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Jayrow (incl. Pay & Conditions/EBA)

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Jayrow (incl. Pay & Conditions/EBA)

Old 14th Nov 2007, 02:51
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Jayrow (incl. Pay & Conditions/EBA)

As somebody in the industry who likes to remain 'informed' of all options available out there, what are the deals currently available at Jayrow?
I hear alot of big figures being thrown around & I must say, it kinda sounds tempting. Of course, like most of the stuff on here (unfortunately), it tends to be a bit overstated at times.

Would someone be so kind as to give a close approximation of the current deals available. I heard soemthing mentioned about a new touring cycle that could be hitting the streets? Anyone heard anything?
You know, just in case.
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Old 14th Nov 2007, 07:05
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Currently 2 tourists in the J. Tourists cost more in terms of pure salary costings, hence are not the preferred employment model for Jayrow.

There might be plans for more in the future, however Chairman not warm to this concept. Supply and demand however will dictate the ultimate employment landscape.

Jayrow employment conditions are variable. Reecently remote fixed base pilots have had a win with pay & conditions however, the base that is closet to head office has yet to be included in the love sharing.

Touring not preferred by Jayrow, however this concept may change in line with supply and demand.

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Old 14th Nov 2007, 07:50
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Max, I think you will find that all the pilots received an increase of some type in their salary package.

I am aware that, their base rate is better than the rest, their touring policy is better [live in the east and work in the west at Jayrow’s expense], yes I also know that they prefer pilots to be home with their family [how revolutionary] in the more distant locations.

They also have a Chairman who is a local, a new CEO and a Chief Pilot who seems to have his eye on the ball.

I always have had a supportive viewpoint of this much maligned local mob, give it to them Jayrow.
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Old 14th Nov 2007, 08:25
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High Nr,

I'll think you'll find maxee is right about the "love sharing" thing.

The base closest to home missed out in the last round of presents.

An annual pay rise less than the CPI doesn't cut it.
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Old 14th Nov 2007, 08:50
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High NR,

ALL pilots did not as you say receive an increase of some type.....

Jayrows "Touring Policy" applies to TWO pilots....... (policy for two folks?)

Jayrow do not comment on what is best for families, they like any other company consider what the costs are for emplyoing staff and try and match that to what is required for current and future contracts, touring pilots cost more and hence having fixed base aircrew is better for the bottom line and hence is generally the weapon of choice.........

My comments did not include the CP, eyes and balls etc......

No one else has commented on the fact that Jayrow may be maligned or otherwise except for your self.

The thread was opened by OzWhirly wrt touring info and my experience in this area I provided......

Good luck to Jayrow and all that go in search of an Aviation Dollar.....

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Old 14th Nov 2007, 19:22
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Max...check your facts.

All Jayrow Pilots received a recent increase inline with some internal scale.....the man agrees that this keeps the guys above the industry standard....in fact Jayrow is the industry standard.

Above the other two by about $5000.

Did your insider mention the new above award payment, of family airline holidays paid by Jayrow?

I will always support this group and always have, maybe you should as well.
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Old 14th Nov 2007, 20:39
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No quite right

The airline tickets, in spite of all the promises have failed to materialise. This was very poorly received by the YTDN pilots.

The incremental pay rises every November are no where near CPI...These were meant as a bonus for the employees "for doing a good job" some 18 months ago...But unfortunately took the place of the EBA..

On the good side, Karratha got an area allowance increase as did Darwin. But with the cost of living up there its pretty much cost neutral...It was certainly a good move for the company to do that..The next trick is to attract fixed base people to these places.

Tooradin missed out..As it always seems to do...

Jayrow pilot...over to you...
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Old 14th Nov 2007, 22:28
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Facts are Facts data correct as at 2 days ago!!!!!

High Nr.

Once again. What you have written shows that you are mis informed and incorrect in your assessment. The saving grace is that prune is a rumour network and well...... you are putting some good rumours out there.

I speak to these guys on a regular basis and yes I am not alone in wanting ALL Aviation companies to succeed in this market. This way there is more choice for aircrew, good thing for all.

Your assertions to the man etc display a previous or current loyalty to Jayrow and the chairman which suggets that you are on the inside wrt to Jayrow. I am not sledging Jayrow just reporting the facts as TOLD to me by current drivers.

Jayrow being the industry standard is a bit rich, better check what is on offer at present $720/day, 15 on 13 off, $98/day DTA and Touring from anywhere in Oz and 9% super (get out the calculator).

Recall the thread started with Ozwhirly asking about Touring with Jayrow.

You have added alot of other points of view most of which seems to be trying to talk Jayrow up. If Jayrow are offering something above the market then recruitment and RETENTION will not be an issue (build it and they will come).

I suspect that Jayrow like all other similar companies do not have a full order book when it comes to aircrew and ginger beers, so then is Jayrow the industry standard if the order book is not filled?

Back to the thread..........

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Old 15th Nov 2007, 04:00
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Angel Bottom feeders!

High NR
Seriously, what are you on?
If J'Row are paying so well, how did they fail to recruit the last CHC Captain who expressed an interest in being at Tooradin. And then loose one of your Captains back over to CHC? Answer! Easy, the figures just don't stack up and all the Talking Up in the world won't change the numbers that are simply not that good! Anyway, who wants to sit on the Rig all day!
As for Jerka with his eye on the Ball. Then how did he just fail to secure an excellent applicant for Rocky who instead took 100K plus super with the Lismore Surf boy's???????
The only clap you eva get from me is paying Kiwi his wages whilst he faded away, God Bless his soul! And that I suspect was our Israeli freinds influence.
Just focus on you new job, and try not to loose that one!
Back to Orbit.
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Old 17th Nov 2007, 04:24
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Does anyone here know if Jayrow have an EBA or some sort of collective agreement? or are their guys all on individual deals. With this is would there be any sort of progression plan for a newby like myself?

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Old 17th Nov 2007, 07:25
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Good afternoon all.
Rather than rely on information that may or may not be factual, please feel free to contact me directly and I will clarify any questions that you may have regarding our company.
I will not discuss corporate strategy, internal conditions or philosophy on this or other public forums, or reply publically to questions or comments posted by others, however I do invite interested people with legitimate queries to make contact with me, either by telephone or E-Mail, and I would be happy to discuss your questions.
My phone is always open to “Newbees…New Hires”, to chat about their aspirations within our Industry [I am sure Brendan and Bob would also extend that invitation].
I am normally between: UTC +9 and +11 [Summer Time], so please take pity if your outside these zones.
Wayne Jenkins
Chief Pilot / Operations Manager
Jayrow Helicopters

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 85511517 [Direct]
Phone: +61 3 85511500 [Office]
Fax: +61 3 8551 1599
Mobile: +61 418848133
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Old 18th Nov 2007, 03:40
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Sputnik57 wrote:
As for Jerka with his eye on the Ball. Then how did he just fail to secure an excellent applicant for Rocky who instead took 100K plus super with the Lismore Surf boy's???????

Eye on the ball?? Look at the Options!!! Lismore , Great climate, Northern Rivers, not that far from Brisvegas, Byron, Gold Coast etc etc etc.

Rockhampton........Nope, got nothing! Oh it is the beef capital of Australia.

As for Jayrow, Horses for courses. I have done a little bit of work with them in the past and have always been treated very well, as have friends of mine who work with them now.

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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 07:21
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heliringer....try looking 2 posts up
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Old 2nd May 2008, 03:41
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Jayrow EBA?

Now that we know the result of the Bristow EBA Ive heard that the Jayrow pilots are trying to negotiate an EBA. When does their current EBA expire and are they going to be in the same ballpark as the big two?
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Old 10th May 2008, 06:17
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From what mates tell me who work for them they currently don't have an EBA in place. Apparently the've been trying now for a few years to get one happening but with no luck. Their management have previously completely ignored their pilots attempts to bargain but are now finally talking to them. BUT, the guys say all management are offering is no pay rise this year then only a CPI increase late next year. This will leave them way behind Bristow with their new deal and eventually CHC when their EBA gets up. There would be a few guys there I'm sure who are now looking at other opportunities.
Hope that answers your questions.

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Old 10th May 2008, 08:15
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Think Again

Nice Post Fuentes for your First Post. #1.

No secret, I openly support this mob, as when I was down they helped, so I'm Biased.

Think you will find that the existing Bosses made Jayrow the number 1 in Australia as far as Pilot Salaries? Can anyone within the group confirm this?

Why would that change?

I think CHC voted against their package, but not sure why.

As far as the much discussed BHT deal. Wake up chaps, whilst there are a few $$$ for the top end bracket, there is very little in it, for the main and lower bracket.
And if Perth suits you, go ahead and give B*b a buzz.

GG, think your just a stirrer mate.....inaccurate and provocative......but heck, why let the facts get in the way of a good slurring post!!!

Bet your wrong.....again!!!
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Old 10th May 2008, 09:39
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High Nr,

Not stirring mate, just passing on the info I get from friends.

Your quote:
"Think you will find that the existing Bosses made Jayrow the number 1 in Australia as far as Pilot Salaries? Can anyone within the group confirm this?"
Is now past tense. They have been well and truly overtaken.

I also have mates in Bristow and none of them live in Perth! Even after salary sacrificing their East to West airfares they're still way in front when it comes to salary.
Don't know what you mean by "Wake up chaps, whilst there are a few $$$ for the top end bracket, there is very little in it, for the main and lower bracket." If you are saying that the big $$$ is only in offshore support well then if you want to be involved in this as an operator you have to pay the required salaries.

CHC pilots voted down the EBA simply because it wasn't good enough. (25%).

I think all those FACTS are pretty accurate!
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Old 13th May 2008, 04:50
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High NR,
Thanks for the welcome, yes post number one, gotta start somewhere I guess. Ive got a couple of mates at Bristow and they are not at the "top end". I have spoken to both recently and they are very happy with their upcoming pay rises (they are quite substantial). I cant speculate on CHC as I don't have any inside information there.

Thanks for the info. I heard the same rumour about Jayrow not offering any pay rises but didnt know the accuracy of it, hence the original post. Ive since heard it a few times. Can anyone at Jayrow confirm this? Will Jayrow still be paid more than Bristow after the Bristow pay rises go through? Do Jayrow allow you to reside anywhere in Aust after your tour?
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Old 13th May 2008, 07:44
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Talking Jayrow EBA

The Jayrow Pilots EBA has been presented to the Management. To date two meetings have taken place between the pilot reps and senior management. So far nothing has been offered, or aggreed upon.
Up until the recent pay rise at BHA, Jayrow was leading the pack.
In fact I think we can thank Jayrow for raising the bar, and BHA for taking the salaries to the next level.
The company makes no secret of the intent for pilots not to tour.
Of course this will be subject to pilot availability, contracts, and the location.
To date Jayrow employ two full time touring Captains, both of whom live over east. Yes Jayrow pay all costs.
If Jayrow wish to recruit/retain, pilots that meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry, they will have little choice in offering a salary package, and conditions, matching, if not, exceeding, CHC and BHA.
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Old 18th May 2008, 00:52
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So roughly what would the EBA include for the touring captains with Jayrow at the moment compared to that of Bristows and CHC?
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