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Mega Merged: REX Recruitment/Cadetship and Working for REX

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Mega Merged: REX Recruitment/Cadetship and Working for REX

Old 23rd Nov 2007, 11:28
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If I were you I would start to focus entirely on the chosen task at hand and avoid completely other distractions such as the 'rumour milliing' here on PPRuNe!
And the floggins will continue until morale improves......
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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 11:49
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Go for it, I did, and I am repin the benefits.

I decided to get back into aviation after a six year gap, have been offered a number of positions with many Legacy carriers.

Lowest wages offered $123,000. I can imagine REX would offer much more than this.

Please email me for further details.

The thinking mans pilot always ready to help.

PS REX would rank near the top for Terms and Conditions.

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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 12:36
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thinking pilot, you naughty boy, (or girl?).

anon121, He's either winding you up, or is writing his post from Mars.

The ORACLE is 100% right. Some people who have been in this game for more years that you have probably been alive may have lost touch with just how multi-faceted the profession is. There are a many steps to go through before you sit in the right seat of the SAAB. In fact be prepared for a career of hoop jumping and scrutiny.

These mountains as the ORACLE refers to them, need to be tackeld sucessfully, one step at a time.

Best of luck,

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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 12:42
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just to clear the "only NSW" was accepted..... I know of a good friend that lives in brissy and got in with the first batch.
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Old 23rd Nov 2007, 22:44
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I know of at least one Victorian interviewed too.
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 02:44
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43 inches, when it comes to my new contract of 94000 for training, -10000 salary sacrifice, and a payment of 39000 p/a a year first year out (during trainee ship) it does help alot, no lock in at all with the company after the first traineeship unless they accept you to continue with them. So 84000 for full training inc frozen. + 39000 - 10000 reclaimed as 8000 through tax so around 37k for the year
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 04:30
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i was looking into joining rex also but no way its a scam , biggest rip off and u get no command time sure u get to go in a turbo prop and if ur lucky get 3000 hours. but it wont be command hours

ive paid 48,00 for my cpl + instrument rating and atpl theory which im doing at the moment, then im just gonna move onto a small company to gain my hours , all i will need is 2 years roughly and then i can apply for an airline,
virgin have just dropped their entry requirments
to 1000hours total time

i was too realy keen and so commited to joinin rex, but yeah no way, 7 years to live on crap pay and not get any comand time , its gonna be hard to pay rent, pay ur bills eat buy clothes etc, on the sallary they offer for the 7years also u have to pay back your debt !!
another thing is their shares are rappily dropping in price, everyones selling , i got a feeling rex will not make that 7 years,

anyway good luck to you guys, ive already started my diploma course, its fantastic love it so much , but just be wary shop around like i did and get the best deal, there are plenty of pilot jobs out there, and if u really want to work for rex, just apply for dirrect entry do your training elsewhere
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 04:55
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Thanks anon121.

Thats exactly what I meant. My belief is that if there is a big enough pool of people in NSW to pick from, so why would they bother going through the hassle of interviewing people from SA or WA etc?

My reckon they are only running one or two courses a year so all the 2007 and 2008 candidates have probably been selected already so even if they interview people from other states you might be waiting a long time to start. I would say that there are alot of dissapointed people out there because of it. But this is all hypothetical because I have nothing to back it up with.

My post had nothing to do about where they are going to be based.
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 06:06
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My son is very interested in this scheme, its difficult to get the training to be a pilot in country area's so having accommodation and meals makes this a very attractive option. At 18 he has 70 hours flying most of which he got through Airforce Cadets.

He has sent his application and resume on line (we never saw the earlier adverts in the paper) so he hopes to hear soon, any suggestions on how he can maximise his chances.
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Old 24th Nov 2007, 13:03
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country is the best way to get training i rekon, i probably understand you dont have a school nearby.

the school im learning at is about an hours drive, but they have almost 30 -40 students from overseas. they provide a package for all students, which includes acomodation, transport, and bills

i think it was something like $150 a week. they live in a brand new flat, fully furnished, with beds , furniture tv's etc watever u can think off,, fridge microwave, electricity water and gas in included in the price per week, they also are provided with a vehicle, to drive to school and i supose use the cars for everyother day use,
so for the entire year wich the diploma course goes, for for a year acomodation would cost around 7000$ dollars ontop of the 48,000 . and not 80 grand
saving a lot of money
and also u get alot more expirience than the cadet scholarship, u get way more hours , and they are comand time hours, in both single and twin engine, but it depends which package you want to learn.

the instructors are great, well the ones i have had so far anyway, the planes are in good condition , i find that i have atleast 2 - 3 hours a day of flying, theorys are on monday and friday.
so if you have to send your son so far away like to melbourne, u might aswell send him to somewhere where its cheaper and better

this is the school im at ,, check them out give them a call if u have any questions before i did i had heaps and they really helped me out , staff are great there www.hva.com.au

check them out !
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Old 25th Nov 2007, 21:00
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tcross - I am still confused as to how you worked out your figures.

Sharps you pay up front lets say $94k so thats your starting debt. Then you also must cover food and lodging on top of that.

Rex you get a $40k loan and rex spots you the rest as a low interest loan and salary sacrifice. (assuming you don't get the scholarship)

After you complete the course at sharps there is no guarantee of continued employment.

After you complete the rex course you are an employee of the rex group.

If you wish to leave rex earlier than the 5-6 year 'lock in' you just pay back your debts with market rate interest. So you are then paying the total $80k back yourself. Where as sharps you are continually paying market rate interest on your $84k loan.

If you stay the term at rex you will finnish with at most $20k debt and if you got the scholarship plus the governments planned rebate for two years service you may be debt free.

After reading the rex EBA you will also note the FO salary starts at 42K and increases over the first 3 year of service to 49K and with allowances will be over 50K, not great but better than $39K.

The rex program may not be the best offer on the planet but I do think it out does some of the other options. This comparison is based on publicly available meterial. I think there are still many things with both programs you need to clarify by asking questions and reading fine print.
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Old 26th Nov 2007, 02:28
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43 inches, one small point.You referred to the "planned government rebate".The coalition lost the election on Saturday.
Do keep up.

AFAIK, Labor at this point have no equivalent policy.
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Old 29th Nov 2007, 23:09
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Question Rex

Guys, what IS this REX thing? It just reeks of depression for a pilot. I too applied and got no response which I was pretty disappointed about. Then I read the further details. I have a wife and 2 kids and am 40 with most of my CPL finished, 15 years working for the same company. Give me a job at Rex flying out of Melbourne and I would be happy to work for them for years. I believe I am what Rex needs for a long term employee. But am I gonna work for their crappy sideline for a few years taking my family with me? No chance! And am I gonna reside in a bungalow in Mangalore not allowed to see my family during the week to get the opportunity to work for the salary they offer? Nope! Rex will be joining the T-Rex if they think this is the way to get pilots!
Good luck anyone who takes it up; hope it works out for you.
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Old 30th Nov 2007, 03:18
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Hear, hear!

I am 38 with my training ahead of me, if TRex offered me a decent job/wage/lifestyle I would stay with them for my remaining career, but to pay $80K to be stuck in a bungalow?

They are dreaming.
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Old 30th Nov 2007, 03:45
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Anyone accepted the Rex cadetship.

Removing all the good/bad points about the Rex Cadetship. Has anybody taken up there offer??? I believe that the start date was the 10th December?

Be good to hear from anyone that accepted the cadetship, as to what qualification/flight experience they have.


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Old 3rd Dec 2007, 21:00
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Little bird told me yesterday that the start date for the cadet program, 10th December, has been delayed due to a shortage of instructors down in Mangalore!

Anyone else heard anything, care to comment?
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Old 3rd Dec 2007, 23:24
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Rex cadet program delayed rumour

A big thank you to T-Rex for showing the aviation industry how NOT to treat their biggest asset; pilots of the future. I doubt anyone will follow their lead in any cadet programs to come.
Why is it that not one single post here has been by someone accepted / taking up the T-Rex cadet scheme???
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Old 4th Dec 2007, 00:17
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School leavers

Leave school, get a job and save for your license. Commence your aviation career debt free with no worries, no locked in contracts etc. Sounds hard but I can assure you it is the best way.
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Old 4th Dec 2007, 00:18
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Because people who read here "know" what REX is really like??
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Old 4th Dec 2007, 22:29
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What Rex is like

Dreamjob - Maybe people read here what Rex is like to work for because they dont know what Rex is like to work for so they read what people who have worked for Rex think Rex is like to work for. Then they make a decision regarding if they want to work for Rex or not based on what they read, hear and feel for themselves.
Grow up "Dreamjob"
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