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Have a read of the EBA which was agreed with the TWU before any flight crew were even hired for this role…

Expected to operate anywhere in the World, particularly Australasia for a multi million dollar Government contract…sounds great…wait...pilots are to provide their own flight publications! WTF

Very low currency expected so Sim has been purchased to offset this…great, sim expected 4 times a year…no wait, want ing to save money, lets try 3 times a year…

That's ok then, local training flights to cover off all recency requirements then like present incumbents do…no wait, those will be covered off on tasking flights, want to avoid non-revenue flights…

Wait, you will need to share accommodation with your sim partner while you do your endorsement…

And of course the pay offered in the EBA is about 20K short of what you would expect, and from what I understand, turbo-prop drivers going to this contract are taking a pay cut.

Great lifestyle of course.
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