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My dream - advice please (collective thread)

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My dream - advice please (collective thread)

Old 3rd May 2021, 09:46
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Move to Europe and work on getting an EU passport. Work permits mean nothing to airlines they want you to have an EU passport.
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Old 3rd May 2021, 20:04
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No EU citizenship no party.
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Old 3rd May 2021, 21:00
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That's pretty depressing, might as well be a simulator pilot the rest of my life . Do all low hour opportunities require an EU citizenship? If so it's pretty much impossible for me to become a pilot even American airlines require citizenships... Maybe middle eastern airlines? But they need a high amount of experience no? I'm in an endless maze...
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Old 3rd May 2021, 21:56
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Why not Moroccan airlines?
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Old 4th May 2021, 10:29
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Fellow wannabe, 0.5 hrs on a c152, residing in ME in an unpopular local state of which its legitimacy is doubted upon by many (I doubt it myself)
Standing in the same square as yourself, my idea is to start the PPL in EU zone, and after getting my bearings aligned with what country in the EU is most inviting (currently EE region looks inviting, but it has its downsides) I would work on a CPL and start working on getting a work permit. Once you have a work permit and get an actual job (don't mind being an expensive Air Uber), work your hours, and at the same time starting checking boxes on your "citizenship to do list" for that country.
Most countries, from what little research I did, require you to live in that country for a minimum time, even with a tempo access as a student or Gaestarbeiter, then there's the language barrier, which is almost always required for citizenship (but afaik not for residence permit)
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Old 4th May 2021, 13:14
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there's just one Moroccan airline sadly, and I was willing to path towards its cadet program although it's somewhat irrational (one of its requirements is to undergo a 2 year preparatory class with sophisticated mathematics and physics that'll serve you no value as a commercial pilot, they're pretty hard to get into as well; also there's huge bias in the selection process and it's mainly not out of merit) That aside, due to the pandemic; they sacked half their fleet and illegally fired half the pilot, and pretty much abandoned the cadet pilots. It's a pretty dire situation. The cadet program doesn't exist anymore and to join the airline you need to be a CAE Oxford Aviation Academy graduate and have a lot of experience hence it's a traditional airline. Therefore Moroccan airlines are sadly not an option in the near future by the looks of things.
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Old 5th May 2021, 22:22
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That's a nice plan Juppie! It will take time and some hard work but it'll be worth it at time's end. Thanks for the suggestions )
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Old 8th May 2021, 12:37
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Its nice to have a plan but it’s not a very realistic plan.
A lot of large European National carriers hire predominantly from their own flight academies and if not from a selected few schools.
Which means you need to have done your training at a specific school. For instance Lufthansa Flight Academy or the KLM Flight academy for their respective airlines.
You’ll need to be fluent in the language and they will requires citizenship or EU Citizenship.
Which means that’s a 5-7 year delay before you can even apply at the school.
So that’s pretty much impossible.
I would suggest you look at Poland, Greece and Jordan for your flight training.
Then look for jobs in Africa, Middle East and Asia.
There will always be jobs for people willing to sacrifice and move to wherever that job might be.
I have known a handful of people that have flown tourists in Africa before moving on to airline jobs, also know people that have flown in Indonesia and PapuaNG.

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Old 18th May 2021, 22:41
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passed my medicals yesterday , gonna submit my application to start my integrated course with FTA Global in September
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Old 4th Jul 2021, 22:16
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Hi all,

i hope this is the right thread to post.
I'd appreciate some advice on my personal plan: i'm 38 and want to start flying from scratch. I know this isn't the most ideal of times for that, so i'm tempering my expectations, but i've postponed getting my licences for long enough and i think the post-pandemic change is the good time for me to finally get into it.
My dream end goal, some years down the road, would be a chill bush pilot gig in either US/CA or OZ/NZ. Ideally in something with floats or skis. I flew with Kenn Borek as a passenger in the past and those guys are pretty much living my dream life.

I'm French, got an M.Eng and work in mechanical engineering, my plan is to keep working in the same field and use the money to get my PPL/IR/etc., then the hours, then the CPL on the side until i have credible enough experience to maybe start looking for a pilot job.
So my only 2 questions are:
- Does this sound like a resonable/realistic plan?
- If yes, should i move out of the EU before or after getting my first licences/ratings?

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Old 5th Jul 2021, 18:40
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Bleusaille - ahh. Most Bush flying gigs in Australia really don't pay well and is hard work. However, there's opportunities for float flying. Biggest obstable re Oz and NZ is the right to work etc. Relatively easy to convert a licence. Now, I think the Maldives use Float Twin Otters and Canada have a lot of aircraft on floats and skis. I don't know anything about operating in Canada.
I have a friend who's working in the Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean. He's working for Air Austral and now that looks like a really chilled gig. He loves it and it looks like paradise
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Old 19th Jul 2021, 23:39
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Job Opportunities

Anyone know how the market is looking for jobs in the UK or EU now and in the next 2 years? I am about to start training but can't decide what license to go for. I am a UK citizen with only a British passport but would love to eventually settle down in Europe. What sort of airlines would be an option for me?
I heard BA only take experiences FOs so with a UK license I am limited to the likes of easyJet, Jet2, TUI for low cost short haul. With an EASA license there is more options but then there is the visa and language requirements. Anyone know of any UK pilots with EASA licenses flying with EU airlines (Ryanair? Not sure if there are others) from UK bases?

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Old 21st Jul 2021, 15:13
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Get both licences, who knows what will be in two years. For now some/most UK operators are still asking for EASA licences. End of 2022 should be interesting.
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