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Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 07:29

It would be nice to see some of the out takes recorded by the Gopro cameras from the first couple of flights.

I suspect it was trying to manage everything and navigate that got to her.

Jonzarno 10th Sep 2016 07:44

However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped...

That would probably be when the owner realised she couldn't fly and if left alone would barge into helicopters or just run off the runway and cause Cat4 damage.
That's rather an interesting thought.

Given this apparent change of mind about how the flight was to be conducted, it does beg the question as to what caused the decision to be made WHEN it was made and what was the real thought process behind the decision.

I don't really buy the sudden fit of altruism: "to let other members of the team share the experience" argument as surely that would have been built in from the start?

Also, it seems strange that the team member who seems to have done most if not all of the "experience sharing" seems to have been the 20000 hour ATPL qualified pilot who owns the aircraft, and who presumably had no end of experience in it?

As a pure speculation: I don't suppose that the aircraft owner, having seen her flying at the beginning of the trip, decided that he wanted to be in a position to protect his aircraft in case something went wrong?

I'd also be interested to know at what point the sponsors were consulted about this change, given that originally they presumably signed up to fund a genuine solo flight.

A man more sceptical than me might well conclude that Ms Curtis-Taylor's PR adviser, having already shot himself in the foot a couple of times, has pulled the trigger again....... :rolleyes: :ouch:

PS As a separate but related question: can anyone provide a detailed description of the people and resources that comprised the back up team for this solo flight?

sunday driver 10th Sep 2016 10:29

From the RAF facebook page this morning.

Ambassador to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and Honorary Group Captain, Carol Vorderman, has visited RAF Lossiemouth, one of the RAF’s busiest front line Stations.

An experienced pilot and enthusiastic champion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, Carol chatted with local schoolchildren during her visit and was shown the range of activities which Air Cadets undertake.

Having flown herself across the Highlands in her Diamond DA42 for the visit, Carol was able to talk about the flying skills required in order to hopefully become the ninth woman to complete a solo flight around the World, in a flight planned for next Spring.

In the evening, Carol was able to experience the demands of preparing and planning for a Typhoon training mission as she joined II(AC) Squadron for kitting and briefing, before flying in a twin seat Typhoon fast jet.

deefer dog 10th Sep 2016 10:50

Helen Needham ([email protected]) is a Senior Producer at BBC Radio Scotland. In view of a complaint concerning their broadcast on September 2nd that featured TCT, she stated "We take such accusations very seriously and are looking into them."

Sam Rutherford 10th Sep 2016 11:28

Hi Jonzarno,

I can but I don't want to put 'innocents' into the public domain. Perhaps you can send me an email: sam at prepare2go then dot and com...?

Fly safe, Sam.

Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 12:54

Further to Deefer Dogs post can I suggest you listen to this recent interview on BBC Radio Scotland.

BBC Radio Scotland - Out for the Weekend, 02/09/2016
She appears in two segments at the start of the programme trotting out the same old story and conveying the impression she was solo.

Ewald is briefly mentioned as a crew member on board the Stearman for the accident in Arizona.

Complaints regarding lack of research or imbalance in the interview need to be forwarded to
[email protected]

A cc to Helen Boaden who is the BBC Head of Radio would also help.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Centaurus 10th Sep 2016 14:31

Thud 105 is correct - I first read about this sorry saga in Dave Unwin's PTT column in the September issue of Pilot."

Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 14:50

Many thanks for flagging that up Centauras. I missed reading Dave Unwins column in the September edition of Pilot but having just retrieved it made me smile. The editorial team at Pilot have done the right thing in exposing TCT's charade.

Her is the answer to Jonzaros question.

As a separate but related question: can anyone provide a detailed description of the people and resources that comprised the back up team for this solo flight?

With regards to the actual expedition, I had a support aircraft (a Cessna Caravan) and for the most part a fantastic team which included the chase pilot, a logistics manager, an engineer and a four-man film crew.
Poor old Ewald relegated to plain engineer.
Q & A with Tracey Curtis Taylor - Features - Pilot

Nice to see Carol Vorderman doing things the right way and flying herself in to Lossiemouth.
She deserves credit for giving her time to the Air Cadets and I am sure they enjoyed her visit.


BossEyed 10th Sep 2016 15:02

Originally Posted by Jay Sata
I missed reading Dave Unwins column in the September edition of Pilot but having just retrieved it made me smile.

You wrote a post about it here.

Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 15:08

Oops...Starting to lose my marbles on this topic:ugh:

Sir Niall Dementia 10th Sep 2016 17:18

A few other ways of looking at things:

Pilot Honesty: If a pilot walks in and says "I think I may have just done a heavy landing" you get the aircraft checked, if there has been a heavy landing hopefully the damage can be put right, the pilot learns a nasty lesson and, in my view earns trust for their honesty.

If a pilot does a heavy landing and says nothing then a later pilot and passengers may pay a heavy price for the first pilot's dishonesty. It has happened, and I know at least three flying clubs and one syndicate where an aircraft has been damaged with no report, the damage being found much later when the finger of suspicion may point, but there is little chance of proof.

Would you want to get into an aircraft recently flown by someone who is proven to be dishonest? In aviation we depend on honest approaches to standards, airmanship and reporting mistakes. Can we believe a dishonest pilot's logbook? Their claimed abilities, or qualifications they "earned" overseas. I work in an AOC environment where "Just Culture" is a core of the Ops Manual, and the Chief Pilot's brief to new captains starts "when you f### up tell me, we can sort anything if the first thing you do is tell me if you think you've made a mistake."

The LAA:
I am a member of the LAA. I am a member of the LAA because I own a permit aircraft. I trust, implicitly, my inspector, BUT I am extremely concerned that the LAA have been decieved, and are embarrased by that, and are making up excuses to cover their embarrasment. If that is the case then have the LAA acted in such a manner before? What else have they hidden? Do they deserve the trust placed in them by the regulator to oversee the permit system and fleet?

Actually the above is purely rhetorical, I believe the LAA are a superb organisation with a lot of hard working volunteers and a great full time staff, but, T C-T and others like her drag the reputations of others down with them. They tarnish those they come into contact with, by association, organisations like the LAA and HCAP start to look shady and lose credibility.

A couple of log books ago there was a pilot with dubious standards in a company I worked for, he got caught falsifying his experience, a brilliant training captain was in the crew room while the subject of this person was being discussed. His comment, "pilots like that are the skid marks on the white underpants of aviation." A rather crude analogy, but for the first time since then one I feel applies to the subject of this thread.


Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 17:27

In reply to Above the Clouds.....

Looking at those pictures together do you think Boeing and Artemis got their money's worth out of sponsoring TCT?

Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 19:44

Both pictures must be a nightmare for the sponsors and Tim Kelly the Artemis spin doctor.

The R44 is listed as destroyed.
GINFO Search Results

Built in 2007 I am not sure what it was worth but her hull losses over the last year have been substantial.
The helicopter incident occured on August 17 2015.

Ten months later she wrecked the Stearman again, this time at Willington Arizona.
Her insurance premium must be eye watering.Perhaps that is why she has not flown in the UK this year?

For those who are superstitious TCT crashed the Spirit of Artemis in Arizona on Friday 13th of May.

The interesting element is she was taking off from Willington to fly to Phoenix in Arizona.

The company name on the side of the helicopter she wrecked at Goodwood was Phoenix:D


TCT said in her recent Radio Scotland interview she planned to pick up where she left off.
That means heading for Phoenix?:O

Jonzarno 10th Sep 2016 20:16

TCT said in her recent Radio Scotland interview she planned to pick up where she left off.
You have to admire her persistence: only another three aircraft destroyed and she can claim she's an ace..... :O

Mike Flynn 10th Sep 2016 20:45

The Radio Scotland interview is worth listening to Jon.
BBC Radio Scotland - Out for the Weekend, 02/09/2016
When the accident happened she admits she failed to turn off the fuel before crashing! Then describes
Ewald as a'crew member'.

She claims there were fifteen engineers working to restore the Spirit of Artifice.

Ewald Gritches 3G aviation at Meidl Airport, Hungary must be providing lots of work for the locals thanks to TCT.

Jokes aside I admire Ewald for the beautiful aircraft work he undertakes and his avoidance of the whole media circus in this sad debacle.

TCT has not realised that using the media is like playing with a dangerous dog.
It can and often does turn on you.

To be honest you could not make this story up.

It has echoes of the Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan saga. Was she the pilot or was it him?

Meanwhile here is a post on the Kathryns Report from an anonymous Halfpenny Green pilot.

Anonymous said...
I am a GA pilot (PPL) and own my own aeroplane which I hangar at EGBO. I love everything about flying and aviation, and was caught up in the euphoria of Curtis-Taylors' exploits and so-called solo flights having watched the BBC documentary of her flight from Goodwood to Cape-Town.
I suppose greed, ambition, lust for wealth and fame can drive many people to distort the truth and I am so disappointed to hear the Tracey effectively has deceived so many fans and followers. It really is a terrible shame as I for one, thought and believed she was a great modern day aviatrix. What a monumental betrayal
Kathryn's Report: Boeing B75N1, 3G Classic Aviation Inc., N56200: Accident occurred May 11, 2016 near Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport (KINW) Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona

parabellum 10th Sep 2016 21:52

Given the amount of chicanery, deception and down right lies that have issued forth from the Artemis team I don't think I would have a lot of confidence in Artemis Investments, they won't see any of my cash!

Stand by for a company name change anytime soon! ;)

Stanwell 11th Sep 2016 05:02

It strikes me that...
Artemis, Tim Kelly, the LAA and HCAP all thought they could tough it out - relying on the gullibility and short attention span of
the Great Unwashed.

I'm strongly of the opinion that a conscious decision was made by senior management at Artemis Investments, on the advice of
their sponsorship consultant, Tim Kelly, to continue with the blatant and ongoing deception.

Their goal in sponsoring the 'Spirit of Artifice' was simply that of using a powerful tool to create and enhance 'Brand Awareness'.
It's a bit of a shame that it seems they were not able to see any further than that narrow goal.
We'll see how it goes then, shall we?

Just by way of a p.s., I also can't help wondering whether any of the Artemis largesse had been promised to certain organisations
to help with their 'good works'... I certainly hope not.
Further, Prince Michael describes his occupation as that of "Consultant". I suppose his client list would be 'commercial in confidence'.


Jay Sata,
'Echoes of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan ..'
No, I don't think so. It is my understanding that Amelia was the sole pilot and her navigator, Fred Noonan, was seated
in the rear cabin from which the cockpit could not be accessed in flight - due to the large in-cabin fuel tank.

BTW, There's a thread started on Jet Blast titled... "Amelia come home...", if anybody's interested.

B Fraser 11th Sep 2016 08:25

The interesting element is she was taking off from Willington to fly to Phoenix in Arizona.

The company name on the side of the helicopter she wrecked at Goodwood was Phoenix:D

For those not familiar with mythology. A phoenix is a colourful bird with talons that continually reinvents itself after coming to grief.

Wageslave 11th Sep 2016 10:41

he he!
Best post yet!

G-KEST 11th Sep 2016 15:35

Having submitted a motion to the LAA requesting they rescind the Bill Woodhams award to TC-T for consideration at the LAA AGM at Sywell; I hope that those forum members who are members of the LAA turn up in support. It just might turn her down a peg or two.

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