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Need for Guidance

Hi everyone

I am a 20 year old Japanese/Israeli male citizen currently living in Japan.
It has been my dream to become an airline pilot since I was little, and I intend to become one. After taking a few introductory flights, I decided I want this as a carrer. However, I don't really know the most efficient way of becoming an airline pilot since I'm not an American citizen or European citizen.
I really need guidance.

I looked up in the Internet and found out that basically I either have to go to a flight school, which I previously planned to, or to a college/university that offers flight training along with a degree/associate.
I am planning to go to a community college and do the flight training and then transfer to a four-year degree program while working as a commercial pilot or an instructor(assuming I will earn the certificate for it).

I have about 50000 dollars that I earned in the past 2 years after graduating high school(in Israel) so I'm a little worried about the budget since there aren't that many scholarships for international students in the states. I know that universities or four year colleges will cost me more that community college. However I'm concerned with the quality of the flight training that community colleges offer.

Lately I have found that there is an airline sponsored flight training in Japan that All Nippon Airways offer which I didn't know of. But they require their applicants to have a degree(which I don't have) and be less than 25 ears old. This I don't have a chance because I will need four years to obtain a degree. Had I known about this earlier, I would have taken action.

I also thought about going to austalia, but since there are even less scholarships offered to international students then in the states, I simply won't be able to pay for the education.

Since I am already 20 years old, I'm beginning to worry about time running out and I really need guidance about this. Is going to a community college and start working as a pilot while earning a degree is the best option for me( assuming I will get a working visa)? Does anybody have any recommendations for community colleges? Or should I just go a flight school ? In that case not having a degree be a problem?
Or should I try another country?( military is not an option)

I really need guidance please!!
Looking forward for help

Thank you
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