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North Sea Jigsaw

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North Sea Jigsaw

Old 20th Feb 2006, 20:01
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Sooo close Hummingfrog, but this sounds more like "Smithers" to me.
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Old 21st Feb 2006, 08:58
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The Aberdeenshire Press and Journal has this article on the new aircraft:


How capable is the spare aircraft going to be? I thought there were only two SAR AS332L2's with Bond. Is there a third black and yellow machine somewhere or is it a red passenger aircraft being used as a backup? If the latter, does it have all the SAR modes, twin hoists, FLIR, etc., able to be attached or is it just a basic model AS332L2?

This isn't a "stir-it-up" question, just interested in the capabilities of the spare.
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Old 21st Feb 2006, 09:11
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Interestingly enough the footage used on the TV showing the winching wasn't the Bond crews at all but the Bristow Trials Team in the original JSAR aircraft!!
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Old 21st Feb 2006, 13:59
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I saw the ITV and BBC news story on this, ITV had footage of the Bond crew with one of the new boats, whilst the BBC one seemed to be a cobbled together version of trials footage and Bond footage!!
Nice looking machines though
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Old 22nd Feb 2006, 18:09
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Question S92 SAR

Does anyone know if the pilots flying the S92 in Norway are still having to wear helmets because of the excessive vibration and noise ?
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Old 22nd Feb 2006, 18:39
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No no no, im no PR guru but thanks for the complement just saying it as it is chaps. Oh what a nasty lot of professional pilots you are! Lord Melchet (Bah!) Spin Doctor (been used before JB) whats all this negativity about JIGSAW?
Soft beds, tasty tucker and a uniform so smart its got a PhD from Cambridge. More than half the year off with a wad of cash to boot. 2 brand new state of the art SAR helicopters with all the kit you ever wanted but the military are too indifferent to provide. Multi Million pound purpose built accommodation including all the essentials such as Plasma screens, SKY TV, DVD library and Broadband internet.
Beats 3 out 2 in, next call at 80 miles MRAS SSR only, to my mind anyway! On the "real" job front JIGSPY - lets all hope they never have to leap into action because fellow aviators like you and i will be in trouble.
It all sounds rather upbeat to me and if CHC want to poach crews theyll have to offer a better deal than the Coastguard contract does at the moment - either way seems the JIGSAW boys are well placed for the planned civilianisation of UK SAR with a foot firmly in the door.
PS believe the standby aircraft is capable of everything but night auto hover so no night IMC ops and therefore no BP flights at night in that sector i would imagine.
More spin or a reality check?
PS think the notice period is less than 6 months CHAINBLOCK.
Back to the sewing circle then!
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Old 22nd Feb 2006, 20:20
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Yes, I know the notice period is not 6 months but maybe there are a few decent chaps (Captains with NO previous SAR experience) who gave 6 months notice generously in order not to shaft the project.

As for the multi million pound accommodation scheme......would that be those little cottages I flew over yesterday?

Good luck Jigsaw, one day your PR skills may REALLY be needed.
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Old 22nd Feb 2006, 20:56
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CHAINBLOCK - Not unless you were flying over the Miller Platform thats got the expensive module. The gym, sauna and hot tub fitted new chalets on Sumburgh should soothe the muscles after a hard days SAR OPS

Non SAR captains going back to crew change you say....hmmmm thats a good rumour, however thought that non SAR Captains were always going to be replaced with a rolling recruitment programme of miliary SAR heros.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Last edited by Jigsaw; 22nd Feb 2006 at 21:07.
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 07:23
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Don't worry, the novelty of living offshore will begin to wane after the first week.

Keep the sheep out of the hot tub in Sumburgh, they will only clog up the pipework!

Good luck

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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 08:45
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Chalet, cottage, call it what you want but you'll still be able to hear all the guys in the pub next door having a laugh even over the sound of the bubbles in the bath.

As for CHC poaching pilots. I think it is more like a few of your guys wanting to come back as direct entry captains but think that is a whole different thread and I'm not about to start it.

Jigsaw, your name wouldnt be Tristan would it?
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 10:13
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Jigsaw "Multi Million pound purpose built accommodation"? yeah right my m8 sent me a picture of them.

Chalet, cottage? is a very posh term for a garden shed

Three little piggies spring to mind when you see them Dam there all made of wood still the wind don't blow to strong up there in the Shetland Islands does it.
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 11:22
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Angel North Sea Jigsaw

State of the art SAR aircraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its still a flash Puma that looks very cramped inside. And with all that stuff strapped on it looks more like a SAS Land Rover. What is the sky shout for anyway? Let the the youthful ex-RN winchops tell the inexperienced winchman what to do while he is on the end of the wire. Give me a helicopter with a cabin big enough to move around in up right and not on hands and knees.
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 12:01
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Does that mean they'll be getting up to a bit of Cottaging in their down time?
"down three!"
"down two!"
"that's it"
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 12:07
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Offshore Living

As somebody who has spent a fair time offshore may be I can give a few pointers in how to survive.

1. Don't share cabins. Your cabin is the only place where you can get away from everybody else. Little things can blow out of all proportion when offshore and you need your own space.

2. Don't plan any holidays that start either the day you are scheduled to arrive on shore or the day after. The changeover day is not guaranteed and all sorts of things can interfere:- weather on rig/base, either a/c u/s and tasking. The most I have been late is 3 days due to fog.

3. Do be aware of other people's foibles and make allowance for them as again you will be sharing a small office. I have seen disputes over something as simple as the setting on the office thermostat.

4. Understand the pressure your wife/partner is under as if you have kids remember she will be a single mum for 15 days out of 28 and domestic appliances always break down when you are offshore.

5. Accept that the party you were looking forward to is always scheduled for when you are offshore.

6. Unless the Miller food is poor expect to put on a stone or two in weight as meal times are the big social event of what is usually a boring day.

I wish you all the best of luck but it isn't as cushy a number as you may think. I always remeber my first week offshore and thinking "what have I done!!" but I wanted to live away from Aberdeen. If I lived in Aberdeen I doubt I would be offshore, there are too many downsides and the pressure on family life is larger than you may think. You will only get 2 weeks leave as well compared to the 6 weeks that I get so it will be even worse. It should be noted that I also only work 10 days less than a shore based 332 pilot so with your roster you will work more days than a 332 pilot onshore who goes home every night.

As an experienced Ex RAF SAR pilot, with the knowledge of what offshore basing is really like, what would tempt me to do SAR offshore:-

1. At least £100 per day offshore allowance

2. 6 weeks leave

3. Minimum of a single cabin with en-suite, SAT TV, internet and phone.

4. Self fly change over direct to/from Aberdeen.

Once again best of luck

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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 12:29
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Come on lads - are you not all tired with the negative and, frankly, tedious posts published towards what could and should be a worthwhile project. Inexperienced or expert both in the front or back, surely those of you in the SAR world will be well aware of the inherant dangers surrounding the job and therefore empathetic towards crews prepared to get stuck in.

I for one welcome this whole project and, with reference to those cute little Shetland sheep am reminded of the old pusser's expression -

'What goes to sea, stays at sea....'
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 13:04
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Havin a Laugh

Excuse the login name, had to go 10 up on the PR wagon that is JIGSAW.
Just got of the phone with a old friend. Our boys on JIGSAW are being stuffed.
Answers to what Hummingfrog wrote:
1. At least 100 per day offshore allowance
(TRY 50 on for size)
2. 6 weeks leave
(1week per 6mth cycle)
3. Minimum of a single cabin with en-suite, SAT TV, internet and phone.
(Single room but No Internet or Phone)
4. Self fly change over direct to/from Aberdeen.
(No self fly)
I know this guy from way back and he does not lie.
As HF said Best of luck to them.
I wouldn't want to do it for that, would you?
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 16:59
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So you didn't apply for the job then? Careful how you answer...

Life offshore is pretty grim, but the Jigsaw pilots don't go offshore on every rotation and they are back in Aberdeen for three weeks not two, even if they are working for 4 days of that. The leave allocation does sound dire though and I hope for the sake of the industry that it is ammended otherwise there might not be enough pilots left to do the contract!

Another factor is that there is apparently a good mix of personnel and not just a bunch of whinging old SAR boys from the RAF - just kidding

I wish the boys good luck, and I like you think they will need it!
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 17:48
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Nope I didn't apply - why should I be careful how I answer . The advert said they were head-hunting so I just waited for the call Afterall I am suitably qualified:- 332 on license, 3 tours of doing SAR including Lossiemouth, know what it is like living offshore but heh ho no call - perhaps I am too old Even if they had called I wouldn't have accepted the present terms as they would have meant I would have lost on pay, leave and pension - a no brainer really

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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 18:33
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Fair call HF - it was just a bit of fishing, no underlying motives apart from the RAF bit
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Old 23rd Feb 2006, 18:52
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Allowance for Offshore Jigsaw

A little bird tells me that the Bristow pilots who did the trials for Jigsaw were promised that BP would make sure they received 120 per night, more if they had to share cabins! Perhaps some 'creative' accounting going on?

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