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Maisk Rotum 2nd Dec 2014 06:27

CL604 Cobham SAR jobs
Interesting new contract awarded to Cobham for 12 years.

Any info on when the ops will start and how much the pay will be/typical roster expectation?

What does the Australian Maritime Safety Authority use now, as a google search revealed little?

Pettibone 2nd Dec 2014 06:50

AeroRescue - supporting the Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Maisk Rotum 2nd Dec 2014 07:02

Ok so does that mean Aerorescue is losing the contract or is this in addition to the 328s?

Squawk7700 2nd Dec 2014 07:53

The 328's are headed off from this contract. They are to be replaced by faster jet aircraft.

BPA 2nd Dec 2014 09:43

First job is listed on the AFAP jobs page.

Green gorilla 6th Dec 2014 03:06

Mid July they start looking for crew.

Maisk Rotum 8th Dec 2014 02:39

I notice that the 328s have the ability to drop stuff though a certified open door. Dropping beacons, rafts, pumps etc from a CL604 with an open door will be a whole new ballgame if at all. I see only one door on a 604 and it is forward of the wing and right in the vacuum envelope of the engines.

Other possibility is to have an aft cargo certified 'bomb bay' for SAR products but I suspect this would be prohibitively expensive to certify unless it has already been done.

thorn bird 8th Dec 2014 02:53

Had similar thoughts Rotum,

Wouldnt have thought the 604 would make the most ideal SAR aircraft.

Speed to the area of search perhaps, but loiter time low level when on station?. Any 604 experts out there could give enlightenment?

One thing for sure the guvmint forked out a Pile of $$$ for range capable corporate aircraft during the SAR response to the Malasian 777 disappearance.

Surely this is not in response to that? it's something that dosnt come up very often and 604's are not exactly cheap to operate.

hawkerxp 8th Dec 2014 03:59

Challenger is a great SAR aircraft.

There are a number of military's that use them for surveillance and SAR.

Robust engines designed for relatively lower level flights (Same as a A10 Warthog)

In flight baggage door, actually designed to be opened in flight. There is apparently a bomb removal procedure that means dispatching it out of the rear door.

The only thing I would suggest is that the 605 would have been a better option for the aircraft as in 12 years time the 604 will be a pretty old ship.

BPA 8th Dec 2014 08:39

When it was announced that Cobham had won the contract, the press releases mentioned the aircraft will be capable of dropping rafts etc. They also send the aircraft will be modified in a similar manner to the 604's used by the Danish Airforce.

Lots of info here on the Danish Airforce 604s


Jenna Talia 8th Dec 2014 10:15

Does anyone know if the current 328 flight crews will be offered positions on the 604?

onehitwonder 9th Dec 2014 08:49

think about when the Dornier has had to go as far as Norfolk, position out of EN / CS to WLM (refuel) then head offshore, some 6+ hours before getting on scene

Judd 9th Dec 2014 13:32

Rumoured that Dornier pilots at some ports are only averaging 25 hours a month with a lot of waiting - waiting - waiting. Wonder if the Challenger pilots will get more or less flying?

thorn bird 9th Dec 2014 20:28

Wow, I can see that the whole SAR thing is heading towards becoming an industry in itself. Huge amounts of money being thrown at it.

Could this be the precursor to having a true "Coastguard"??

BPA 9th Dec 2014 22:33

Back in the 80's we had the NSCA who operated Helicopters (205's,212's and 412s), aircraft (B200s and Dorniers) from bases across the east coast. They even had recuse crews who were trained to parachute with recuse gear into the water (just like the coast guard). From memory just before it's demise they just started operating a couple of ships.

601 10th Dec 2014 13:13

Back in the 80's we had the NSCA
and we all know how that ended up.

hawkerxp 11th Dec 2014 23:03

25 hours per month is pretty good compared to some corporate jobs... the waiting bit is standard at the very least there will be some sort of roster.

bodybag 14th Dec 2014 09:10

I heard a rumour that Cobham have purchased a 604 sim to support the contract? Can anyone confirm truth to this?

onehitwonder 14th Dec 2014 09:14

probably spend more time in the sim than the aircraft

kiwiabroad 14th Dec 2014 09:54

Why are so many people fussed over hours? Wouldn't you prefer a job with a roster so you could plan and enjoy your lifestyle? That's what I look forward too

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