sensible unexpected-pre-programmed-turn?
Reliable is of course the operative word.
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:23   #4865 (permalink)
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api not upi
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What has been of most concern is the seeming insistence to not adhere to a single timeframe.

Why has UTC not been used since day 1 to describe events?

The first few days were a catalogue of mistaken timezones.

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For those who think the captain's home simulator is a red flag due to how complete it appears, take a quick look at Viperpit(s).org. You'll see multiple examples of F-16 cockpits that put the captain as well as Hollywood to shame, complete with fully operational displays, gauges, buttons and switches, all connected to free software (BMS 4.32) that does a damn good job of simulating an F-16C Block 50/52.

The photo's I have seen of the Captains sim indicate to me it is little more than a toy.

I do NOT understand why someone with as much experience as this guy flying the real thing would build such a box, let alone use it! He could have used the Sim's at work, clearly he was senior enough to probably even bring friends in if he particularly wanted to.

I understand fighter combat sims and the like - they are good fun, but it is always acknowledged they are toys. In fact the 'good' sims to my mind are the ones that don't pretend to be anything else.

I accept there might be weirdo anorak wearing pilots out there who might want to make a cardboard (although cardboard is accurate, and most pilots have used them in basic training), milk carton, string and elastic band box painted to look like the one you are forced to spend 1000 hours a year in, but in 30 years I have NEVER met one personally. He clearly spent money on it, and for what it is its no doubt good, but if you have kids and don't fly I would liken it to something 'Mr Maker' on TV would create in comparison to a real FFS, let alone the aircraft.

That sim would give you basic terrain awareness - though no more than Google Earth and I would assume Flight Management Computer functions. NOTHING else would even remotely be like 'the real thing' nor even the 'real' MAS sim the guy could access whenever he wanted to. Any 'practice' he would get from that construction would be considered (IMHO) 'Negative Training'. In other words, using it would lessen your physical flying skills on the 'real thing'.

Ive got 15,000 odd hours in Boeings and extra in full flight sims. The last thing I would be doing is building one at home so I can pretend I am at work when I am at home. I have enough manuals to read already without having to create others myself to explain to me how to fly a box I built for fun

As an aside, I spoke with a mate of mine who flies tripplers and I asked him how his gold stealing plans are progressing. He said he would have 50-60 tonnes on board every time he takes off from one particular airport but T7's are actually quite hard to hide. He's not giving the problem his full attention obviously, but it's not something you would just wake up one night and think 'Ive got a really great idea to try sometime'...
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My understanding was that ELTs had automatic function -other than manual, impact and water. Could someone deactivate all, including fixed ELT near tail?

Secondly, does Cospas-Sarsat monitor the southern Indian Ocean area?
re cospas-sarsat, yes.

But given all of the other recent evidence (that the satcom may have been transmitting after the a/c would have been out of fuel) it is less likely that it crashed and more likely that it landed, so the ELT is unlikely to have been automatically activated.

Now if one of the pax had their own 406 MHz PLB....
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as per previous posts, it seems likely that the Australian JORN radar system was not operating at the time
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One small thing that caught my eye in this sea of dross and odd bits of logic was post #1388.


How does the security camera video footage from inside the terminal get onto facebook in such short order?
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Also see map from earlier ...

Red circle is 40 degree arc for IOR. Blue is limit of 6 hours flight from Phuket at 900km/h. Pink is limit of coverage of POR. White is 3000km radar coverage from Laverton.

So there are places on the red arc which are reachable by 8:11am but not covered by JORN.
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I realize I'm flying pretty low tech planes by some standards but PLEASE TELL ME HOW SOMEONE KNOWS IF THERE IS PREPROGRAMMED TURN IN the FMS without having the FMS present?

rigbyrigs, how does someone know without being on the plane if it is pre programmed?

I don['t know

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Much like Huck Finn in Tom Sawyer;

WHY would you fly South?

Suicide = why wait?
Ditch = why risk it? - bloody dangerous if there is no reason.
Time = risk of discovery/(some) crew getting back control?
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ELTs and surveillance

The US has ample satellite means of reconnaissance to identify the plane, if it ws at any known airport. An off-airport landing would likely trigger the ELT, unless it can be deactivated in flight. It can't on my plane.
I can easily arm or disarm my ELT from the left seat...

I can't envision the airplane getting into or beyond Pakistan or any of the other 'stans without U.S. surveillance assets seeing it. Same for the respective militaries of India and China and their territories. But that doesn't mean it's not there. They may have seen it but not recognized it for what it was, or they allowed it in with full knowledge of what was going on.

For one thing, it's not impossible to file and fly as a different aircraft, even one operated by a government, with full ATC knowledge. And it's unlikely any U.S. surveillance assets were looking in the right direction at the right time to pick out this T7 from the clutter, but there may have been some non-scheduled flights acting like a big Boeing. I think theories about it tailgating another aircraft are a bit far-fetched because of the skills required, but masquerading as yet another Boeing doesn't seem all that difficult.

At the end of the day, if this isn't a result of a mechanical failure, a botched hijacking that ended over water, or suicide, it's a very sophisticated and well-executed plan, to an unknown end. If so, the airplane likely is on the ground somewhere, well-camouflaged or hangared, perhaps having landed before dawn at a secluded location, like a military base. That means state actor, or at least someone acting with a government's tacit approval and a sophisticated, well -planned, -disguised and -implemented endeavor. So far.

Who has the resources and testicular fortitude to plan and pull this off?

Ultimately, though, I think the highest probability here is Captain Speaking did a deadstick lawn dart into the IO, and some trace will be identified in 48 hours or so.
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:40   #4875 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Sheep Guts
Reasons not to stop searching in the South China Sea
They dont want to search that area despite all the eyewitness account and other evidence points to that direction. Reason, someone doesnt want the truth to come out on what they did to MH370.
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Centre of arcs

People sorry if this has already been discussed on any of the previous 171 pages of this thread, but:

what does the centre point of those arcs represent and how was it determined?

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Been covered, it's the geosynchronous satellite position.

Please resize the graphic
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:44   #4878 (permalink)
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tomnod lat long

Hmmm tomnod hasn't given up on the S China Sea
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 02:44   #4879 (permalink)
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foxnewsinsider.com NOW joins ABC NEWS in reporting the "pre-programmed turn":

"Investigators believe that someone intentionally switched off the jetliner’s tracking devices and then flew the plane for several hours. The left turn that was made was reportedly pre-programmed into the plane’s navigational computer, raising a lot of questions."

I somewhat agree with BARREL questioning that, and the timing, as the 40 degree course correction occurred at the waypoint first, and the ACARS was gone by then. (although I suggested a convoluted workaround possibility).

I wish ABC NEWS and now FOX would confirm this reliably, name a source, whatever. Its NOT a trivial point!

UPDATE to GLENDALE. The event log for ACARS supposedly shows the FMC entry. Thats why the timing of the ACARS system being alive/active, and other entries, is so critical now.

Last edited by rigbyrigz; 17th Mar 2014 at 02:47. Reason: update glendale
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Someone smarter than me post the Asia chart

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Closed Thread

acars, crash, elt, hf links, malaysian, mh370, missing, pingers, plane, vhf

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