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My dream - advice please (collective thread)

Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

My dream - advice please (collective thread)

Old 21st Jan 2014, 00:23
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Oh and I forgot. What is the average monthly or yearly salary for a regional pilot?
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Old 21st Jan 2014, 03:13
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I'm sure that somebody else will be along in a minute to lock, delete or move this thread.

But in the meantime - as a general rule, the odds of somebody incapable of doing a bit of basic homework for themselves successfully training for and landing a highly skilled and competitive job, are vanishingly small. The questions you've asked can be answered in 5 minutes with google.
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Old 23rd Jan 2014, 06:00
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Need for Guidance

Hi everyone

I am a 20 year old Japanese/Israeli male citizen currently living in Japan.
It has been my dream to become an airline pilot since I was little, and I intend to become one. After taking a few introductory flights, I decided I want this as a carrer. However, I don't really know the most efficient way of becoming an airline pilot since I'm not an American citizen or European citizen.
I really need guidance.

I looked up in the Internet and found out that basically I either have to go to a flight school, which I previously planned to, or to a college/university that offers flight training along with a degree/associate.
I am planning to go to a community college and do the flight training and then transfer to a four-year degree program while working as a commercial pilot or an instructor(assuming I will earn the certificate for it).

I have about 50000 dollars that I earned in the past 2 years after graduating high school(in Israel) so I'm a little worried about the budget since there aren't that many scholarships for international students in the states. I know that universities or four year colleges will cost me more that community college. However I'm concerned with the quality of the flight training that community colleges offer.

Lately I have found that there is an airline sponsored flight training in Japan that All Nippon Airways offer which I didn't know of. But they require their applicants to have a degree(which I don't have) and be less than 25 ears old. This I don't have a chance because I will need four years to obtain a degree. Had I known about this earlier, I would have taken action.

I also thought about going to austalia, but since there are even less scholarships offered to international students then in the states, I simply won't be able to pay for the education.

Since I am already 20 years old, I'm beginning to worry about time running out and I really need guidance about this. Is going to a community college and start working as a pilot while earning a degree is the best option for me( assuming I will get a working visa)? Does anybody have any recommendations for community colleges? Or should I just go a flight school ? In that case not having a degree be a problem?
Or should I try another country?( military is not an option)

I really need guidance please!!
Looking forward for help

Thank you
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Old 24th Jan 2014, 05:49
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I came across this company the other day - they may be exactly the sort of people you want to talk to.

トレンドベクターエビエーション インターナショナル:::TOPページ:::

I can vouch for the fact that they really exist, own at-least 3 aeroplanes, and really are where their website says they are. After that, you're on your own I'm afraid.

Good luck.
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Old 4th Feb 2014, 10:50
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If you want to be a commercial pilot, just do it. Follow your passion, although remember as some previous members told here that it won't be easy to find a job. It might take years to find one.
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Old 5th Feb 2014, 10:07
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My story

Attempting to join SAAF (South African Air Force) "minimum requirements - I am less than a year by 6 month's(26), meet all other physical requirement's, except for one thing, maths and science in high school, however I took HG mathematics's but dropped after 3 year's (damn quadrilateral equations), have a bachelors degree (not aircraft related).

Geography has always been my passion in high school and it show's in my knowledge of thermals and wind prediction and precipitation (damn Bravo Charlie's), and my history (also taken in high school), so over my year's Iv'e concentrated on WW2 and a little bit of WW1 plane models and parameters and unique and innovating points in the design, my 1st class oral (presentation in grade 3 was on the ME 262, class fell asleep but I got an A+).

Sorry for the long post, but I am hell bent on becoming a fighter pilot, so if any advice on how I should present myself to the recruitment office in writing, eg. do they want someone who they can mold from scratch, or will they prefer someone who has some knowledge of aviation?

Warm regards

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Old 8th Feb 2014, 12:13
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How to start

Hey my name is Orya and im 18 and im from israel and i want to start a career as a professional pilot.

but tall you the truth I dont know how, i was looking around and I thought going to do a degree in the feild and get the flight houres you need, and i really liked that idea but the price for the degree is right at 220k $ witch will take about 12 years to get by working here or abut 7 with loans so an less i can get a scholarship i dont think i will by able to do it...

also im sure there are progrems that just get you a licence you can work but probbly with minimum flight houres and that its really hard to get the remaining hours

in israel the only thing you can learn abut flight is PPL so i have to go somewhere else, but its really hard to chack the options from the internet (I tryed for like 5h )

so if any one can help me even a little bit it will by great
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Old 11th Mar 2014, 21:43
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Hi Guys,

In the near future I am going to make a very important decision and I was wondering if any of you could help me with it.

Shortly about me:
- 26 years old
- SPL (Glider Pilot License) + FI rating (about 300h TT)
- PPL(A) student pilot (should finish in upcoming months)

I have gained most of this flying experience during my B.Sc and M.Sc studies which were not related to aeronautics. I simply wanted to have a Plan B if anything would go wrong at any stage of my training... or later.

At that time I did not have enough money to even think about something more than flying gliders and a little single engine planes. Now, after graduation my finances got better and since flying is my biggest passion I am highly motivated to start training for serious. What is more I am getting older and I realize that soon it might be too late for me. But I know how terrible the current market looks. I have lots of friends with many hours and licences who are unemployed for a long time. That made me think - is it because they did their training as cheaply as it could be at unknown to anyone flying clubs.. with no reputation and connections? And if I will spend some more money but will attend to more famous foreign FTO (operating by an airline) I will be in different position? Or it does not really matter and in the end CPL/ME/IR + 250h = CPL/MR/IR + 250h.. and you are unemployed anyway?

Thank you!
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Old 31st Mar 2014, 20:29
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Hi, I am 32 yr old citizen of Russia. For a variety of reasons pilot career path in my country is closed for me. I was reading pprune for a while, and have a question. I can pay my training all way through, including p2f. But again, I am not an EU/USA citizen. Is that an obstacle for applying for a p2f scheme? Do these p2f schemes still exist at all? Can a non-eu citizen find a job anywhere in Asia with ca. 800TT and 500 on type? I am ready to submit myself to several years of flying for peanuts somewhere in Asia. The main question, is citizenship an obstacle for this. And if the whole plan makes sense. Thank you.
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Old 4th Apr 2014, 10:51
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Cool new to pprune,new to flying,a risky dream?

hello,being a PPRuNe reader for many years,on and off,I decided to join.

since I was a child,before setting foot on one of these wondrous flying machines I would always be amazed at each sight of any aircraft in the sky,then setting foot on a Boeing for the first time to go on holiday,going to RAF cosford,meeting and speaking to pilots,and visiting bobbington airport a fair few times,its safe to say I caught the bug before I sat in a cockpit.

my questions are to you,which will most probably have similar experiences,but have taken the plunge into the world of aviation,what are the chances of gaining a office in the skys,but,is it outweighed by the chance of disappointment.

I have seen a lot of posts on here,of people that have given up,all I seem to see is people aiming for big airline jet vacancy's,I wouldn't mind any job,such as a ag pilot in the us,a water bomber in Australia etc,obviously id love a job with british airways,in a lovely cockpit,but I just love the aviation world.

I dont want to not try and achieve my dream,but I don't want to attempt it,15 years down the line,broke,no job,cant afford to stay current.

the market isn't exactly booming,pilots are not in big demand,but still,I feel I need to attempt this,should I aim for my ppl,see how the market goes while flying for pleasure,gain my cpl then attempt to get a job,or go all out,get my ppl,cpl,aim to get a job instructing,put all of my money into hour building,and get it out of my system.

the problem with option two,is right now i could pay for my ppl,but thats 4 years of saving,so for my cpl id literally have to sacrifice everything to get it done even within 5-6 years.

what did you do?did you wish you had done it differently,and any advice for a newbie?

also if anyone flys from bobbington,or owns an aircraft there and would offer some advice or to help in anyway,it would be appreciated.
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Old 4th May 2014, 10:12
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Huge assistance please

Gooday everyone

I am currently in grade 12 doing physical science and mathematical literacy.I decided to change pure/core mathematics due to my average marks.I'm concerned if I will still be able to persue my dreams as a pilot or there are steps I must take first to become one.Help anyone?
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Old 13th May 2014, 22:52
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Question Where should I begin?

Hi, It's time to start planning and I'm stuck for what to do. I've wanted to be a pilot for a long time and although the costs involved are discouraging, it hasn't deterred me. There's so many opportunities, but aviation is the only one that truly excites me. I'm nearly finished my exams and then I'll be onto my last year of school and I need to make decisions. I'm currently sitting my Higher exams (equivalent to A-Levels) and next year I'll be doing Advanced Highers (almost university level).

Like the majority I don't have the money to take the integrated route just now, so we can cross that off from the list. A solution to this would mean finding a job and saving up until I have enough to pay for integrated training, which could take a while, or I could use that money to pay for modular training and in addition would also be cheaper.

I've heard that many airlines are now beginning to accept mostly pilots with a degree, which puts me one step back as it adds time. If I went to University and did a degree it could land me a slightly higher paying job, helping to save up quicker. But if we add the time it would take to do a degree, and then the time it would take to save up the money, that could turn into quite a while.

I think I have found a solution though; an apprenticeship. If I were to do an apprenticeship in aircraft engineering, I would be paid during it and it would not take as long as university. In other words I'd get a job with a higher salary than if I didn't do uni or an apprenticeship, and comparing an apprenticeship to university it would take less time and I'd be paid during it. But, would airlines consider this as valuable as a degree as it is also to do with aviation, especially since a lot of people who for example apply to airlines or tagged integrated training schemes and have degrees that are irrelevant to aviation.

To summarise the options:
  • Grab any jobs I can and save for intergrated training.
  • Grab any jobs I can and do modular training.
  • Get a degree at Uni, get a job from it and save up for training.
  • Find an apprenticeship related to aviation and save for training.

Anything involved in saving up and achieving my goal will be good experience, but which is the quickest and most effective way forward? any guidance would be really appreciated, thanks.
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Old 13th May 2014, 23:47
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Plenty of info on here about integrated vs modular. A popular opinion (aligned with my own personal opinion) is that if you can get on a tagged integrated scheme then go for it, otherwise you pay a lot less to end up in the same situation by going modular.

I disagree with needing a degree for airline jobs. I can barely think of any in Europe, although it is more often a requirement outside of Europe.

Out of the options you gave, I would do an apprenticeship and then do modular training. Reasons being that an apprenticeship should give good skills, a decent job, decent wage (afterwards anyway) and good experience. Make sure it is something you enjoy as I wouldn't personally pick aircraft engineering unless I thought I would enjoy it. Doing it this way means you can save and start flying training. You may find you want to continue it, you may find you are happy with a PPL for spare time, or you may not want to pursue it at all. If you do pursue it then regardless of the outcome you have something to fall back on.
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Old 14th May 2014, 11:35
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Any pilots willing to have a chat


After several years working in finance I have now decided to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a pilot. I am looking at a number of schools that offer integrated ATPL. I would really appreciate if there are any pilots willing to talk about their work experience as well as the training. Please send me a private message and I can give a call.

Many thanks
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Old 14th May 2014, 12:49
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Kurt, there are too many other dreamers which means the job no longer pays what it should. Spend your money and effort getting a job that pays enough so you can fly privately. Not until the supply matches the demand will it be worth doing.

As for the schools, virtually all of them can turn out someone with a frozen ATPL. Also, with very few exceptions, they can teach anyone. Flying is easy, it is getting a job that is the hard bit. Maybe only a third of those who embark on the route of getting a commercial license actually end up with a job. But ALL of them are saddled with huge debts. Unfortunately because of the huge number of dreamers, those actually flying find it difficult to live let alone pay down their debts.
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Old 14th May 2014, 15:04
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Don't do it but if you do then consider the Modular route.....it will save you a fortune and when you can't get a sensible (by that I mean not pay to fly) flying job you would not have wasted so much money. Piltdown Man is totally correct I am afraid.........
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It may take you a couple of hours, but read through the discussion on the "modular versus integrated" thread at the top of the page.
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read the modular versus integrated thread, and do what you want to do, do not listen to anyone about not getting a job.

You will get a job but not as quick as doing something else like accounting and etc...

And another thing, do the training IF(and only IF) you got the money, otherwise it's not worth it... Making a loan will set you back not only financially but also with the rest of your life.

Better to do something and regret it instead of wanting it so bad and never do anything about it.

Start by doing a class 1 medical before anything else.
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Old 15th May 2014, 17:38
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Question How to get started?


Bit of a background, I've been into flying since a young age and been playing flight simulators pretty much my whole life. Which just fuels me to want to fly more, especially for a career.

I was scammed last year with the whole "Senior Aviation" thing. I'd been unemployed for around 5-6 month and saw the advert and thought it was too good to be true, turns out it was...

I haven't played any simulators since, it sort of ruined the spark for me as it just makes me want to fly as a career even more so it's quite saddening sitting on my pc doing it!

I've been unemployed another 5 month now due to a motorcycle accident which caused my to lose my job due to my injuries at the time so I'm currently in the market for a new career.

I don't want to go back to a factory job, it's dire and I drowse off into my own little world. I need something exciting. Like flying.

There is no way I could afford a private pilots licence, never mind a commercial licence (fixed wing or rotary) due to obvious reasons meaning I currently have little money.

Is there anything out there that would give me a shot? I've considered the RAF but due to doing nothing for the past few month my stamina is pretty much non-existent so I would never be able to pass the fitness. I'd never be able to get a bank loan and there's no easy to get to airports that I can volunteer at in return for the odd lesson.

Is it really just one of those jobs where you have to be well off already or just plain lucky to get into?
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Old 15th May 2014, 20:51
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Thumbs up

If this is a career you truly want, and the RAF is a path you are considering, the fact that you are not fit now should not be seen as a barrier to entry; rather, it is a challenge for you to overcome.

You can still apply to the air force up to your mid 20s so if you are young that is plenty of time to get fighting fit. To overcome an injury would be a great demonstration of determination to discuss at interview! Join a local sports team to combine fitness with improving your team skills.

The RAF is a lifestyle as well as a career so make sure its for you, and if you are eligible for selection give it a shot! Or as many shots as it takes!

In the mean time; you don't need to be a pilot to work surrounded by aviation. Perhaps there is a local airport you could work at? Anything to get closer to your interest and passion. You will enjoy work more and are hence more likely to perform well enough to one day fund a licence.

Wish you the best of luck!
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