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Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 13:07

For a low houred pilot with just a current UK private licence she has built an amazing self promotion vehicle in the last three years.

More remarkable as her so called Aviatrix adventures were done with an unsung airline pilot sitting in the front seat.

And despite her claim to promote women in aviation she continues to use the surname of her ex husband, multiple New Zealand aerobatic champion Steve Taylor .
Enthusiast gets high on 'aerial Ferrari' thrills | Stuff.co.nz

Stanwell...I look forward to her Oshkosh arrival. I hope Ewald is free as the radio and airspace gets quite busy there:ok:

Danny42C 20th Jul 2016 13:40

From Portsmouth University:

She will receive a Doctor of the University on Wednesday, July 20.
Honoris Causa ?

Baron Munchausen, thou should'st be living at this hour !

Best show in town - and it just keeps on getting better and better !

Lind1795 20th Jul 2016 14:02

This is my first post but I've been reading this thread with growing unease at how it is possible for someone to be able to pull the wool over so many people's eyes. The power associated with influence and patronage is well known - it's always been part of society sadly.

However, I am now very angry at seeing this latest news - an honorary doctorate. I've always had reservations about honorary degrees but this takes them to a new low. It is an insult to all who gain their degrees the correct way. Dr Tracey indeed! Staggering and awful. A very sad and disappointing act on the part of the university. TCT does not deserve it and she does not deserve the other awards.

I have given the university feedback!

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 14:11

To spool back in time you have to see who she was networking with and how she got Royal Naval Reserve honourary Lt Commander rank less than a year ago.
This from her website last October

Evening with the Royal Navy and the Honarary Officers of the Royal Navy Reserves at the Cutty Sark
I was very, very privileged to be invited last week to a wonderful occasion and to find myself in illustrious company: HRH Prince Michael of Kent, First Sea Lord Admiral Sir George Zambellas and our host, Honorary Vice Admiral The Lord Sterling of Plaistow.
Highlights were the Royal Marine Band playing in the sunset with the Cutty Sark soaring above, all ropes and rigging, and fluttering ensigns. I can't remember when I have ever felt so moved and proud to be at the heart of what is a great part of our national identity. On a private note, generations of my family sailed these old tea clippers on the East India route and I am convinced that my love of flying and the elements springs from this very source.

Then dinner downstairs under the great burnished copper hull; really the most beautiful sight. Very fine dinner, with stirring speeches, much passing around of port and belting out sea shanties in real time-honoured way. What an evening!
Not bad for a UK PPL who was unheard of three years ago and, as I have said before, never managed a several hundred mile cross country flight alone :ok:

Is there an episode of Who Do You Think You Are on the horizon?

On a private note, generations of my family sailed these old tea clippers on the East India route and I am convinced that my love of flying and the elements springs from this very source.
Not an ancestor or two but "generations".

There must be a Curtis Taylor stately home somewhere in the UK with long lost relatives ready to mow the grass and let our period dressed 'Aviatrix' descend from the skies to lines of villagers ready to pay homage.

I must say having seen Tim Peake pictured below Farnborough last week he needs to sort out a better wardrobe before he gets his Masters Medal.


Stanwell 20th Jul 2016 14:33

I'd relish the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions about her 'Maritime Heritage'. I'm pretty sure her guardian would step in
after she stumbled on the second one.

Similarly, I'd like to put ten random questions to her about Amy Johnson.
Do you think she'd even reach a pass mark?

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 14:38

There is a chance to ask questions tomorrow night (21st July) in Hull Yorkshire UK
Allam Lecture Theatre
6pm - 7pm

Admission: FREE

My spirit found outlet in the air – Amy Johnson

Tracey will tell the story of her expeditions in her 1942 bi-plane Spirit of Artemis over the past 4 years, flying Cape Town to Goodwood, Britain to Australia, and then completing the global tour with the flight across the USA. Interwoven within the incredible adventure of these flights which have taken her through some of the most beautiful and challenging parts of the planet, is the history of pioneering aviation from the Golden Age of aviation during the inter-war period.

Tracey has been inspired by aviators such as Amy Johnson and Lady Mary Heath and her flights have given her the platform to meet thousands of women around the world, allowing her the opportunity to share her message of freedom, ambition and inspiration. She will be speaking to slides with stunning photos and breath-taking video footage from her worldwide flight.
Hang on...am I missing something?

and then completing the global tour with the flight across the USA
Well she must have forgotten the Spirit of Artifibs reduced to pieces in big box crossing the Pacific and the USA trip ended like this.http://www.abc.net.au/news/image/741...x2-940x627.jpg

Notice she is now using black and white imagery to enhance the Aviatrix myth as per the picture below.
Royal Geographical Society #London September 17th & 18th.


Danny42C 20th Jul 2016 14:42

Jay Sata,

...how she got Royal Naval Reserve honourary Lt Commander rank...
Princess Royal, eat your heart out !

Cows getting bigger 20th Jul 2016 14:46

May I point the congregation in the direction of Bird in a Biplane Ltd?


Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 15:04

All that shows is her connection to Robert Marshall of Marshall Aerospace,the UK's largest private military contractor. Also a major client of Boeing who is TCT's primary sponsor.

This is worth watching.The send of with her sponsors to Australia.
If you look carefully towards the end of the clip you can see the chauffeur and front seat occupant Ewald assist her board the aircraft with luggage loaded and responding to the call "I need a lifejacket"


Must go now as tiffin is being served here at Jay Towers:ok:

Hadley Rille 20th Jul 2016 15:09

Definitely flew across the USA from Seattle to Boston

Revealed: honorary graduates for 2016 | UoP News

Comments invited on the page.

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 15:15

Not in this :ok:

"I am stricken to announce that my flight across the USA has been cut short following a crash in the Arizona desert," she wrote on her Facebook page.
"Firstly, I am fine and unharmed, as is Ewald Gritsch who was with me. I would like to thank everyone for their best wishes and support."
Source BBC Biplane adventurer Tracey Curtis-Taylor crashes in Arizona desert - BBC News

Cows getting bigger 20th Jul 2016 15:30

Jay Sata, look at the numbers. ;)

Stanwell 20th Jul 2016 15:58

Yes, I noticed those, too.

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 16:25

What we are complaining about is the deception.

There is certainly nothing wrong with any person flying long distances and then talking to the press about their exploits.

However in the TCT debacle it is the press who have been exploited.

Tim Peake will receive a Honourable Company of Air Pilots Masters medal for his well deserved adventure in space.

By contrast all that TCT has done is sit in the back seat of a well sponsored expensive vintage aircraft with the airline pilot owner up front.

She will get the same medal as Tim Peake.

This topic has nothing to do with misogyny.

It is discussing how so many have been misled, with so little achievement, by so few.

Tracey has refused point blank to answer the allegations on pprune, in the UK Daily Mail and Canada's National Post that she has undertaken all of these so called adventures with airline pilot Ewald Gritsch.

If I may remind you

Mr Gritsch admits he was in the forward cockpit for ‘the majority’ of the flights from Cape Town to Goodwood and Farnborough to Sydney. He said: ‘The situation was that it was not a solo flight.’
Sponsors Boeing and Artemis refused to comment and the BBC said it bought the documentary from production firm Nylon, who also declined to comment.

Read more: 'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down by claims that she had co-pilot | Daily Mail Online
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
And from Tracey herself..

Miss Curtis-Taylor’s website posted: ‘For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been the sole pilot of Spirit of Artemis.
‘In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman. However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped.’

Read more: 'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down by claims that she had co-pilot | Daily Mail Online
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
She clearly states..."in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped".

Sam Rutherford who was logistics manager for the South Africa trip claims it was because she could not cope with long distance cross country navigation. It is worth pointing out that Africa lacks the big familiar VFR landmarks the UK has such as the M25.

Given her admission it was not a solo flight and with two pilots and ipad/satnav on board the Light Aircraft Association still gave her a navigation award. Today she received an honorary degree from Portsmouth University on the basis she flew alone!

Meanwhile Lachlan Smart is a really inspirational pilot. Just 18 years old he left Australia 20 days ago and having flown across the Pacific solo he has now reached Niagara Falls on his genuine solo voyage around the world.


Australian teen pilot Lachlan Smart is attempting to claim the Guinness world record as the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft.

On Tuesday afternoon he landed in Niagara Falls, the ninth leg of 24 stops on his round-the-world odyssey.
Teen pilot stops in Niagara Falls on record-setting trip around the world - City & Region - The Buffalo News

If I was the Master of the HCAP in London I would be ordering another medal.

He is planning to route St Johns Canada to UK direct and spend 11 days here.

Time for a bottle of champagne and a HCAP reception?

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 19:55

There are no pictures or video of how Ewald and the Pilatus jet prop got to film her on departure.

There some suggestion somewhere she had problems landing at L2K.

Whatever there is no doubt once she left the UK it was a sham.

Indeed I suspect all concerned have known from day one that it was not a genuine solo flight to Australia.

Her arrival at Goodwood two up with Ewald from the Africa trip confirms that.

Just look at this video and analyse who was flying it.

Spool back on the last part of the video and you can see she is everywhere.
Ewald in contrast is shutting down the engine while Tracey looks for her handbag?

Whatever she did not arrive back at Goodwood solo.

TCT and her sponsors have conspired to con the press and the charade continues.

A statement from Boeing,Artemis,BIAB,the HCAP,the LAA and others would be welcome.

The Daily Mail story raised questions and was lawyered.

In press terms that means the newspaper employs a retained legal company who check facts of a story before printing.

The paradox is the Daily Mail awarded Amy Johnson a cheque for £10,000 in 1931 but questioned TCT in July 2016

Look at this headline in the Daily Mail...

Amy Johnson she ain't: 'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down to earth by claims that she had co-pilot and flew just four of her 36 round-the-world legs on her own
Tracey Curtis-Taylor, 54, re-creating the solo exploits of Amy Johnson
But it has emerged the self-styled ‘Bird in a bi-plane’ may have had co-pilot
Man who planned one journey said she ‘embellished the truth’ about flights

Read more: 'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down by claims that she had co-pilot | Daily Mail Online
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Plus we still have the issue of HCAP Master Peter Benn suggesting that the past Master Chris Ward's letter below is not correct?

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 20:20

With a name like Airpolice I hoped we would have you giving us answers.

I suspect she flew to Biggin Hill or perhaps Lydd to clear customs and join her support crew.

The video at Farnborough shows no customs clearance.

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 20:39

TCT flying experience
Airpolice...the clip you posted from Shuttleworth in 2009 had Tracey claiming she had been flying for 25 years. However the AAIB report on the Goodwood accident just cited 1400 hours.

Am I missing something?

I am in contact with Steve Taylor,her ex husband and the man who taught her to fly.
Indeed this part of her biog can be linked to Steve but she puts some spin on it.

Shortly after her return Tracey migrated to New Zealand and began flying in earnest. She
gained her private pilot’s licence, commercial licence and an instructor rating and, unusual
for a woman, was trained by military pilots to fly World War II aeroplanes with the New
Zealand Warbird Association.

Well there was nothing unusual as she was married to one of NZ's best aerobatic and display pilots at the time. Auckland Ardmore is where you will find Steve who taught her to fly and gave her the Taylor name.

Both he and Sam Rutherford agree she can fly but it appears she has navigation problems.

That of course explains why Ewald has been aboard all these trips.

It also confirms the quote a few posts ago from her site.

In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman. However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped.’

Katamarino 20th Jul 2016 20:41

That would average 55 hours a year which is not at all unreasonable for a typical PPL.

Mike Flynn 20th Jul 2016 21:15

Just to correct you her website states...

Great Britain To Australia in an Open Cockpit Biplane

Tracey Curtis-Taylor starts 13,000 mile journey from Farnborough

Tracey Curtis-Taylor today departed Farnborough Airport in her classic 1942 Boeing Stearman Spirit of Artemis heading for Sydney, Australia. The intrepid British aviator’s expedition will include 50 legs as she crosses 23 countries on her trip across the globe. Her first day flying will see her stop in Le Touquet, France (120 nautical miles), before continuing on to Charleville in the Ardennes (a further 124 nm).

I read somewhere she had crosswind problems at L2K.

At this point I would would like to say the mods here have been very generous in allowing this thread to develop to one of the longest on private flying.

Although a rumour network please do not post unless you can analyse or link to published

Having come this far it would be a shame to have this long running thread closed.

However given that she happily accepted an honorary degree from Portsmouth University today http://uopnews.port.ac.uk/2016/07/11...ates-for-2016/

It is worth reading again a post from Sam Rutherford elsewhere on Prune.

I thought it best to clarify a couple of the aspects of Tracey Curtis-Taylor's Spirit of Artemis flight from Cape Town to Goodwood.

She did 44 flights within Africa from Cape Town to Crete in Greece.

On 40 of these flights, she was accompanied by her instructor (20000+ hours, and the same man who (beautifully) rebuilt the aeroplane from scratch).

On two of the solo flights, she asked the C208 to fly slowly in front of her as she was worried she wouldn't find the destination airfield (despite having two moving map GPS in the cockpit).

She had three pilots doing all the flight planning and preparation, filing of flight plans etc. and a full support organisation for all the ground logistics.
In short, perhaps not the 'achievement' she seeks to portray - and certainly nothing compared to Mary Heath's story (or many others).

In 2015 she accepted the prestigious Light Aircraft Association's Bill Woodhams Trophy normally awarded for 'Feats of Navigation'.

I consider it unfortunate:
- That her flight was judged the winner for 2014.
- That she was prepared to accept it (as opposed to politely declining).
- That whoever was in 'second place' missed out on what should perhaps have been theirs?

Looking to set the story a little straighter before this goes into the history books...

Safe flights, Sam.

Sir Niall Dementia 21st Jul 2016 00:08


I dislike what T C-T has down intensely, but go careful with the facts. You wouldn't see a customs clearance at Farnborough, because if one is required out bound then it is dealt with in the main terminal, if required in-bound it is often dealt with on board if it is a private jet, otherwise the terminal for something smaller.

I know this because I fly out of Farnborough several times a month. My knowledge of EGLF customs is based on fact. Edited video can be extremely misleading.


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