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Stanwell 4th Sep 2016 10:11

Oh, yes.
Additionally, The ITV report informed us that, on her 'final leg' in Oz, ".. she said she was having to stop regularly to
refuel - relying on the help of Aboriginal villages".

Erm... Pray tell, what "Aboriginal villages" on your route would they have been, Tracey?
I'm sure a few aviators down here would be interested to hear of those.
Seems like there's a few things we don't know about.

Or, perhaps you were thinking of the Aboriginal village at Yulara - you know, the one with the 5-star hotel and the 9000ft runway?


Piltdown Man 4th Sep 2016 11:18

Stanwell - you are exaggerating! Only one has five stars (the pool was nice and cool when I was there). The next highest has only got 4.5 stars!


pulse1 4th Sep 2016 11:31

I see that the LAA are promising "a fascinating guest speaker" at the AGM in October.

They wouldn't would they?

India Four Two 4th Sep 2016 12:11

So it has, but someone else has posted an interesting post, see how long that lasts.

I think you might be referring to my post. I made the post assuming only I can delete it.

megan 4th Sep 2016 12:37

India Four Two, only if you happen to be Barry Tempest, else no, it wasn't you. Don't ask me how I know.

9 lives 4th Sep 2016 13:08

Wouldn't a pilot, particularly one deliberately attracting publicity, who states:

(I specialise in meteorology)
have the skill and judgement to avoid having to be in a situation that:

She flew at tree top height, dodging power lines, in Romania, due to weather.
I think that the pastime of piloting leads us all to embellish a little from time to time, but this woman seems to be getting away with gross and repeated lying, and pretty poor lying at that. With the revelations available for research, cannot the media in the UK now start asking questions during interviews which reveal the truth to the public? If TCT were a dishonest stock trader, there would be all kinds of detailed expose's of facts by now.

My judgement of the dishonour of inaccurate/deceitful, and obviously incompetent, behaviour by one person, becomes much more worrisome with the apparent continued tolerance and support afforded her by self declared honourable institutions.

maxred 4th Sep 2016 18:05

There is of course a real problem here. It would appear that in the society that has been developed, individuals, generally tbose with, or have friends who, have money and privilege, can do, can say, and can act with impunity. They think they can get away with it. Politicians, corporate fat cats, bankers et al. Everything is fair game. Look at Sir Shifty, look at the latest political idiot, rhymes with vase.that is a clue....:8? I am embroiled in my own TCT, where a business partner stole the business, my. business, whilst I was unwell. Her and her father. The scallywags I call them, fondly. They took me to court to not tell lies. The levels of deceit, the level of duplicity, was incredulouos on their part. And yet, cause daddy has very deep pockets, it was to be all my fault, all my fantasy. I have them half way down a well at the moment, :ouch:but it has cost me thousands in legal fees. People like TCT must be brought to account, must be called to answer, because if they don't, it is just another nail, in a world coffin, of deceit, fraud, and kid on, whilst the good folks, sit and read threads like this , wondering how it can happen.

clareprop 4th Sep 2016 19:10

You are completely free to remove comments on your Facebook page.

Mike Flynn 4th Sep 2016 20:12

Her facebook page has been locked for comment.

The red coloured UK flying website has also locked discussion of TCT!

Only Pprune are running with this topic.
One would wonder why such a hot strand is locked on a UK 'popular' magazine website?

Interestingly I have had three people private message me today regarding her back story.

I posted some time ago here on Prune about the link from her move from New Zealand to North Weald was via an aircraft sale and a wealthy UK/US aircraft collector.

She then moved to Shuttleworth via another link I previously posted.
She became friends with the late Alain Grisay hence her Peking Rally stories.

He was the link to Shuttleworth where she met Robert Marshall of Marshall Aerospace.
Partner and director of Bird in a Biplane.

The sooner the LAA and HCAP put some distance behind their links with Tracey the better.

If not they will be dragged in to the crocodile infested swamp of further tabloid stories.

ak7274 4th Sep 2016 20:39

I really do hope that she is the guest speaker at the LAA AGM. Wouldn't it be fun?
But yes I seriously doubt that she is the mystery guest. The publicity machine would make damn sure the whole world knew she was going to be there.

Mike Flynn 4th Sep 2016 20:46

I am tempted to join the LAA if only to ask the chief executive why he has not removed her 'Navigation Award':ok:

The next question from the floor would be how he feels ,as a HCAP liveryman ,about Barry Tempest's statement?

"Your claimed exploits have put the cause of Women in Aviation back 40 years. If you accept the HCAP award in the autumn you should be ashamed."

XV666 5th Sep 2016 00:13

5 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by airpolice (Post 9496658)
Her facebook page has been "cleaned" and locked down.

It is no longer possible to post directly to the page, her pr team need to approve posts before they are visible.

That may be because you are blocked by her PR team? Screenshots, however, cannot disappear. Plenty more if anyone wants a history :ok:

Re the Walt comments: charlatan springs to mind as a more apt description.

B Fraser 5th Sep 2016 09:34

The tangled web just gathers more knots. If T C-T calls herself an instructor thanks to conducting some lessons in a meteorology ground school then I too must be an instructor. I did some unpaid lectures for PPL candidates cramming prior to taking their exams. At least I was a Scientific Officer for the UK Met Office in the '80's so could at a very long stretch, describe myself as a meteorology specialist. It was enough to get me two screen tests for TV presenting but the public had a very fortunate escape.


absolutely not an instructor

B Fraser

Mike Flynn 5th Sep 2016 18:46

Pilot Magazine Editorial: HCAP Award
Having just opened the October copy of Pilot magazine I must congratulate editor Philip Whiteman for his honest assessment of the Tracey Curtis Taylor fiasco in his editorial.

It appears the entire magazine staff are united in their view that the Tracey Curtis Taylor Spirit of Artemis debacle was a reality tv programme and not a genuine solo flight mirroring Amy Johnson.
Today that could only be done in a Tiger Moth with a solo pilot such as the proposed but currently abandoned Amanda Harrison project.

Philip raises the question of the HCAP Masters Medal.

Perhaps it is now time for HCAP to revisit their proposed award before their dinner next month. They were duped in to thinking it was a solo mission.

With the UK's best selling GA magazine team and ex CAA boss Barry Tempest united in agreeing TCT has embellished the truth surely now is the time to withdraw her awards?

I am in discussion with the president of the Australian Women Pilots Association who was unaware Ewald Gritsch was on board throughout her 'solo' flights. I hope they will withdraw their solo award.

Whistle-blowing comes at a price but I must say thanks for the many pm's on this thread and to the Pprune mods who have had the difficult job of keeping this topic on the rails.

Once again a big thank you to Philip Whiteman and the Pilot magazine team for having the guts to address this charade.:ok:

Below is the editorial in October's Pilot.

[IMG]https://s21.postimg.org/q7t785s5z/Pi...torial_001.jpgpic host[/IMG]

clunckdriver 5th Sep 2016 19:23

Sam Rutherford, no I was not aware of the "Drain Valve" also being on the private flying thread, thanks for pointing this out, although it is rather depressing to see just how many she has fooled! I still cant believe how gullible/lazy so many of those in the media are when it comes to those sort of thing.

clareprop 5th Sep 2016 19:53

Well done, Jay Sata - I'm sure PILOT would not have produced such an editorial without evidence of the like you have been providing. Mainstream journalists must surely now find such criticism hard to ignore...

piperboy84 5th Sep 2016 19:58

Ouch !!!!! That magazine article is a kick in the arse.

Mike Flynn 5th Sep 2016 20:05

TCT and the LAA forum
The Light Aircraft Association forum is now starting to address the TCT charade which led them to give her the Bill Woodham Navigation Trophy.

Brian Hope is one of only three members who decide the awards and he has posted this.

Provide you are a current member you are perfectly at liberty to attend the AGM (22 October at Sywell) and either ask an informal question in the post AGM chat, or propose a motion to be dealt with during the actual AGM business. The latter must be notified a minimum 42 days in advance of the meeting, so that is on or before 11 September. Motions must be presented in accordance with the Articles of the Association which can be found under the Who we aree tab on the home page.

Why does our commitee feel this award cannot be withdrawn?
At no time have I heard that the committee feel this award cannot be withdrawn. The awards committee, of which I am a member, decided to let things stand because despite the fact that it came to light that a passenger was carried, it still ranked as a meritorious flight. Yes we can nit-pick about solo navigation but these days navigation is mainly a question of turning on your GPS, so the 'skilled navigation' side of long distance flying is very much a moot point.

Have the commitee considered this on an official basis or has it been done in a chat over the office water cooler?

The Awards Committee tend not to meet at Chequers, Camp David or even Turweston. It is just three of us that live in disparate parts of the country and communicate by phone and email. We have all been around the Association for a long time and thus tend to know what goes on, so we can add names to our potential recipients lists for LAA, RAeC and FAI awards. We also ask amongst the Struts, Clubs and in the magazine now and again for members to nominate people who they feel are worthy of consideration.
From the lists we establish those we feel are worthy of putting forward and citations are written and presented to whichever organisation the award is being presented by. For LAA awards we decide ourselves who should win the awards.
I read a couple of emails on this thread accusing the committee of not carrying out due diligence, and now perhaps we are closing ranks. This isn't MI5, it's three volunteers trying to do their best to see that LAA members get due recognition, and that is based on the evidence we have at the time.

Do the membership, many of whom have no idea what has been done with their subs, get a say? Would they be happy with the decision?

Members can write in about this or any other issue and the Association does its very best to respond, and Steve has done so more than once on this matter. Like most organisations, LAA members vote for a major committee - in our case the Board - and they then do their best to provide members with what they want, often via internally appointed smaller committees taking on certain tasks. Members can certainly complain to the Board that the awards committee is a waste of space or is not doing its job properly and I suppose in extremis, if the Board agree they can 'let us go'. Unfortunately we have never had a surfeit of volunteers to sit on committees, so the end result, unless those who want change step up to the plate themselves, will probably be that the awards system dies a death and simply doesn't happen any more.
As far as members' subs go, we are unpaid volunteers who, as mentioned earlier, work from home. Cost - zilch.
Rgds, Brian.
source View topic - Tracey Curtis-Taylor | Light Aircraft Association

Can I suggest if you are an LAA member you propose a motion?

Motions must be presented in accordance with the Articles of the Association which can be found under the Who we Are tab on the home page.

It appears the award can be withdrawn.

clareprop 5th Sep 2016 20:11

Yes we can nit-pick about solo navigation but these days navigation is mainly a question of turning on your GPS, so the 'skilled navigation' side of long distance flying is very much a moot point.''
'Nit-pick...??' Pardon me but I thought the whole exercise was about re-creating an historic flight?

it's three volunteers trying to do their best to see that LAA members get due recognition, and that is based on the evidence we have at the time.
Well, the evidence available now shows that the evidence available then was a tissue of lies - so deal with it rather than making excuses.

clunckdriver 5th Sep 2016 20:43

If the UK LAA does not recall these awards than it will loose every scrap of credibility on this side of the pond! Those who have built such fine aircraft which we from see this side of the ocean will, I'm afraid, not be attending any LAA events as means they by osmosis also be fraudulent in the eyes of many!

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