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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 1st Dec 2007, 20:50
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Devil Small mention awakes the dead...

Small mention you say.... You had me rolling with the consternation you stirred, again!

Seems your small mention caused quite a revival just looking at the above comments by smelly and huffy and from some from far east and wide, past and present Nigeria eras and even our fiend with the augmentation problem, who has pleasantly been quiet for such a long time on this tread.

PP, You always had a way of stirring up the masses and your presence is surely missed.

China is going to take over Africa economically and all it's resources and that without firing a single shot in anger. I see a new colonialism in Africa, the only thing is this....the Africans haven't realised that yet...

Lighten up fellows, were all just here for the p's ...... the partie$, the pu$$ie$ and the pennie$ ... that is, till the Chinese take over...
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Old 2nd Dec 2007, 00:47
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Totally agree with you,new prime ministers vast mansion(near airport for quick getaway) roads! football stadiums etc etc.Remember `Blazing saddles` the movie, and all chinee on railway building,they have now taken over the Sahara for `Oil concessions` apart from the old colonial rulers but no money seeems to have filtered down to the masses(what money)
at least the Aussies tried to do something for the underpriveledged here in Mauritania by the staff from top to bottom inmho,unfortunately were shafted by the usual 2% who run the country in most African nations,I am not a peace corps person by the way!
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Old 2nd Dec 2007, 18:30
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Feasant Plucker
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Which is possibly why I am presently flying in another part of Africa on my time off to make even more money on top of my very good sim instructor salary
Time off is just that. Not a good long-term idea to use it for flying, and it may catch up with you one dark stormy night.............considering you are well-paid, by your own admission, money is not a prime concern. Your employers have a right to expect a well-rested pilot.

Balanced? Not.
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Old 2nd Dec 2007, 20:26
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Work schedules are supposed to allow for adequate rest....why should working two jobs while on an equal time off roster matter?

However one must note all work and no play makes Jack a very dull lad.
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Old 3rd Dec 2007, 06:44
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Sorry PokerPilot. The major Chinese airlines binned there Russian equipment years ago. It's all Boeing, Airbus or MD. On the offshore side all the sites I know of operate Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Bell or the licence produced Dauphin. The PLA Air Division use 332s as the VIP transport in Beijing and the government are just about to take delivery of two 225s. The military have a stack of Mils because they never throw anything away. A few years ago, admittedly, I saw a ramp covered with 1940s Mig 17s and IL 28s.

As far as internet is concerned I've only known two sites I can't get onto. BBC and Wikopedia. However there are other sites that will enable you to access these. All hotels of 4* or above have free ethernet connections in the room and with 375,000,000 active mobile phone accounts communication is no problem. My 2mb unlimited ADSL costs me US18 a month. It tends to slow up during the day because of saturation but otherwise it's fine.

The Chinese government is very concerned about keeping the flow of raw materials for their industrial expansion. Earlier this year they bought up the entire production of an major iron ore mine in Australia for five years at above the going rate. They invest in oil and politics to keep the flow going but they leave all the detail to people who now how to run it. That includes tranportation etc.

I'm afraid somebody else is going to sit on your seat in the bar. You will be too busy flying

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Old 3rd Dec 2007, 14:27
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Wow! Great news about the situation in China. Maybe I should take a course in Mandarin and drop my Thai course?

Everything I read talks about the Chinese as more than a short term phenomena. The USA is so busy partying, and not building our economy I might need to speak Chinese soon. Guess I'll be learning what it means to be a minority again?


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Old 3rd Dec 2007, 14:50
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Pokes Old Lad,

You are a minority....but it is Spanish you should learn to speak! Non-Castillean Spanish to be more specific.
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Old 3rd Dec 2007, 18:34
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Old 4th Dec 2007, 01:54
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Sorry but the thread is about west africa not china
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 01:01
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Why does this look familiar? For the more adventurous among us.

Position: Oil Industry Pilot Posted: 12/3/2007
Company :
(e) deleted by SP
Contact Person :
deleted by SP
Job Location :
Outside USA
Job Description:
Job Description **** operates Sikorsky S-76 helicopters in support of the offshore oil and gas industry in Nigeria. We are currently recruiting qualified professional Helicopter Pilots. Schedule The schedule consists of 6 days on 3 days off with 28 days annual leave (Travel to home base included). Salary Salary - $8,600 USD tax free with $1,100 USD tax free living allowance. Nigeria Taxes will be paid by Outboard Crew Inc. Foreign taxes remain the responsibility of the employee. Requirements Airline Transport Pilots License equivalent with not less than 2000 flying hours in Helicopters of which 1500 hours must have been as Pilot in Command.  Current IR with a minimum of 75 hours instrument or simulated instrument flight time on helicopters and night rated with a minimum of 50 hours night flying on helicopters.  Bell 412 SP/EP rating ( S 76 will be an asset) – 100 hours minimum on type.  Previous offshore experience – at least 250 hours (twin turbine).  Night rated with a minimum of 50 hours night flying.  Fluent in English.  Committed to safety and quality improvement.

Does this mean you have to provide your own lodging there, outside a fortified compound?
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Old 7th Dec 2007, 23:16
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No, MEND will provide all of your accomadations....
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Old 9th Dec 2007, 19:19
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Thumbs up CHC - A 21st Century Company

Well it looks like things are moving our way real good. We've been criticized for spending money buying helicopters and bringing them into Nigeria before we have contracts but guess what - all our AW139s are working and earning money. Guess what? All our EC225s will be as well. Our clients and prospective clients can see that we're prepared to commit before we start to make demands on them because we're committed to being in Nigeria for the long haul. When it comes to investing in facilities on the ground as well, our base at Port Harcourt speaks for itself. We've had Nigerian ab-initio pilots in our program for more than 2 years now, without needing to resort to subterfuges to get foreign pilots here as SFOs. Now, we're about to get security in numbers as we admit we were wrong about our proposed camp on East West road and move into additional luxury housing close to the NAF Base. It hasn't taken us years to make the decision; we've talked to our staff (by senior management going from Canada right to the heart of our operations on the Delta and talking direct to our people on the ground) and acting as soon as reasonably possible. Sure, we've made a few mistakes along the way, but we're getting it right now because we listen and learn. Now it looks like the new Bristow initiative on local allowances has played right into our hands too because they didn't listen, just decided right off with no consultation with staff and we expect this to help a few pilots decide which company gives the best terms today, not waiting for vague promises 5 years from now. We give our staff a good standard of food, with several choices at no cost, or offer a fair alternative for the few who want to self cater. We also offer a loss of licence insurance, interest-free computer purchase scheme, free uniforms, private health insurance for family members at no cost, shoe and sunglass purchase schemes, free lounge cards and advance of expense schemes so you're never out of pocket on expenses. Check out, the CAD$ is still stronger the the US$ which was falling like a stone. If you're looking for employment in Nigeria, if you're looking for a company to operate helicopters for you in Nigeria, which will you chose? We're a 21st century company, with 21st century solutions, not catchy phrases and silly songs
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Old 10th Dec 2007, 09:30
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Well said chcmanagement - I have just completed a 3-year assignment in Angola and I am off to Nigeria in early 2008. It is good to see that CHC is also investing in the safety and wellfare of their staff in other parts of West Africa. Angola was in a very similar position a few years ago (1996-2003) and CHC Cape Town and Vancouver has progressively provided the crews with the level of accommodation and resources to operate effectively and safely in a sometimes frustrating and hostile environment. This is now one of the better basis in the African Continent..... to CT/YVR!

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Old 10th Dec 2007, 16:09
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Post Bristow in $400,000 tax Fraud

Bristow in $400,000 Tax Fraud

One week, one scandal!
Another multinational, Bristow Helicopters in $.4m tax fraud
Sunday, December 9, 2007

Even as the dust raised by the Siemens and Wilbros bribery scandals are yet to settle, another foreign company doing business in Nigeria, Bristow Helicopters, has been caught in a similar sleaze web.

Africa Oil and Gas, in its October edition, reported that Bristow Group had settled a case in which U.S regulatory authorities accused the company of bribing Nigerian tax officials to the tune of $423, 000, in exchange for reduced employment taxes. The fraud was committed in 2003 and 2004.

Quoting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the report further said that Bristow neither admitted nor denied the charges, but agreed to stop violating Nigeria’s anti-bribery laws.
Contacted, Area Manager of Bristow Nigeria Operations, Capt Dapo Oyeleke, requested for time to address the questions raised. Before then, Oyeleke, maintained that the matter had been trashed out in one of their management meetings as well as the company’s audit report, arguing that the company had nothing to hide over an issue he described as “old”.

Reached again to firm up the interview appointment, Oyeleke only gave out the telephone number of a US contact person, apparently who would be in a better position to address the issue.
But at the heart of the matter is that two Bristow affiliates were said to have under reported their payroll expenses in Nigeria.

Following the settlement, the company, according to the report, is would now save about $1million it had set aside for anticipated cost.
The fraud was said to have been discovered by the parent company, and swiftly reported the Nigerian affiliate to the SEC.
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Old 10th Dec 2007, 18:09
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Thumbs up Bristow Code of Business Integrity

We put all that nonsense behind us long ago and this is all just old news being recycled and dredged up. We now have our Code of Business Integrity and anyone can say anything they like to any of our senior management such as myself without fear or favor. As is well known, in Nigeria Neddy Holdon is a total people person who's door is always open. He has no agenda about maximizing profits to maximize his severance bonus when he departs in 2009. His only thought is for the good of employees and to give them totally the best deal which is why pilots and engineers are flocking to join Bristow at the expense of other companies claiming to have the upper hand. It's totally expected that the US$ will strengthen beyond belief very soon. We have a Target Zero which everyone else would like to copy and is nothing to do with recycling an old Shell concept of 20 years ago. That and our complete open policy means that nothing is hidden, we are totally open about everything including full inquiries into accidents. We also have a really catchy company song which so many of our staff are humming with delighted smiles on their faces as it conjures up visions of our core values by which everyone conducts their professional lives. Those who have read our web page will know that our top executive has publicly come out and said that some of our managers are bad. However we don't want to name them because we haven't decided who they are as yet and there may be some of us amongst them.
As for allegations from those who try and count themselves amongst our competitors that they operate modern machinery, this is just covering up the fact that all this is hitting their share price. Yes, we have a couple old machines, but that's because they make great profits, our clients and crews understand this and love operating them and being serviced by them. They take very little maintenance which is why we don't need heaps of useless ground equipment and are just as safe and reliable as their modern counterparts.
In short gents, Bristow is the way to go with its Code of Business Integrity, Target Zero and great profit margins. We're the total company, totally people, totally client, totally profit and totally Target Zero oriented. if you have any further points which have not been covered in this Totally Open statement in accordance with COBI, contact one of our senior directors right now.
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Old 10th Dec 2007, 19:21
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Er yes....... I remember the Shell Target Zero initiative on the Brent back in 1984 (or thereabouts - mind's going). I still have the bookmark and the Swiss army knife somewhere in a cardboard box in my attic
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 14:51
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Still got mine too! Mama
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Old 15th Dec 2007, 07:18
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Nigerian In Law
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Who ??

I've been wondering which company the advert posted by tottigol is for. That rotation is savage and isn't worked by either of the big two, nor the distant second competitor. Plus the money isn't anywhere near what they would pay.

It says they operate S-76 then asks for 412EP rating with S-76 as an asset............. Strange

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Old 15th Dec 2007, 07:47
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Not Nigeria

That job is advertised on the Bristow website (Carribean Pilot) and refers to Trinidad. As you mentioned, in Nigeria even the distant third player offers better than that!
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Old 15th Dec 2007, 08:24
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Nigerian In Law
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But the ad states they operate in "Nigeria" ??? No mention of Trinny.

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