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JHJORGEN 20th Oct 2007 10:42

Mega Merged: REX Recruitment/Cadetship and Working for REX
I was looking at the new REX Cadetship and I have to ask myself is it worth it? You pay 40K upfront and then when you finish you have to pay them back another 40K on a wage which I am led to believe is only 40K. Who in there right mind would go for that? I know 18 year old kids who work for woolies and earn not much less than that and they didn't even finish year 12 and have no training.

FlyingChipmunk 20th Oct 2007 10:51

There is a FOOL born every minute......
With NIL progress to command within the 2 years, only those who have not done enough research will do it :ouch:........and then find out a year later that their peers are joining (after having paid way less that $80,000 for their training in the real world) and have got the 500 hours multi from GA to progress to Captaincy!! And of course, they were paid much more than $40/year gaining those precious hours.

But nuff' said, there wil be those who will make up the numbers.:sad:

Lacma 20th Oct 2007 10:55

Has anyone got any info on what the story is with this all yet though? Other than what is on their site, have they got training organisations sorted or anything? Or are they essentially still looking for EOI's via an actual application now?

bloggs2 20th Oct 2007 11:09

Just keep saying "No Thanks" and eventually even this raw deal will improve.

pilotdude09 20th Oct 2007 17:43

The thing is 40K is a hell of alot cheaper than the QF cadet program and atleast REX will give you a job out it, Qantas may or may not. Big difference REX is actually putting something towards your training etc, where as QF may reduce some of the costs but its still a hell of alot of money plus doing the Uni degree you are going to have HECS/FEE HELP loan to repay to the government and ontop of that you have your flying debts.

REX may not be the best airline in the world or pay the best but at some stage they are going to have to improve the wages and condtions.

Will be interesting to find out more details, i have applied but would want to know a hell of alot more info before i was to do anything.

Wonder if they will do a 'roadshow' for info, or if they already have enough applications/suckers(as it could well be) not to have to do anything.

Keg 20th Oct 2007 18:02

I thought the whole purpose of the new cadetship was to put the entire cost (including flying training) on HECS? If this is the case then it means very little outlaid to start off with- instantly making it more attractive than the REX deal.

Once finishing the QF cadet course you're off to a regional which means you're going to earn as much as a REX F/O. The difference is that after a couple of years (assuming you keep your standards up and nose clean) you're going to end up with a gig in Qantas as a S/O which will earn you far more than a REX captain earns. The pay from there goes up significantly.

By all means apply for both but you'd be insane to pick the REX cadetship over QF! :eek:

KRUSTY 34 21st Oct 2007 11:19

All very true Keg.

I think the devil is in the detail with the REX deal.

Are REX putting up half the cost, or is it a loan to be repaid over 5 years of service?

HECS has been mentioned elsewhere, but is it a real possibility, or is this just more spin? Even if it comes to pass, it still has to be paid back.

Under current legislation, the prospects of a cadet upgrading to command are zero. Will this change? Who knows?, but my sources in CASA have mentioned something about "Hell freezing over!"

All these, I would I speculate, are vital questions to be answered before parting with any hard earned cash.

The detail appears to be thin on the ground at the moment, (bit like suitable airline applicants!) Maybe that's the way the Devil wants it.


I think it would be prudent to follow your own advice and get the answers to all these questions before sprouting the vitues of the REX scheme!

pilotdude09 21st Oct 2007 15:46

You cannot put any flying costs associated with a degree on HECS, i emailed Swinbourne, QF and Edit Cowan in Perth and all 3 said the same.....however you can put flying on FEE-HELP as long as it is to do with the course.

HECS only covers your tuts, uni fees, text books etc, which is crap as well.

FEE-HELP lets you get 80k though which is pretty good but you have to pay it through your tax for x amount of years.

So you are still paying 100k+ for the uni course, fees (which are horrendous) and flying.

All im saying is atleast REX gives you something. Thing that would scare me doing the QF program is that at the end of phase 1 you may be told your not required anymore! not to say REX would do the same but if they put money towards you they arent going to let you go!

Anyway, thinking about it, would be easier and better to do your CPL then go joing the Qantas Cadet program? think that would be better experience. Didnt really know much about that part of it untill i read up on it. Sounds alot easier than going through all the uni crap etc.

Keg 21st Oct 2007 22:25

You must be a manager with REX and trying to frighten people away from the QF program. My information suggests that the only people who haven't gotten a gig with QF after doing the cadetship only have to look in the mirror to see the reason. That number of people can be counted on one hand....out of about 250 or more over the last decade and a half.

morno 21st Oct 2007 22:44

Pilotdude, Rex don't put anything towards you. You're still paying for the entire thing. Better get your facts right first bud.

The whole thing is the biggest scam I've ever seen. Stop trying to make it seem like a nice option to yourself, and face the facts. It is NOT worth it unless you're interested in being an F/O for the Rex Group for 6-7 years on sub-standard pay!

Notice they have said the Rex "Group". Anyone thought that maybe you won't even end up flying for Rex to start with, and maybe Pelair or one of their other subs??


locusthunter 22nd Oct 2007 07:11

Does anyone know Airlink's position in the whole scheme?? They couldn't be happy...space-cadets instead of GA guys with experience.

Toluene Diisocyanate 22nd Oct 2007 07:21

Plus working for DM:yuk: the rudest most arrogant prick god ever put breath in.

Ralph the Bong 22nd Oct 2007 08:02

I heard an ex AN bloke worked there for about week post 'the collapse'. Apparently he told the guy to shove his job after witnessing some very, very bizarre behaviour...

The Original Jetpipe 22nd Oct 2007 09:15

Sorry to nick the thread!!

Just wondering if anyone has heard back from applying for the Rex cadetship? Application went in over 3/4 weeks ago and except for the auto reply I have heard nothing?? Has anyone?


Jeps 22nd Oct 2007 09:51

Yes got ask for Trial results yesterday.

The PM 22nd Oct 2007 10:07

Not wanting to sound a smartarse, but why would they be asking for HSC results? That was one of only TWO ( 2 ) criteria asked for in the ad in the Australian, as well as one of the items on the later application form on their website. With the greatest of respect, can people not read?
Incomplete or missing details provided on forms to me in a previous job was always a major PITA, and had I the authority to do so, would have binned said forms! :ugh::ugh:

Jeps 22nd Oct 2007 10:18

Having not physically seen the Ad in the paper I was not aware of this criteria however had registered my interest a while beforehand.
Secondly, get over it

The PM 22nd Oct 2007 10:27

Ah, attitude, I like it, you'll go far..... :ok:

How could you have registered your interest before the ad was in the paper? This pre dated the online application by about a week, and was the first opportunity provided by REX to express interest? A genuine question.

whaet 22nd Oct 2007 10:30

The PM,

it wasn't really made clear above... yes, i'm assuming all did send in their results on the app but they asked for a scanned copy of the actual results - for proof or what im not sure :confused:

The PM 22nd Oct 2007 10:31

Whaet...thanks for the clarification!

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