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9 lives 31st Aug 2016 16:03

the way I read it this was referring to the sponsors of the award itself and not to the sponsors of TCT's trip
I know very little about the HCAP, and how they do things, but would not the HCAP be the sponsors of their own awards, and therefore make the final decision of the recipients of their awards, free of "outside" influence?

Sam Rutherford 31st Aug 2016 17:20

I am referring to Tracey's sponsors.

The HCAP does not have the freedom of movement that it should have, a very great shame. I don't know how the HCAP is funded, so am unable to clarify whether 'follow the money' would make things clearer...

Jonzarno 31st Aug 2016 17:34

I know very little about the HCAP, and how they do things, but would not the HCAP be the sponsors of their own awards, and therefore make the final decision of the recipients of their awards, free of "outside" influence?
Not specifically in connection with HCAP, but I think it's quite common for awards of this type to be sponsored by third parties, usually companies.

I suspect that what has happened here is not that the sponsor has said: "You must give it to TCT" but rather that they have sponsored a single and individual award that is specified as going to one person to be chosen by the HCAP, whoever that may be.

That doesn't get HCAP off the hook as they have made the decision and, in the immortal words of Sir Humphrey Appleby, appear to have nailed their trousers to the mast making it difficult for them to climb down, even if the allegations against Ms Curtis-Taylor are obviously and manifestly true.

Sam Rutherford 31st Aug 2016 20:45


Actually, now your words: the sponsor has said: "You must give it to TCT"

And has additionally said that it cannot be jointly awarded to Ewald.

Mike Flynn 31st Aug 2016 21:46

There are lots of pieces to this strange jigsaw.

How you put them together is up to you.

However the main sponsors of the Spirit of Artemis are Artemis Fund Managers Artemis Fund Managers and Boeing Aircraft.

Artemis are linked to the UK royal family via their sponsorship of various sailing events where Zara Phillips and Mike Tyndall generate free publicity such as this..

Zara Phillips, 34, and her husband, Mike Tindall, 36, wore matching outfits during the Artemis Challenge on the Isle of Wight on Thursday.

The royal couple were wearing Artemis navy sweatshirts featuring long sleeves and turtle neck. Phillips, the 34-year-old equestrian, was also wearing an Artemis waterproof jacket, which she paired with a navy cap, Hello reported. The former English rugby player, meanwhile, opted for a matching team overall on top of his sweatshirt. And the couple finished off their look with pale gray sneakers with red trims.
Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall wear matching team outfits at Artemis Challenge

The Patron of the HCAP is Zara's grandfather Prince Philip who is married to the Queen. The Grand Master of the HCAP is Zara Philips uncle Prince Andrew.

Completing the royals link to Tracey Curtis Taylor,Artemis and HCAP is Prince Michael who is a 'Liveryman' at HCAP and Patron of the Light Aircraft Association.

As I have mentioned before Boeing are linked to HCAP via Marshalls Aerospace .

Marshalls are also linked to the Air League. Robert Marshall is no stranger to Prince Philip.
Indeed here he is ....

The Air League Annual Reception was held in the very prestigious surroundings of St Jamesís Palace on Thursday, 31st May hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, who is Patron of The Air League. Marshall of Cambridge is a very strong supporter of The Air League and a number of employees attended the Reception. Robert Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Ltd and his partner Tracey Curtis-Taylor, together with Steve and Beverley Fitz-Gerald, were presented to Prince Philip at the beginning of the evening on the arrival of Prince Philip in the Throne Room at St Jamesís Palace.

Jonzarno 31st Aug 2016 22:03

Actually, now your words: the sponsor has said: "You must give it to TCT"

I'm not sure what you mean by this: my point was that, IMO, the AWARD sponsor, as opposed to the sponsor of TCT's TRIP, is very unlikely to try to dictate who gets the award, although they may well insist that there is only one recipient as a general principle.

To be clear: I have no direct knowledge of this specific case, nor any involvement of any kind; but AFAIK, that is how sponsorships of this kind of award usually work.

Jonzarno 31st Aug 2016 22:09

Having backed a loser is one thing, we've all done it, but if they persist in covering up this fur cup, the big investors will ask what other catastrophic boobs are they also covering up?

I don't see Artemis making this public, but I can see the fingerprints of their rivals all over it.

TC-T could be to Artemis what Nick Leeson was to Barings.
Dream on! They may get their pi55er pulled at the next industry junket, and the exec that signed off the sponsorship will be made to feel stupid for a bit, but that's all.

Mike Flynn 31st Aug 2016 22:20

All of these so called 'aviation charities' or organisations appear to be involved in this murky tale.

The Air League are no strangers to Tracey Curtis Taylor and her Walter Mitty "aviatrix" flying.

Indeed Tracey is becoming quite a regular at St James Palace meeting up again with Prince Philip,patron of the Air League.

The Air League’s most prestigious award (very seldom presented) – The Founder’s Medal – was awarded to Major Tim Peake for his remarkable exploits in space, noting that he was the first Briton to walk in space. Tim, who is still circling the Earth aboard the International Space Station until 18 June, was unable to be present at the event but in a surprise phone call, which was listened to by the 350 guests, Tim “called down” and spoke to Prince Philip and The Air League Chairman Mr Christopher Walkinshaw, thanking them for this medal in recognition of his achievement. The Founder’s Medal was accepted from Prince Philip on Tim’s behalf by his parents Nigel and Angela Peake.

Mr Christopher Walkinshaw said: The Air League is delighted to recognise Tim Peake’s remarkable achievements which particularly have included the encouragement of young people. Since its foundation in 1909, the promotion of an interest in Aviation has remained one of The Air League’s principal aims.

Other awards were made to two long distance pilots for remarkable and inspiring flights in 2015: Johan Wiklund who flew a 1930s de Havilland Moth to S Africa, and Tracey Curtis- Taylor who flew a 1940s Boeing Stearman to Australia.

Can anyone be bothered to ask the Air League if they check facts?

By the time they gave her a "framed address" this thread had been running for four months and Ewalds part in her " remarkable and inspiring" flight was well known.

Union Jack 31st Aug 2016 22:57

The Air League are no strangers to Tracey Curtis Taylor and her Walter Mitty "aviatrix" flying. - Jay Sata

Interesting that you should use that precise expression - I was just reading the latest posts and found myself wondering what the female equivalent of a "Walt" is.....:rolleyes:


Sam Rutherford 1st Sep 2016 06:42

The Master's Medal is not sponsored by anyone.

Chris Scott 1st Sep 2016 11:15

Quote from Jay Sata:
"By the time they gave her a "framed address" this thread had been running for four months and Ewalds part in her " remarkable and inspiring" flight was well known."

And even earlier, regarding her Cape Town to Goodwood flight:


Mike Flynn 1st Sep 2016 12:51

The Australian Women Pilots Association have been fooled.They failed to spot Ewald Gritsch up front as they taxied to the the hangar at Sydney. http://www.16right.com/Aircraft-Imag...160109-058.jpg

They gave her honourary membership to commemorate her "Solo flight from the UK to Australia".http://www.16right.com/Aircraft-Imag...160109-001.jpg
16R News - Tracey Curtis-Taylor - Solo United Kingdom To Sydney
Graham Hutchinson the photographer must be either blind or part of the charade. His title for the landing picture is

After commencing her solo flight in October 2015, and flying over 23 countries, Tracey Curtis-Taylor every so gently touches down on Runway 34R at Sydney International Airport
Ewald must be adept at escaping from the aircraft as he cannot be seen in any of the hangar pictures. No champagne or interviews for him:ok:

The whole arrival ceremony was carefully choreographed to maintain the solo illusion.

The question is how do the Australian Women Pilots Association feel about being part of this sham?

I have asked in an email to them today.

coldair 1st Sep 2016 14:05

I have been following this thread with interest. It's my daily 'go to' read.

However, one thing I can't understand is how did this lowish hour ppl from NZ get to know Royalty and all the sponsers ?

There must be a whole lot more to this - I'd love to know the answer !!


Sam Rutherford 1st Sep 2016 16:31

I wonder what she'll do with the certificate?! Put it on the wall or hide it in a box? All a bit difficult really...

Mike Flynn 1st Sep 2016 17:41

I think most of us would never be able to face looking at these awards at home Sam.

The feeling of guilt would be overwhelming.

She can never convince herself that the trips were solo.

It is like those who fill in false entries in their log books to expand flying hours enroute to a commercial

In the USA they view this sort of thing more seriously.

Federal suit against Lance Armstrong hinges on judge's ruling

Whistleblower case at a critical decision point.

The US Federal False Claims Act or 'whistleblower' lawsuit against Lance Armstrong could be reaching its final phase as a judge is set to make a ruling on whether the case should go to trial or be dismissed.

USA Today reports that District Judge Christopher Cooper is poised to make this decision in the $100 million case which was initially brought by Armstrong's former teammate Floyd Landis, and then joined by the federal government. It alleges that Armstrong defrauded the government by doping during the time the US Postal Service acted as title sponsor for his team. Should they win, the damages owed would be three times the amount of the fraud.


mary meagher 1st Sep 2016 21:04

Reminds me of that solo sailor -what was his name? and he was indeed alone in his boat - who taking part in a sailing round the world event, actually only faffed about mid Atlantic, sending fake messages about his progress on track well on his way.....and in the end, perhaps overcome with shame, "fell overboard".....and only his deserted sailboat remained for rescuers to puzzle over. Harder to do these days with advances in communication.

Mike Flynn 1st Sep 2016 21:21

You are of course refering to the The Teignmouth Electron a 41-foot trimaran sailing vessel designed explicitly for Donald Crowhurst’s ill-fated attempt to sail around the world in the Golden Globe Race of 1968.

In 1968, the British Sunday Times newspaper initiated a new sailing competition called The Golden Globe Race.The deceptively simple objective was to succeed in the first non-stop, solo circumnavigation of the earth. Thirty-four year-old Donald Crowhurst, an inventor, amateur yachtsman, and family man, decided to enter the race. Without a proper boat or open-sea experience, he set out to design and construct, from the ground up, a new and untested vessel.

With his effective persuasiveness and an exuberant passion, Crowhurst managed to convince various high-profile funders of his winning intentions even though his boating experience had been limited mostly to weekend pleasure sailing.

The Teignmouth Electron, (an amalgam of the British town Teighmouth who partially sponsored the boat’s construction, and Crowhurst’s own fledgling but failing electronics company, Electron Utilities) was “completed” just days before the race’s deadline, leaving testing and innumerable details incomplete. The boat was 200 percent over budget. On 31 October, 1968, the last day possible to begin the race, the Teignmouth Electron and Donald Crowhurst sailed into the Atlantic.

The boat immediately experienced problems. She took on water, fittings broke, the generator failed, and communication equipment was still unfinished. Design flaws made the Electron nearly impossible to steer, resulting in a bizarre and erratic zigzag sailing pattern. During Crowhurst’s 243 days at sea difficulties would continue to escalate.

At some point Crowhurst, sensing the project’s failure and unable to reconcile how this failure would affect him personally, financially, and professionally (his failing company was leveraging a portion of the cost) began faking an elaborate and faux-heroic course around the world. Crowhurst kept two logbooks: one detailed his innermost thoughts along with accurate readings of his journey; the other held forged entries of his imaginary progress around the world.

In July 1969, after providing false readings to the race organisers for months, Crowhurst learned that the other sailors had either dropped out of the race or that their boats had fallen apart mid-course, leaving the Teignmouth Electron in position to not just finish, but actually win the race. This was too much to bear and mental anguish set in. Crowhurst felt that his only escape was death. On 10 July, 1969, the Teignmouth Electron was found ghosting in the Atlantic, empty. The last logbook entry was dated 3 July. The boat was found in a state of disarray but contained in plain view his detailed logbooks outlining his grand lie as well as what he believed to be his ultimate life’s work - ideas written directly to humankind with “instructions” on attaining transcendence.
source wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teignmouth_Electron

Interestingly there are similarities to Tracey Curtis Taylor.

To quote the Daily Mail expose...

Miss Curtis-Taylor’s website posted: ‘For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been the sole pilot of Spirit of Artemis.
‘In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman. However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped.’
Mr Gritsch admits he was in the forward cockpit for ‘the majority’ of the flights from Cape Town to Goodwood and Farnborough to Sydney. He said: ‘The situation was that it was not a solo flight.’
Sponsors Boeing and Artemis refused to comment and the BBC said it bought the documentary from production firm Nylon, who also declined to comment.

Read more: 'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down by claims that she had co-pilot | Daily Mail Online
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
However Crowhurst was on his own trying to deceive the worlds media.

Tracey Curtis Taylor was part of a much broader public relations charade to convince the worlds media that the Spirit Of Artemis was being flown solo from Cape Town to Goodwood England by a woman who was "commemorating" the historic travels of Lady Mary Heath.

So having got all the sponsors on board and a tv crew making an independent documentary everyone suddenly discovered the terrible truth.

Tracey had never flown solo outside of familar local areas and her comfort zone.

Worse still she could not cope with the work load.

It was panic stations for the Artemis media advisor who had to some how rescue the situation. All this massive investment about to go down the plug hole.

Hence this

In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman. However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped.’
We never have had an explanation as to why it was dropped but Sam Rutherford and others I have spoken to claim she was not able to fly and navigate.

The answer was Ewald Gritsch who would fly the Spirit of Artemis while TCT was filmed as, to use her words.."the sole pilot".

It appears the trick worked so it was used again for the UK to Sydney 'Solo' trip.

I would like to say at this stage that Pprune have been excellent in not allowing this sorry story to be brushed under the carpet.

I understand the Spirit of Artemis is still tucked away in the Execujet hangar at Farnborough. Despite some superb UK flying weather TCT seems to have gone to ground.

Not much flying outreach going on:ok:

Mike Flynn 1st Sep 2016 22:02

It is now time to introduce the media man behind the Bird in the Biplane.
The link between Zara Phillips,Artemis and Tracey Curtis Taylor hence this picture.
Left to right TCT, Zara and her husband Mike Tyndall

Step forward Tim Kelly.:ok:

Based in New York & London
Independent and flexible consultant providing strategic support for agencies and stakeholders engaged in global sponsorship activities, with a particular focus on sport/adventure properties


April 2015-Present: Consultant for Aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor, managing PR, marketing, communications and sponsor relationships for Great Britain to Australia Flight

April 2014-Present: Communications consultant for North Sails:
- Developing and managing international PR strategy for North Sails
May 2008-Present: Management of sponsorship strategy and sponsorship media relations for Artemis Investment Management:
- Advising senior management on sponsorship rationale, activation and integration
- Ensuring visibility and media returns around title sponsorships in Ocean Racing (sailing), Ocean Rowing and other adventure activities, including the acclaimed title sponsorship of Walking with the Wounded and Cape Town to Goodwood
- Strategic management of all related media budgets, suppliers, content and partners
- Implemented successful personal sponsorship of Olympic Equestrienne Zara Phillips


March 2015-September 2015: Consultant to Movember charity to explore golf activation

April 2013-December 2015: Branded content and media relations for Mercedes-Benz global golf sponsorships, managing a full agency team reporting into Germany, UK and USA:
- Delivering worldwide visibility in media through creative branded video content and PR at The Masters, The Open and the US PGA Championship, as well as for Brand Ambassadors Adam Scott, Martin Kaymer, Bernhard Langer and Louis Oosthuizen

April 2013-June 2015: Marketing consultant for the WTA:
- Liaison between BNP Paribas/TEB and WTA to ensure successful activation as title sponsor for the WTA Championships in Istanbul 2013
- Ongoing advice and support to the European Marketing Solutions Team in 2014/201
He certainly gets results.

Tim Kelly (r) is in charge of organising the media
Ewan McGregor, Zara Phillips and Natalie Pinkham attract plenty of attention in Cowes before they set out for a day's sailing around the Isle of Wight in The artemis Challenge to raise £10000 for the Toe in the Water - the official charity of Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week 2011. These images show the media that are watching their every move.
So here he is on the right of this picture.https://c1.staticflickr.com/7/6136/6...9cf0eed9_b.jpg

So the question is will Mr Kelly be joining Pprune to defend our solo "inspirational aviatrix"?

Or will the Spirit of Artemis dream end its days wrecked in the public spotlight in Arizona.
Buried in the small print.
Aircraft are like investments...they may go up, down or even crash. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall the morning he saw this lovely PR picture:ok: http://www.abc.net.au/news/image/741...x2-940x627.jpg

maxred 2nd Sep 2016 14:59

TCT Just finished an interview on BBC Radio Scotland....

She is the owner of Spirit of Artemis.
She has two aeroplanes, a Ryan PT22, and the Stearman. The Stearman is her favourite.
She is a qualified Commercial Pilot, and Qualified Instructor.
She does not fly professionally, bur for the love of it-a hobby.
She flew at tree top height, dodging power lines, in Romania, due to weather.
She flew through Israel, at 15 feet, in formation with another Stearman.
When she landed in Australia, she took the wings off the Stearman to ship it to the States for the Round the World epic.
The crash in Arizona, reached 60 feet, RPM drop of 300, she turned the plane through thirty degrees, and handled the crash landing.
At this stage in the interview, Ewald was mentioned as a crew member, who was on board at the time of the crash. It was the only mention of him....
She has no moving map for her epic trials, just an old rickety GPS, a map, and the wind in her hair.......

There you go.........

piperboy84 2nd Sep 2016 15:45

She is a qualified Commercial Pilot
So am I, and that certificate added to a few bucks will buy you a cup of coffee.

Being a commercially rated pilot sounds good when down the pub as it conjures up images to non-flyers of someone who flies 747's while sporting a blizzard of stripes and braids. Believe me I throw the "Commercial Pilot" bit around loudly and repeatedly when tying to impress women.(shallow and sad yes, but kidding on I'm an Olympic sprinter or premiere league footballer just aint gonna fly :ok:)

The reality is without type ratings and a real world job hauling fare paying passengers or students you're just a PPL bimbler who knows how to memorize the answers to more than 70% of the questions on the test and can do Chandeles and Lazy 8's to a relatively reasonable standard.

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