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CL604 Cobham SAR jobs

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Originally Posted by AerocatS2A View Post
Perhaps. There are automation philosophies that are either all or nothing, i.e., if AP is off then AT must be off as well. I don't know how SM will run the CL604 but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if AT and AP were verboten below 1000'.
The auto throttle will be permanently off.... As the Cobham 604's are apparently fitted for but not with!! Seems like AT would have been handy, even if just for the takeoff and cruise!

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Originally Posted by Bloggs
Likewise, there are automation philosophies that are half and half. Like your machine, AS2A and another "close by" light twin that looks like a mad dog. I understand the all-on-all-off was/is a 737 thing due to the PIOs that occur when the driver is changing the power whilst handflying. Certainly with centreline/mid-level engines, hand-flying with a decent ATS is a no-brainer.
Although the manufacturer is ok with half and half, the current company management are of an all or nothing mindset. Not that I'm likely to fly an RJ again any time soon.
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I realise this thread was created due to comments regarding Cobham SAR jobs, and focus is being placed on recruiting difficulties because of the radical departure from the norm for Sar. The recruiting is further complicated due to a conflicting range of operational imperatives, not too many people have the varied skill sets required for this work.

21 tonne jet, lots of inertia, and a lovely slick wing that needs speed.
Requirement for visual search at 120 -140 kts
Drop the current inventory of stores, big objects out of a small door.
Visual search (critical) with a low wing aircraft, not globally accepted.
An expectation that drops will be conducted at 100 -200 ft accurately.
Current drop speed approx 180 kts plus.
Do all of this as much as possible by simulation to save non revenue flying.

The aircraft has already been grounded after drop trials resulted in the store impacting the aircraft.some one earlier pointed out that there was zero chance of an engine ingesting drop items, I bet they also thought that there would be no chance of stores impact. If you have done this job for a long time keep looking for the items that might bite you. If you are new, be very very careful, and don't be cocky in areas you are yet to learn.
Cobham may sort their way through this, and if they do I will publicly applauded them. The issue is it should never have been this hard.
Aviation is a risk based activity, we try and mitigated it every step of the way. In this case AMSA,s selection has tried to put a square peg in a round hole. How many more contract variations are yet to come. I sincerely hope no one gets hurt, even better if some lives are saved.
Very high level of difficulty
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Just wondering if you have anymore information on the store impacting the aircraft... I can see on FlightAware that the last flight was 12 March, surely there would be a incident report submitted to the ATSB for something like this?

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and focus is being placed on recruiting difficulties

Cant be too difficult - I know one applicant - 13,000 hours, 11,000 jet hours, 1100 hours command 604, flight examiner, instrument rating examiner, sim instructor, and worked for 2 years in a dedicated Search and Rescue Unit - didn't even get thru the first "computer" interview.
Well that's the assumption because they didn't have the common decency to EVER get back to him.
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Rodney, that's the way Hr works in Australia now. They are contemptuous of people applying for jobs,. The problem with this role is Cobham have been in a station keeping excercise for a decade. All they needed to do was keep a trickle of pilots and backenders flowing into the Coastwatch system. Now all of a sudden they have the HR and pilot chiefs needing to recruit an extra 80 or so people in an aircraft type they don't know, in a role they have no experience in.
Low level Sar ops in a jet.

The process is a joke, and they are making heaps of friends with their arrogance.
One day industry will realise if you need someone with a particular skill set then you should

1. Interview them and check credentials
2. See if they actually have the skills you need - scenario based sim session.

After that you can make them take all the quizzes you like, hell they can fill out sudoku puzzles in the crew room to HR s hearts content.

Bottom line - if you don't know what skill set you need, try and use psychology to save on sim costs by knocking some candidates out. HR you got it all wrong, there is no substitute to interviewing people in an intelligent way asking sensible questions to test the candidates fit, then the pilot should get the opportunity to show their skills in the sim.(after all isn't that what we want, competency)
And what the hell happened to common courtesy, people put hours of work into their dreams of landing a job that could make a difference and not even an automated response. That's disgusting, wake up HR departments everywhere, I really hope you are on the receiving end of this completely unprofessional methodology one day.
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even for those who received an offer

Story I heard (friend of a friend of a friend etc) about someone who did get an offer is that they did "all" the following up, at several stages of the process, sometimes multiple times to get a 'sort of' answer ... until they received their offer.

It would seem Cobham HR has a problem. Hopefully not indicative of their operational side

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Chief Pilot never heard of me, and never received the applications I sent in on two occasions.
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Would anyone that had an interview or got offered a position like to share the sort of hours & experience they had ? Guys/girls coming back from overseas ? Airline jobs, military ?? Were the positions filled before they were even advertised ? Sounds like a competitive market !

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Have a read of the EBA which was agreed with the TWU before any flight crew were even hired for this role…

Expected to operate anywhere in the World, particularly Australasia for a multi million dollar Government contract…sounds great…wait...pilots are to provide their own flight publications! WTF

Very low currency expected so Sim has been purchased to offset this…great, sim expected 4 times a year…no wait, want ing to save money, lets try 3 times a year…

That's ok then, local training flights to cover off all recency requirements then like present incumbents do…no wait, those will be covered off on tasking flights, want to avoid non-revenue flights…

Wait, you will need to share accommodation with your sim partner while you do your endorsement…

And of course the pay offered in the EBA is about 20K short of what you would expect, and from what I understand, turbo-prop drivers going to this contract are taking a pay cut.

Great lifestyle of course.
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Cobham financial turmoil leading up to SAR implementation

Check out the link, AMSA may find this is going to continue to cost them more- for less
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Five years SAR experience on the Dornier as a Captain over 1200 hours. Currently on a jet with over 2300 jet time above 40t. Total over 10000 hours not a reply don't care now moved on food for thaught.
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Cobham HR is a load of crock! The profile for this job is about 35 years of age , ex military, air force preferred, and possible CL 604 endorsement . Did the interviews, did the sim, cost me bomb. No thanks!!
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Originally Posted by wasathangi View Post
This thread is becoming useless....Don't whinge if you don't fit the mould...

If you boast about 10 000hrs plus....and don't get a look in, move on graciously and be professional.

Such is aviation....
I did get a reply last week but didn't accept the terms and conditions and providing experience covered a previous posters request.With 27 years of flying experience having over 10000 hours isn't boasting.

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How's it going Cobham aircrew

Only a couple of weeks to go before training starts, 2 months to go before Perth is supposed to be online, Two aircraft in country neither fitted with radar or other sensors. No useful ability for dropping let alone practised accuracy. Looming rip off for the peeps of Australia. Wrong company and aircraft for the job
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Judging by some of the info/rumours on here, your mission instructions will be sent out via osmosis, and you'll be provided with standard McGuyver kit (amounting to little more than chewing gum, chlorine and a safety clip) and expected to achieve the impossible contract requirements
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No way- check the rego for a " search aircraft" not a good start
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No -way, check out the rego for this new " search " aircraft, how unfortunate

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Nice wingtip...
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Has anyone heard from Cobham about the Essendon based position advertised recently?
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