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Rodney, that's the way Hr works in Australia now. They are contemptuous of people applying for jobs,. The problem with this role is Cobham have been in a station keeping excercise for a decade. All they needed to do was keep a trickle of pilots and backenders flowing into the Coastwatch system. Now all of a sudden they have the HR and pilot chiefs needing to recruit an extra 80 or so people in an aircraft type they don't know, in a role they have no experience in.
Low level Sar ops in a jet.

The process is a joke, and they are making heaps of friends with their arrogance.
One day industry will realise if you need someone with a particular skill set then you should

1. Interview them and check credentials
2. See if they actually have the skills you need - scenario based sim session.

After that you can make them take all the quizzes you like, hell they can fill out sudoku puzzles in the crew room to HR s hearts content.

Bottom line - if you don't know what skill set you need, try and use psychology to save on sim costs by knocking some candidates out. HR you got it all wrong, there is no substitute to interviewing people in an intelligent way asking sensible questions to test the candidates fit, then the pilot should get the opportunity to show their skills in the sim.(after all isn't that what we want, competency)
And what the hell happened to common courtesy, people put hours of work into their dreams of landing a job that could make a difference and not even an automated response. That's disgusting, wake up HR departments everywhere, I really hope you are on the receiving end of this completely unprofessional methodology one day.
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