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Pilot Training College - Florida Ops closure

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Pilot Training College - Florida Ops closure

Old 3rd Jul 2012, 21:32
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How many students are in the system?
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 21:34
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And how many back in Eire?

And have they all payed upfront?

Just seen the sponsored information. Thanks for adding that.

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Old 4th Jul 2012, 12:19
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RTÉ News has picked up the story today: lots of "it is thought" and "it is believed", so I guess they got it here ...
The IAA has said in a statement it is aware of certain difficulties with the Florida Pilot Training College.
An officer of the IAA is in Florida to brief the students and to explore the possibility of allowing the students to continue their training in Florida or back in Ireland.
"The IAA will endeavour to facilitate the crediting of all flight and ground training carried out so far in Florida towards qualifications," the statement added.

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Old 4th Jul 2012, 12:22
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"The IAA will endeavor.........." Nothing like a legal obligation, or reason for being then!
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 15:33
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Cant believe anyone would be so stupid to pay 80K upfront! I trained and it was pay as you go :-) can't go wrong!
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 16:35
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Spot on spicejetter!!! I think these guys may live to regret what they have done. I just hope other people take onboard what has just happen with Cabair and now PTC. Don't pay upfront you may lose a few bob...
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 17:03
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I am amazed at the amount of folk online here in PPRuNe who genuinely appear to be delighted that PTC have destroyed the dreams of many and destroyed their bank accounts and most likely, those of their parents too

Do remember, that a lot of those directly affected by this will be reading your comments, and you pushing their noses deeper into the mire helps no one

If so many knew that PTC was so bad, how come so few of you posted warnings with specific information

Rant over ... now, back to feeling sorry for those in trouble

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Old 4th Jul 2012, 17:20
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We did flame and some of us went to the bother of getting some of there advertising banded in the UK at least.

Sticking comments up on a BB may have the desired effect but it is relatively easy for the person they are aimed at to have them removed by threats of legal action. If the person that posted them doesn't have to balls to call thier bluff away they go.

ASA Adjudication on The Pilot Training College - Advertising Standards Authority

That finding is nearly two years old the people in training at the time will have all finished. Anyone who spends the amount of money required needs to have due caution before committing funds.

I do have some sympathy with the on going stream of dreams that have been blown out the window. BTW I think there will be several more schools go the same way over the next year. But there is only so much people can say.

In 2000 when I started looking at training the advice on here was don't pay up front. People still do and still get shafted when companys go bust. There must have been over 1000 pilots lost money to schools going bust since I started flying include PPL schools as well must be over 2000.

Will that fact change people paying up front and not doing there homework?

Nah will it hell.
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 19:33
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I'm with you mad jock. There has been pages upon pages written on this website telling people what to expect with PTC and not to even dream of going down their road but yet they keep on writing here that they have an interview with them and looking forward to doing their training with PTC and start their new job with the airline of their choice.
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 20:15
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Yes, but this isn't just a PTC issue, it is industry wide. If people stopped for a moment and removed their rose-tinted spectacles, they would actually understand why the vast majority of companies asks for cash up front. There is one reason, and one reason only - liquidity. Indeed, if one were to take a look at their accounts, it could be argued that many companies are trading in liquidation (OK, legislation indicates that a business is not insolvent as long as it can pay its bills but the reality is that many companies do not have the ability to service all their creditors).

Sure, if someone offers you 5% discount if you buy 10 hr blocks then that isn't a bad risk, especially if your Barclaycard/MasterCard will take the pain (and risk). But the thought of someone paying tens of thousands up-front to a company, or worse a set of partnered companies, is indicative that the 'customer' may have a six pack but they are lacking the plastic bit that holds it all together.

Please, please, please don't allow anyone to convince you that paying up front is good and proper. If you came to our school and offered me the full amount, in cash, for your CPL/ME/IR, I would kindly refuse your offer and give you the contact details of a good psychiatrist.

MJ is spot on.
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 21:02
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The IAA has suspended flight training operations for PTC and that includes their Irish operation:
At a meeting today (Wednesday 4th July 2012) with PTCW, and their financial / legal advisers the IAA, (in accordance with JAR, Joint Aviation Requirements Flight Crew Licensing) sought evidence and assurances that sufficient funding is available to continue operations in Waterford, given that the Florida operations have ceased.
Irish Aviation Authority - Statement from the Irish Aviation Authority in relation to Pilot Training College Florida.

And all their aircraft are for sale

Piper Aircraft for Sale in Ireland - Used Irish Aircraft Sales at GlobalPlaneSearch.com

Not much need to read between the lines there.
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 21:31
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Just watched RTE news here in Ireland and learned that the IAA have suspended PTC's licence.
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 22:32
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Seminoles for sale.

Interesting to note that the 3 PA44 seminoles shown on the link above and the pictures confirm they are PTC aircraft were listed (updated) 37 days ago! late May.

It might suggest PTCW were fully aware that things were about to go downhill rapidly and looking to sell off it's assets!
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 09:14
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Planes up for sale as trainee pilots lose fees | Irish Examiner
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 09:58
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It's hard not to feel sorry for some members of the zombie army as they are very young people and part of growing up is making mistakes, what an expensive one to make. I feel less sorry for the parents who failed to find forums such as this one and the reference threads and who broke the cardinal rule of never paying up front!
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 10:17
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I sent PTC an email regarding their latest scheme involving an RAF cadet sponsorship.I received a call on the 26/06/2012 asking if I was interested in taking the skills assessment ASAP. I informed the chap that I was considering all my options and would contact him if I wished to go ahead. I can't believe this was happening around the same time!

I also can't believe nothing is being mentioned on their website or Facebook page!

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Old 5th Jul 2012, 10:53
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The fact that a company who charges Europe prices for a Florida cost base can fail to money is beyond me.
Probably blew it all on their European recruitment drive...
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 11:26
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It doesnt make sense.....When i went to their Assessment day they told me that if i gave them £98,000 in shiny £50 notes then it would mean the world of
airlines would start recruiting!!!!

Feel sorry for they guys out there! DONT feel sorry for PTC, how embarrassing it must be!

Any news on whats happened to the FLYBE guys, heard they been moved to OAA?
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 11:34
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It's called due diligence spicejetter important when making life altering descisions [sic]

I'm an airline Captain and it's been a very long slog paying off a similar sized debt so far with many years to go. Make no mistake about it they have ruined their lives for the best part of the next two decades, they will be crippled by this debt and it will curb many future options and possibilities. The worst part is that all the warnings were posted here available to read for free.
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