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treadigraph 14th Jul 2016 10:46

Lang Kidby's Avro Avian VH-UFZ was rebuilt in less than 8 weeks after being similarly seriously damaged in a landing accident in the UK a few years ago. I seem to recall the wings were torn off after it swung off the strip into standing crops at Milden.

Can't find a pic but memory has a wingless fuselage lying on its side. Several UK restoration companies put their backs in to the work and I doubt they had much in the way of spare parts to hand.

Lang subsequently flew it home to Australia.

Stanwell 14th Jul 2016 11:36

Let's not forget the Light Aircraft Association and its award to TCT for her "Feat of Navigation" using a top-shelf GPS setup.
She even got lost on a local flight to Goodwood, for gawsake!
"GREAT" Britain, indeed.

deefer dog 14th Jul 2016 11:55

One of the problems faced by those who accuse TCT of lying is that much of what has been written about her exploits and claims has been published not by her, but instead by those who are merely reporting "her story." This gives TCT the opportunity to claim that she didn't actually say this or that, and that she has been "misrepresented" or that she was "misunderstood."

There do however seem to be a few facts that she cannot now defend, and notable among these are the repetition that it is "her" Stearman. Are we absolutely sure that the aircraft does not belong to her?

In my opinion though the most strikingly obvious false claim is that which was printed on the backdrop she often stood in front of while peddling her so called motivational speeches. I can't lay my hands on the photo right now, but I would love to hear her explain away the headline it featured, which read ALONE IN A BI-PLANE, alongside the route flown from Goodwood to South Africa.

I wonder if her future speaking engagements will feature the same backdrop, but with a pop up "clarification" similar to that which now appears on her web site?

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 12:38

Happy to oblige.

Her it is.


Stanwell 14th Jul 2016 12:41

No, no, no.
You are just not being open-minded and charitable, deefer!

That backdrop was all the fault of some incompetent, over-enthusiastic hack - just like the rest of the media which 'misread' her press-releases.
What she really meant to say was, simply that she was .. "alone in a cock-pit" **.. OK?

All of the original material disseminated by her through her media and PR machine is on record.
She just wishes it wasn't and is counting on people's short memories and charitable natures.
Unfortunately .. the Ignoble Company of Witch-Hunters is noted for neither its charity nor short memory.

** Oh, I see, somebody's trying to be smart and kicked in an auto-censor on here now.....
Well, I really think that TCT's copy-writer is the one that should be spoken to about that.
The words I repeatedly typed were .. "a.l.o.n.e. i.n. a. c.o.c.k.-.p.i.t."

What's next? .. Is bi-plane going to be considered risqué?

Jetblu 14th Jul 2016 12:46

I agree deefer dog....the journo's will only print what they are told.


......but when the truth cumes out, an accurate story usually emerges, with lasting consequences.


Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 12:55

When you say journo's will only print what they are told you misunderstand the system of newsgathering as it is called these days.

Most of what you read,see and hear in news these days comes via news agencies.

The two big international tv and print players are Reuters and Associated Press. ( I have worked for both as a global tv news editor)

Below them come countries news agencies then local news agencies. This system is best described as a consolidated approach to gathing news the old fashioned way.

People on the ground cost a lot of money and are not cost effective.

The internet has changed newsgathing in a big way so strands like this reveal stories that would cost thousands to research.

However the downside is the media is a big hungrey animal that needs feeding 24/7.

Every day space needs to be filled.

The soft underbelly is exploited by the PR companies who produce glossy pictures video and stories that promote their assets easier and cheaper than paid advertising.

Indeed we now have a term for this. Advertorial. It crosses the boundary between real stories and commercial press releases.

I guess the old saying still applies.. Don't believe everything you read.

piperboy84 14th Jul 2016 13:53

Deefer is right, she can obfuscate, dodge and blame others for misunderstanding her terminology or relaying the wrong message on the "solo" or "sole pilot flying the plane " thing, but the pic that Jay just put up is without a doubt the smoking gun for her BS and lies.

Danny42C 14th Jul 2016 14:35

The Plot Thickens.
Stanwell (your #858),

...Re the 'unsuccessful take-off' at Winslow.

Danny42C had, earlier in this thread, suggested that, in light of his experience with PT-17s, the prop could have inadvertently, prematurely been knocked into coarse pitch...
Not the PT-17s. They had a fixed metal prop driven by a 220 hp Continental. My two-speeds were on the front of a BT-13 (Vultee Valiant) with a 450 hp P&W Wasp Junior.

...Has anybody heard anything more that would account for the claimed 300rpm drop?...
I learned a lot from Google:

<two-speed hydraulic propellors method of operation>

I clearly remember that a parked Harvard would always have the bobs "in", cylinder "back" (min rpm) = coarse pitch, although the cockpit levers were at max on shut down. When engine started and oil pressure came on, prop cyl moved forward, bobs moved out and prop turned to max rpm (fine pitch).

Can't recall how a BT-13 two-speed prop behaved, but no reason to be any different.

Question: If a two-speed were stopped dead, "shock-loaded", in an accident, with oil pressure still in the system, and cockpit lever in 'fine', would the prop still be in fine patch ?

If so, what if it were found to be in "coarse" - what then ?


India Four Two (your #860),

Danny42C had, earlier in this thread, suggested that, in light of his experience with PT-17s, the prop could have inadvertently, prematurely been knocked into coarse pitch
Not a PT-17 (as above).


Jetblu 14th Jul 2016 17:13

Piperboy, yours and deefer's thoughts would, and could, arguably be accepted if this was just one or two journo's whom misunderstood her.
It's not though, is it. I have counted at least 15 different sources.

Consider this...this thread has been brought to her attention. She disagrees with what has been said and then makes a 'statement' in a failed attempt of covering her deceit.

If she was misunderstood that much, she would have read what had been said and made a similar 'statement' long before this thread started.

If she had said, "I fancied a long jolly to Australia. I approached EG as he had a stupendous Stearman. I approached Artemis for funds to buy our Avgas.
The job was a good'en. I was nothing more than Ewald's companion and we shared jollies on the stick together."

But I doubt that would have deserved any awards.

NearlyStol 14th Jul 2016 18:10

Latest on her great pioneering adventures :
The BAE Systems Brough Centenary Lecture ? Amy Johnson Festival
I hope Yorkshire will expose the bird.

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 18:19

She really needs to try and keep the story the same.

Her wiki entry states

In 2013, Curtis-Taylor flew a Boeing-Stearman Model 75 biplane in an eight week journey, covering over 13,000 km, from Cape Town, South Africa to Goodwood Aerodrome, England. The journey comprised a total of 38 legs and 110 flying hours.

However the graphic she is standing in front of above states 32 legs.link 872

The solo bit she concedes was not solo as Ewald was on board.

However the average over the six week trip was less than two hours a day.

No exactly punishing flying or hardship.

deefer dog 14th Jul 2016 20:33

Thanks for finding it Jay, but for the record do you know when it was taken, and where? Was it definitely after the flight?

(I'm of course referring to that backdrop with the claim of her being alone in the aircraft, the one she cannot remove from cyberspace).

Danny42C 14th Jul 2016 21:19


My earlier #877 refers. Had a look at second pic (#864) of the prang. Zoomed in as far as possible, and got out trusty magnifying glass (my eyesight is not what it once was !)

Cylinder seems to have been broken off. (piston visible) But bob on this side appears to be "in", and the inner third of both the prop blades seem to be in "coarse" position.

There will be engineer hydraulic prop experts reading this. Comment ?

And isn't this a perfect example of the old jest: "Three-pointer ?"........."Yes - both wingtips and the prop !"


Stanwell 14th Jul 2016 21:32

Ah, thank you, Detective-Superintendent Danny (Forensic Branch).
Hopefully a techie with Hamilton-Standard knowledge will notice this and give us a steer.

NearlyStol, your post #879..
Thanks for that tid-bit.
BAe Systems, then, is another crowd of scam-facilitators to go on the ICWH's mailing list.

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 22:13

Honourable Company Of Air Pilots
I am puzzled by the award letter to Tracey Curtis Taylor by the Master Chris Ford in January.
Posted again to save you spooling back.

Peter Ford clearly gave her his Masters Medal based on what he knew in January.

The terms of reference for this award are;
Awarded to any person in aviation for an act or other achievement in aviation
considered worthy of the Medal as soon as the facts are clear.

"The award is in recognition of the great feat of aviation you have completed.
Throughout your flight from the UK to Australia during which,by all accounts, you overcame many unforeseen obstacles in very testing conditions,displayed stoic endurance,perseverance and commendable airman ship,you demonstrated the ethos and spirit of adventure which many aviator strive for throughout their careers. I am so very pleased,that you as an upper Freeman of our Company,have safely achieved this feat which is deservedly worthy of the award.
Then we have the current thread started by me on pprune which revealed the truth. It was not a solo flight as they conceded in their recent magazine.

Now we have the statement from Peter Benn the current Master to Dave Jarvis the Daily Mail journalist who wrote this.
'Solo' flying poster girl is brought down by claims that she had co-pilot | Daily Mail Online

The Peter Benn statement appears to put a different spin on the Masters Medal award with no reference to the Chris Ford letter. In a few words...damage limitation by HCAP.

Dear Dave.

We spoke last week, and I promised you a short written statement. The statement is as below:

"The Honourable Company of Air Pilots has awarded Tracey Curtis Taylor The Master’s Medal for organising an aviation expedition from the UK to Australia, retracing the route flown by Amy Johnson as a tribute to her, which formed part of a wider promotional endeavour to encourage females into aviation. There was one specific, principal aim in mind: to promote aviation to many thousands of youngsters, especially women, across the globe for whom flying is a distant, even unknown or seemingly unachievable activity. This is particularly relevant when an estimated 400,000 new commercial pilots are needed worldwide in the next twenty years to meet anticipated growth. The Master’s award recognises Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s work in raising awareness of science and technology in general, and aviation in particular, amongst young women across the world”.
I understand only the Master can grant his medal. It now appears the HCAP award the Masters medal and not the Master hence Peter Benns statment?

So is Tracey getting the Chris Ford Masters Medal or the Peter Benn Masters medal?

The award text is not the same. Did Chris Ford make a mistake or was Tracey always going to get the Master medal? There are many rumours flying around that Tracey had to get an award whatever the outcome.

Whatever it puts Chris Peakes award in the shadows as no one can question where he has been and what he has done.

Or is she getting the 'Oh my god what do we do now to sort this mess out' medal.

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 22:40

Don't you just love the internet:ok:

It is impossible to hide the truth.

GoPro as well.

Excellent picture Above The Clouds.

Many thanks.

India Four Two 14th Jul 2016 22:41

In UK, US and AUS, that I know of, you can effectively "restore" something around the maker's plate and have it certified as the original aircraft.
Also in Canada. Many Beavers are apparently "name plate" restorations

... the open cockpit vintage biplane was containerised and shipped to Hungary where a remarkably efficient and speedy rebuild was completed.In less than six weeks the Spirit of Artifice is back in the air (8/7/16) and turns up at Farnborough on the 12/7/2016.
It can't have been a very difficult rebuild. Ewald has "suitable spares" ;)

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 22:45

This may shock some of you but a number of contacts suggest Ewald and Tracey
may be an item. ;-)

Mike Flynn 14th Jul 2016 23:02

It's a hard life out there flying in Africa:ok:
Who would have thought the natives have flying clubs?

“It's not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand. ~ Brian Stimpson, Clockwise
But the best bit of her past so called flying career is yet to come.

Our intrepid aviator only had 1400 ppl hours in her log book when she sliced the Robbo helicopter at Goodwood in 2015.

Shortly after her return Tracey migrated to New Zealand and began flying in earnest. She gained her private pilot’s licence, commercial licence and an instructor rating and, unusual for a woman, was trained by military pilots to fly World War II aeroplanes with the New Zealand Warbird Association.
You may well ask who got her flying.

Where does the Taylor in Curtis Taylor come from?

Steve Taylor was the man who married her and got her flying.

They do not come much better than this.

For multiple New Zealand aerobatic champion Steve Taylor it will be a "privilege" to pilot an aerial Ferrari at the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow this weekend.

The car salesman will sit behind the controls of one of only eight known airworthy Hurricanes in the world.

The Hurricane was the workhorse of the Royal Air Force's Fighter Command during 1940's Battle of Britain.

Taylor described the experience of flying one as someone saying "here are the keys to my Enzo Ferrari, take it for a spin down the southern motorway".

"This is probably worth more than an Enzo," Taylor, of Auckland, said of the Hawker Hurricane P3351.

A Warbirds regular, who has been flying since he was 15, Taylor said there was an overwhelming sense of history or of being in a movie while flying a World War 2 fighter such as a Spitfire, Hurricane or Mustang.

"It's such a great privilege. Most people never ever get the chance and I don't even have to write a cheque for $4 million to buy one," he said.

Taylor's borrowed aircraft was rebuilt over six years by Air New Zealand Engineering Services and Britain's Hawker Restorations. It is now part of the Alpine Fighter Collection in Wanaka. "There's a sense of responsibility when you fly these, especially because someone else owns it," Taylor said. "You treat it well -- you don't thrash it.

He is a proper non publicist aviator flying this http://www.aerobatics.co.nz/images/YP_ZAI.jpg

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