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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 8th Oct 2006, 15:53
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PeeWee and SAGS...?
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Old 8th Oct 2006, 16:20
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If so....maybe there is a God in Heaven!

Let's do a whipround and see how much we can raise with a view towards convincing the Terrs to keep them.

Knowing that pair ...the Terrs will paying Bristow to take them back.
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Old 8th Oct 2006, 16:56
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Is that a spot of wishful thinking?


Donít think Bristow will change many things on the security front because that would cost them money; we are not talking about bullet proof curtains this time.
Was there not a robbery at a Lagos Chinese restaurant where some of the Bristow big cheeses were dining a good few years ago and nothing was done afterwards to improve security? Also did robbers not get into a neighbouring compound via the BRC and the Bristow security slept thru this all?
If Bristow was to be serious about their employees security in Nigeria they would use armed escorts, get proper 4*4 transport vehicles (ex USA embassy vehicles would be great like Chucks suggested before, not clapped out Peugeots).


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Old 8th Oct 2006, 17:02
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Now just before anyone gets to thinking we are making some of this stuff up....

Port Harcourt, Colditz Estate, the one immediately adjacent to the luxury CP and TRE estate. Ah, but if we could play the video made by our Teutonic Photographer and very senior Bristow Captain.

Rather than install bars over the outside of the windows to prevent entry....the Bristow solution...."Weld the metal window frames shut". Now as anyone knows...NEPA...the Nigeria electrical grid is less than perfect. Thus when (about half the time or more) the electricity goes off....the overhead fans stop...the air con goes off....and gee....one cannot even open the fecking windows!

That folks is the Bristow mindset.....in a nut shell.

One could not make this up if one tried!
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Old 9th Oct 2006, 19:29
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Thumbs down All The Companies Have Grrrrreat Managers!

You think it's just Bristow? CHC stand to lose quite a few employees because they insist they're going to move everyone to a super new compound next year. Super because it'll at last have the things they've been promising (and failing to deliver on time and again over more than a year now), like a swimming pool and gymnasium. It'll also have poky little houses crammed together in one of the known bad spots of Port Harcourt. When CHC took over, their managers decided to move out to the luxury of Intels Camp with its better security, swimming pools, squash courts, golf and restaurants. A new Intels camp opened but after a huge poll (which must have consisted of at least 2 people ) they announced that the staff didn't want to live in a nice camp with several swimming pools, gymnasium, restaurant, internet in every room (sound familiar?). Wonder if the $2000 per month per room had anything to do with the decision? So now everyone is going to a super-wonderful-terrific-magic-fantastic-awesome new camp which is so good that the management are staying right where they are
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Old 10th Oct 2006, 00:07
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For all those budding Horatios out there - here is the ideal opportunity - idea stolen disgracefully from a glider pilot.

Buy ex Brit 1944 light aircraft carrier HMS Vengeance (offered on e-Bay around 6 million USD), turn into floating boatel with all appropriate facilities - restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, bordello, simulators, golf driving range, clay pigeon shooting with Phalanx MG's to ward off suicide boat attacks and hey presto we have the expat offshore hotel and heliport. Park the boat outside the 12 mile limit in the Bight of Biafra then charge Exxon and the like zillions for landing fees; offer to other oil industry companies for accommodation as well and ... ker-ching, ker-ching you get yer dosh back in two years! And fewer mosquitos for the engineers whilst they do their tinkering below deck! Aviation heaven! And all those Asian sailors!

If the steam catapault is still working then Twin Otters or the like for longer range trips to and from airports would be useful! Though landings on deck might be a little more exciting ....... grappling hook, sturdy airframe, yank!

Pie in the sky? Well all other options seem so far not to have pleased those there ...... strength thru gloom!
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Old 10th Oct 2006, 12:51
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Latest gossip....

The attack on the Bristow compound in Eket was well executed.

Initial assault was at the entrance gate and upon hearing the gunfire, one of the people drinking at Nancy's Bar pulled a gun and took five hostages who were drinking there.

A group of gunmen then entered House 19 where a Malyasian Engineer and Indonesian Pilot were taken.

The MoPo's supposed to be guarding the compound turned up out of uniform after the shooting and claimed to have made a gallant stand against 15 gunmen.

None of the Police or the Gunmen were wounded or killed. Only the local unarmed staff were killed or wounded.

Calls to the Mobil camp for assistance failed to get any help dispatched. Bristow staff transported the wounded Nigerian staff to hospital without any assistance from Mobil.

Reports seem to show some of the Bristow Expat staff will be leaving as a result of the attack.

As a famous American Red Neck comedian says....."Here's your Sign!"

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Old 10th Oct 2006, 17:38
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Help! I lost my sign...

It would seem that the pickings out on the streets were too thin, so that the gangsters must go after the expats in their compounds now.

I wonder if everyone is still relying on dummies with billy clubs as gate guards. Of course, from what we read here, the MOPOLs might not be all that much use, armed or not. It was a funny thing how the cops often seemed to be not there when an 'operation' was taking place. Not always, to be fair, but often enough. I remember one shoot-'em-up I heard about that took place around dawn, when the first minions of the law arrived at 0900.

Oh for 'the good old days' (not that they really were all that good, actually) when security was Grandpa asleep on a flattened-out cardboard carton in front of the villa's door. If I was in a benevolent mood I would just step across him to enter but if I was in a bad mood I would wake him up and shout at him. Of course that could take a little while and I was usually in a bit of a hurry to get inside and recycle some Champion (The Wonder Beer!).
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Old 10th Oct 2006, 17:42
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The nightwatchman had a better union than we did....they were usually sound asleep in bed before we were. But then, we never really had many problems did we. Perhaps there is a message there that we have overlooked and management has fully understood.
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Old 10th Oct 2006, 18:44
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By Mark Smith - Daily Mirror (UK)

THE daughter of a British oil worker held hostage by gunmen in Nigeria was amazed when she got through to his mobile phone.

George McLean, 42, was kidnapped by armed militants six days ago along with workmates Paul Smith, Sandy Cruden and Graeme Buchan.

Frantic with worry, George's daughter Monique, 15, tried his number. She could hardly believe it when someone answered straight away.

Monique said: "A Nigerian man said 'Hello' and I said, 'Are you with the hostages?' He said 'Yes' and he put my dad on. Dad said 'Hello' and I said 'Dad, are you OK?'

"He said 'We are all OK and I'm trying my best.' I said, 'OK Dad, everything is happening here so don't worry and he said 'OK'.

"Then I said, 'Is it OK for me to phone you?' and he said, 'For a few seconds. Got to go, love you' and I said 'I love you' and that was it." Yesterday George's Nigerian wife Nancy, 32, told of the terrifying kidnap.

She runs Nancy's Bar in the Exxon Mobil workers' compound in Eket, where Tuesday's attack happened.

She said: "George had just come home from work and was in the bar downstairs having a drink.

"I was upstairs. Suddenly I heard shots and peeped through the window and saw people running out of the bar."

The 18 kidnappers, said to be from the Niger Delta Frontier Force, have demanded £21million ransom.

A spokesman for the captives' employers, Aberdeen-based Sparrows Offshore, said intensive efforts were being made to free the men.

The Foreign Office has ruled out paying a ransom.

George's friend Chuck Atkinson, 52, said: "He is ex-British Army and a survivor. I am confident he and the other guys will come out alive."
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Old 12th Oct 2006, 11:31
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Cool Hey bristowmanagement, chcmanagement, cavertonmanagement

Hey Bristowmanagement, chcmanagement, cavertonmanagement, where are you?

I miss your posts

I would like to know your point of view about the present situation in niger delta

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Old 12th Oct 2006, 12:41
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Maybe they were in Nancy's bar
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Old 12th Oct 2006, 23:34
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there is a rumor that cavertonmangement has joined those militants

He (with his men) has kidnapped bristowmanagement and chcmanagement to slow down their operations !!!

But both companies refuse to pay a ransom, it's cheaper for them to send new guys

Anybody can confirm?

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Old 13th Oct 2006, 10:42
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Slow down?

I don't mind a bit of light fantasy now and then, but asking me to believe that kidnapping any company's management would slow down, damage or even negatively impact an operation in Nigeria... that is going far too far! That would be like saying the answer to crime there would be having more policemen.

I like the idea of the old aircraft carrier, actually. A Twin Otter should be able to handle that without any need for arresting gear, I think. After all, the US Navy once did some trials with a C-130 Hercules making carrier landings and take-offs.

Once you have moved operations off-shore then you could do the same for management. They could go back to Aberdeen, Vancouver or wherever and just send memos to the line slime to keep them on the straight and narrow. That would work, I think. Or perhaps you could get one of those sophisticated computer programs that emulate a human to just write the weekly Memo from Management in words no one could understand. 'It has been brought to our attention that certain modalities have been actioned that threaten to negatively impact ongoing operations in certain operational areas involving the operation of rotary-wing aircraft...' etc., etc. There have always been bosses no one could get in to see who almost never put in an appearance so that you could just replace the man with the machine, when probably no one would notice.

Of course you would want a bloody big UPS for the new Management, just to cope with NEPA!
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 12:41
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Originally Posted by chuks View Post
There have always been bosses no one could get in to see who almost never put in an appearance so that you could just replace the man with the machine, when probably no one would notice.
Reminds me of Major Major in Joseph Hellers "Catch22" who told Sgt. Towser to only let people into his office when he was out so he didn't have to see them ! One of life's misfits - sadly these people are everywhere.

To all you guys suffering the uncertainty of life in West Africa, you have my thoughts - I hope your safety becomes of equal importance to the $$$ !

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Old 13th Oct 2006, 15:06
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Chuks dear boy.....

Would you care to live aboard an old aircraft carrier owned, maintained, and operated by a consortium of BHL(N), CHC(N), and Caverton?

As once asked of Noah by God when he began to question something...."How long can you tread water, Noah?" might just apply to such a venture.
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 16:54
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Thumbs up

Mr Frogging Man,
We have joined nobody, because as the Nigerian centre of excellence people are always flocking to our door looking for employment and joining us. It is well known that we will pay no ransom and nobody would dare kidnap one of our employees because they know what daddy would do to them if they tried.
Unfortunately we have had to stop flying 2 of our helicopters now, because the technical department has been so busy with promotions and reorganisation that it slightly overlooked the ridiculous needs of the authority to have FDRs in helicopters over 2730 kg. We did manage to still keep them going for a month before anyone noticed. Iím sure that when daddy speaks to him though, that nice Mr Pedro in Portugal will agree to finance it all Ė after all how will he ever eventually get his helicopters back if he doesnít? Not many people have noticed the lack of working transponders because there is no radar in so many places. Naturally some of our competitors are always wanting to know where our helicopters are so they can try to steal our business and the lack of transponders means they cannot find out. Thatís the sort of far-sighted planning which is keeping us the centre of excellence we are.
With the present shortage of pilots in Nigeria our far-sighted policy of offering only 5/1 posts to staff is working and we can have at least one pilot in our helicopters at all time. We are able to offer instant commands to any pilot with even CPL without tiresome need for command training or area training. We know a good man and training only eats into profit base. I know these things because I went to proper university where we were taught so many things with book and computer. Once a pilot is trained if he needs training again it just goes to prove he was not properly trained in the first place.
One thing has changed, however. We do not much like this S92 because things always seem to be breaking on it and this also is bad for profit base. So we shall soon be the centre of excellence for EC225 in Africa. We shall be flying them single-pilot on our fabulously successful shuttle operation in Lagos. We will also soon be starting a fabulously successful offshore operation with our incredibly versatile Squirrel helicopter because we have floaters and all manner of safety goods for them and they are still flying. So, if youíre looking for quick command, fantastic opportunities for promotion and success, come and join the team that has already made us known worldwide as the Nigerian centre of excellence.
Mr ti snot
dady is looking with typical farsightedness at converting one of our damaged tanker into offshore centre of excellence to base all our EC225. The luxurious acomodations with all catering supplied by management of Imo Concourse Hotel will doubtless lead to us having to beat job-seekers away from our door. The 5/1 roster on this luxury floater will set standards never before seen on this continent.
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Old 13th Oct 2006, 17:48
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Compared to the BRC, you mean?

You know how to reach me with your offer re: Twin Otter Carrier Pilots Wanted. I already have lots and lots of experience living in a small space with only other misfits for company.

One question: Just where am I expected to fly with this Twin Otter, doing what exactly?

You know that those fun-loving Canadians once developed a COIN version of the beast? They expected you would go do something nasty to someone and then light the afterburners to depart the scene at 160 knots. That would have worked just fine until the bad guys figured out just how little lead they really needed to use.

For some reason they never sold any COIN Twin Otters but that's not to say the magic of generous sales commissions might not see a few show up to sort out the trouble in the Delta, just like those Hinds.

So if it's CAS you need, perhaps I must stay busy back in the Fatherland sorting out my sock drawer. On the other hand if it's COD, count me in.

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Old 14th Oct 2006, 10:12
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Nigerian In Law
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Oh Ye Of Little Faith........

I am probably becoming embittered by cynicism, in much the same way as I am neither for nor against apathy etc.

However, the bottom line (literally) is that there are still people going out on leave and coming back in, aircraft are still being flown and fixed, people (as is their wont) are still complaining about dripping taps and the like.

So life continues after a fashion. Annoyance at the lack of communication/information, poor accommodation, resentment at what is perceived as the penny pinching CLA deduction for feeding, the delay in the promised "announcement" and all the other current topics are still being mulled over on each operation with a coldish beer in ones' hand.

If things were THAT bad,wouldn't a lot more people be leaving ? Or is that a cynical attitude rearing it's ugly head ? Those of us who are still here have individual reasons to hang on. For me it's the oldest motive in the world....I am a prostitute !! A well balanced one though, I carry a bucket of s**t in one hand and a bucket of money in the other.

My very best wishes to the hostages and their early release unharmed.


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Old 14th Oct 2006, 12:51
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Thumbs down Re-Organisation in Caverton?

Since the appointment of the new Director of Operations in Caverton, heads have started to roll in the company . The chief pilot was fired early in the week and many of the crew are bound to loose their job for non compliance with instructions from the DOO. We are waiting for the new Caverton to wake up from their slumbers. With the expiration on the extension given on the provision of cvr on all operating aircraft with 2730kg auw in the country, they will be left probably with the two 350s only . The Lagos shuttle have been abandoned for the Owerri shuttle in which the new DOO have special interest.At this rate Sunny may have to dust his license again so he may perform as a line pilot/DOO to show the boys how to deliver to the company.
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