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Well it looks like things are moving our way real good. We've been criticized for spending money buying helicopters and bringing them into Nigeria before we have contracts but guess what - all our AW139s are working and earning money. Guess what? All our EC225s will be as well. Our clients and prospective clients can see that we're prepared to commit before we start to make demands on them because we're committed to being in Nigeria for the long haul. When it comes to investing in facilities on the ground as well, our base at Port Harcourt speaks for itself. We've had Nigerian ab-initio pilots in our program for more than 2 years now, without needing to resort to subterfuges to get foreign pilots here as SFOs. Now, we're about to get security in numbers as we admit we were wrong about our proposed camp on East West road and move into additional luxury housing close to the NAF Base. It hasn't taken us years to make the decision; we've talked to our staff (by senior management going from Canada right to the heart of our operations on the Delta and talking direct to our people on the ground) and acting as soon as reasonably possible. Sure, we've made a few mistakes along the way, but we're getting it right now because we listen and learn. Now it looks like the new Bristow initiative on local allowances has played right into our hands too because they didn't listen, just decided right off with no consultation with staff and we expect this to help a few pilots decide which company gives the best terms today, not waiting for vague promises 5 years from now. We give our staff a good standard of food, with several choices at no cost, or offer a fair alternative for the few who want to self cater. We also offer a loss of licence insurance, interest-free computer purchase scheme, free uniforms, private health insurance for family members at no cost, shoe and sunglass purchase schemes, free lounge cards and advance of expense schemes so you're never out of pocket on expenses. Check out, the CAD$ is still stronger the the US$ which was falling like a stone. If you're looking for employment in Nigeria, if you're looking for a company to operate helicopters for you in Nigeria, which will you chose? We're a 21st century company, with 21st century solutions, not catchy phrases and silly songs
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