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Devil Small mention awakes the dead...

Small mention you say.... You had me rolling with the consternation you stirred, again!

Seems your small mention caused quite a revival just looking at the above comments by smelly and huffy and from some from far east and wide, past and present Nigeria eras and even our fiend with the augmentation problem, who has pleasantly been quiet for such a long time on this tread.

PP, You always had a way of stirring up the masses and your presence is surely missed.

China is going to take over Africa economically and all it's resources and that without firing a single shot in anger. I see a new colonialism in Africa, the only thing is this....the Africans haven't realised that yet...

Lighten up fellows, were all just here for the p's ...... the partie$, the pu$$ie$ and the pennie$ ... that is, till the Chinese take over...
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