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Pilot Training College - Florida Ops closure

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Pilot Training College - Florida Ops closure

Old 31st May 2012, 11:40
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Pilot Training College - Florida Ops closure

Goodbye PTC!

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 11:13
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The process from 12 months ago is here:

Life as a Pilot: Application process

But I believe the process has now changed slightly.

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 14:53
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You're not seriously thinking of going to the PTC?
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 15:15
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:09
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Happened to be in Dublin a few years back when they had one of their open days. Decided I'd go along as I had a few hours to kill.

Saw all the eager 16 and 17 year olds with their parents being promised the prospect of a super well paid job at the end of training. I was then sold some spiel about how you'll definitely get a job and shown a map of the world with projected pilot shortages.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't it close to 100k for the training and most of it is done in the US?

Anyway, the presentation was pathetic and the sales talk was pretty poor.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:27
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Well, I'm going to be sponsored by a local airline, so they'll cover up the costs for me. nothing concrete yet as I have to pass an ''assessment day/selection process'' by PTC itself and then the airline is going to decide if I get in or not. but basically, what should I expect from this test? it's done by PTC so I guess it's a compass test?
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:32
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ASA Adjudication on The Pilot Training College - Advertising Standards Authority
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:33
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Well, I'm going to be sponsored by a local airline, so they'll cover up the costs for me
Now I'm curious, who?
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:36
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Lol, I had never seen that ASA report before.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:47
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Nekro Airlines
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 17:04
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Here's the deal Mr Nekro. We think you're great. In fact, you're so great, you'll be flying our soon-to-be-unretired Concordes in three years time with captaincy a couple of years later. Now, to ensure that you have the sort of motivation we require, we're going to offer you a sponsorship. It's easy really, all you do is sign "here". Yes, we need your bank account details so we can negative pay you (anyone remember Pan Am's negative profit?) and as long as you pass all your exams, we guarantee we'll give you a job...................................interview.


Oh, you're a little short of cash? That's no problem, how healthy does your parent's house mortgage look?

[\flippant] Nekro, good luck. You may indeed have a sponsorship but my recollection was that they disappeared sometime during the last millennium. Furthermore, I'm not one who normally points the finger at any particular FTO (I run two myself and there is a certain honour amongst competitors), but I suggest you take a really good look a PTC and your sponsorship deal before committing. There are better pseudo-integrated providers out there (no I'm not touting for business).

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 17:15
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Dear Mr Cows Getting Bigger, I would like to thank you for the sublime offer. why ain't I the luckiest boy in the world! your corporation is what I was looking for, thank you for your hard work. yes indeed I agree on the terms and conditions, my signature?of course. you don't have a pen do you? where do I sign?
My credit card number is 5440 3842 3849 3742. you can take all the money you need without even getting my permission. wonderful, just brilliant sir. I look forward to completing the 3 year course and to fly these Concorde's 30,000ft above ground.

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 17:35
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The man has humour. Good.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 17:46
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...and a vivid imagination!
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 19:55
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Nekro make sure practice extremely hard for the PTC assessment. I heard they only take the best of the best. Rumour has it only 1 in 48 people pass! They are extremely picky on who they take the ~100k from.

On a serious note, I would do some really good research on this company if you are thinking of even paying for the assessment let alone the ~100K they look for. A quick google search will throw up a few interesting stories.

Best of luck in your training, whichever route you choose.
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 01:11
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ShamilN - You have your facts wrong. PTC owes FIT a lot of money. We were told this by FIT with the IAApresent. The IAA did not deny thatstatement. Today PTC Florida isbankrupt, let go of all its employees, and closed its doors for ever. Most likely PTC Ireland will go down the samepath shortly. The only question is willthe students get back all the money they paid PTC? I doubt it. Will FIT ever get paid? I doubt it. A lot of people were seriously screwed over byPTC. Its a shame.
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 10:01
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I would search this forum for threads about PTC before signing up to anything Nekro. Also google them and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Best of luck!
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 10:58
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heres the statement given by PTC it has had a few additions but some of them are read only and I cant copy the text

First of all, on behalf of PTC, I want to sincerely apologise for the disruption that is being caused to your flight training.
PTC has found it necessary to challenge FIT in relation to their failure to deliver training in accordance with the training contract between PTC and FIT. FIT have failed over a protracted period to deliver training on schedule and in accordance with our contract. We have been actively involved in trying to resolve this issue for several months. We have had no option other than to bring this issue to a head. Unfortunately, the response from FIT has been to terminate all training and issue notice of cancellation of the contract.

PTC is in active negotiations with an alternative provider and we have informed FIT that this is our intention. We are unable to provide any further information at this time as these negotiations are delicate and protracted.

Please bear with us as we work towards bringing about a solution to these difficulties. We will keep everybody informed as the situation develops.

Capt. Mike Edgeworth,

Dear Staff & Students,

Thank you all for your patience and understanding at this time. We are continuing to work towards a solution to these difficulties and will ensure that you are updated as the situation develops. The statement issued here on June 27th will provide you with the current information.

We have confirmed from FIT that all visas are current and there is no immediate plan to change this status. Once further information is available we will update you all.

I appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

Mike Edgeworth,

Dear Students:

PTC, FIT and the IAA have been in discussion in relation to the training stoppage at PTC Florida. Progress is being made on a solution that will resolve the issues involved and allow training to recommence. The IAA has sent a senior manager to meet with all parties to assess the situation and to explore how the training of all cadets can be completed to the satisfaction of all concerned. All efforts will be made to make this a smooth transition so that all PTC students are minimally impacted. Additional information will be provided at the beginning of next week as this transfer process unfolds. Thank you for your continued patience.


Dr. Ken Stackpoole

I am waiting on my thread to be approved called PTCSTUDENT which has information people should know about whats happening over in florida. I have been in contact with friends in florida via facebook and I have copied the conversation for everyone to read. From what I have heard its not looking good for ptc as a whole.
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 15:26
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Hi everyone,

First of all, before anything else just in case you are too bored to read my post down to the end :


PTC ops in Florida have been terminated due to the failure of PTC to pay their host and training provider in the USA, FIT. They owe them over 1M.

PTC's CEO, Mike Edgeworth, appears to have financed some of the students' training with new guys' money but the company as a whole has a debt of over 7M. Anyone not knowing about the Ponzi's pyramidal system, you'll be interested to know that as the last arrived, you will probably never see your money back.

That's one warning for people who are still looking for a way of getting their ATPL(f) and who are actually looking at a way of wasting 100K in a black hole, with nothing in return, and certainly not a well paid job.

For those of you who are already there, I would highly recommend to terminate your contract IMMEDIATELY and ask for your money back (knowing that PTC will certainy say "dear student, please go **** yourself"). In such case, all of you guys can add up your efforts, and altogether get a group of lawyers to defend your rights. You won't get a peanut individually, but 200 students against 1 crook can give you a chance...
Whoever has the personnal numbers of people at PTC should call them to say you want to terminate your training immediately, and pass the numbers on to everyone else !

PTC will certainly try to reassure you, but this situation has been lasting for over a year and no student was really informed, or the "info" was more "intox", exactly like it is now : "it's FIT's fault". Yeah yeah whatever : PTC owes FIT 1M but it's FIT's fault.

Just LEAVE, and remember : YOU are the ******* customer ! They will certainly say they will ruin your career as well, DON't BELIEVE THEM ! I pissed them off when I was there, they certainly hate me, but I got a job anyway. And what they say is worthless to airlines : nobody wants to hear them anymore.

Good luck everyone, and remember 2 things : "YOU are the customers", and "the more people you are against them, the more power you'll have to get something".

I wish you good luck
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 19:06
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While I feel alot of sympathy for the students who have been left high and dry over this, I can't say I'm all that suprised to be honest. It's well known now for quite awhile the issues with regard to this group.

Hopefully all the students will get some sort of return on their money. Personally I would sue the pant's off of them.

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