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National Day of Action

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National Day of Action

The latest from AOPA:

09 September 2004 - For immediate release

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association calls on pilots to SAFELY join Aviation Day of Action

AOPA President Ron Bertram today called on all pilots to join in the Aviation day of Action on November 27, but to do it safely. “We encourage all pilots to show that they are angry at the Government and Oppositions lack of credible aviation policy, to show that we have had enough of ad-hoc regulation and a discriminatory airspace system, we encourage them to fly on November 27.”

“We don’t support flying illegally,” said Mr Bertram “Nor do we support any calls to be rude or contemptuous to Air Traffic Controllers. These people are doing an excellent and professional job, we may disagree on aspects of airspace, but this should not result in personal attacks”

“What we are calling for is for all pilots to get an aeroplane and go flying on November 27. When they do we call on them to fly showing the utmost professionalism and fully within the law and regulations.

“We also ask them to make sure they file flight plans and where possible, to check the correct operation of their transponders with air traffic control.”

Transponders are devices which show air traffic control where an aircraft is, airline aircraft can also receive transponder signals to better enable them to see and avoid other aircraft.

Mr Bertram also condemned the lack of credible policy direction of both Government and Opposition and pointed out that this day of action would serve to show that Australia’s pilots were not impressed.

“It is time Government realise that General Aviation is a vibrant industry and needs proper support from Government, not the haphazard and untenable mish-mash of policy and regulation we see at the moment.”

For more information
Ron Bertram
0407 367 203

Andrew Kerans
Vice President
0439 209 343
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This is a much better idea. A protest within the rules. I suppose civil disobedience is OK as long as it doesn't endanger the innocent, the 'bindook' day of action would have done that.

Flying 'within the regs' heh heh, carefully worded 'no give way to RPT straight in approaches'


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I can assure you that I will have both feet planted firmly on the ground on 27 November.

I want no part of this absurd exercise.

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Do you think GA should just keep copping it in the ar$e from Govt???

Why do you think they are not entitled to protest???

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This does not sound productive or wise to me. It sounds awfully like a very bad idea.

Australians know what "work to rule" means. Government, ATC, Professional Pilots and Airlines will simply and easily label AOPA as a rogue organisation and its members as cowboys and hooligans and/or priviledged silvertails who play around in an expensive sport.

They will do this in the minds of the general public and accuse AOPA (rightly or wrongly) of compromising the safety of the travelling public. In addition if there is ANY accident on this day of protest AOPA will wear the blame.

Its the public perceptions that count, and AOPA should be focussing on what the general public think about GA. Its the public that will force change, not AOPA.

Disclaimer: Anyway this advice is provided free of charge. I'm not an AOPA member, nor am I likley to be at this rate. I'm a newbie student pilot even if I am an old fart.

For what its worth, if AOPA wants to change the regulatory environement and the cost structure of GA, then the case needs to be made to the GENERAL PUBLIC about what good fellows GA pilots and AOPA members are, and how they are an asset to the community and worthy of support - you know, like surf lifesaving clubs, the CFA, SES and so on.

Even the Victorian motorcycle riders federation knows this - they organise an annual Christmas toy run to prove they are not drug dealing hells angels.

You will keep copping it in the @rse from Government because no one knows or cares - and the Government knows it.

(Hint - Maybe AOPA needs a PR consultant?)
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Hot diggety........ there's a job for gaunty ya all stay well hear.

You're sailing very close to the wind!

Anymore "names" and you won't be here. Again!


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Unfortunately I cant be part of the "day of action", cause I will be on holidays then and wont be going anywhere near a plane!!

And I'm certainly not paying to fly!!

Cheers, HH.
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Really: I rolled on the floor laughing when I read it.

A National day of action where pilots 'check their transponders are working' and 'file flightplans'?

I wish you would make every day a National day of action if that is what you intend to do - it would allow the Air Traffic Controllers to get on with the job without prying information like a dentist trying to pull a tooth. That is the 'everyday' reality.

If you file a flightplan, activate your transponder, and call up in plenty of time for clearance, there is rarely a reason you will not get a clearance anyway, assuming WX is legitimate VMC around the Control Area.

That whole point has been overlooked in this entire ridiculous debate. And the fact that there was no cost for VFR clearance before Dicks NAS anyway.

Sounds like a whole lot of 'Rebels without a Cause - or a Clue'.

Nice one AOPA. Glad I dumped my membership 10 years ago. You just lost even more of your dwindling support by giving the 'diagonal nod' to this stunt proposed by one unbalanced anonymous amateur webpage designer!
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I did not say that "they" are not entitled to protest, what I did say was that if it goes ahead, I will not be taking part.

I do not consider the changes to be an imposition.

The fact that AOPA, who are little more than a lobby group that presupposes to represent aircraft owners and pilots, encourage this exercise is not justification enough.

I would be interested to know if anyone could tell me just one positive and tangible outcome this exercise will have.

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When one reads the two press releases from AOPA, one can see that they engage mouth before brain. Yes, I am a member of AOPA until this current dose of membership runs out. And at the last election I did vote - for 'none of the above'.
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And what inference will be drawn by the supporters of the 'rollback', if 27 November turns out to be an average day for Aus aviation, with no appreciable increase in activity (rebellious or otherwise)?
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Copied from the AOPA forum. I rang him, but apparently he won't post here because he is banned for disagreeing with gaunty

Seems AOPA has developed vision for a change

I think the benefits outlined are tangible, even if it is only a mass transponder check!!!



The day of action isn't solely about NAS. The NAS wreck is a result of a lack of cohesive Government policy for GA.

We see CASA almost daily doing their own thing on stuff like ADs, medicals etc and ignoring the FAA lead (where the majority of GA aircraft are managed). We see airservices claiming fees of up to $200 a landing at unnecessary towers and the Department looking at imposing costs on us to manage (and they admit it) a public perception.

So, the day of protest, as called by us, is about showing Govt that we have had enough of haphazard multidirectional regulation and that we are calling for cohesive well thought out policy designed to sove the problems caused by the current mish-mash of policy (including NAS).

There is an answer, we just need to get together to find it and we need to make Government listen.

The one thing I don't condone (and the rest of the Board for that matter) is any call to be contemptuous of Air Traffic Controllers or to fly in an unsafe manner. There are very few ATC actively opposed to NAS (as opposed to quietly opposed) and even the few on PPRuNe each have a multitude of user names so as to reduce that thread to around 6 real posters by my reckoning. Not a particularly representative or influential number.

So, we are flying to make ourselves heard. We will fly safely with flight plans wherever possible and on that day we urge every pilot to call ATC and check the mode C on their transponder is working properly. If it isn't, put it on the MR for checking.

At the end of the day Government will take notice and hopefully every aircraft in the fleet would have had a transponder check.

By the end of the year we should have a Government White Paper containing rational policy aimed at revitalising an industry that employs over 200,000 people and has the potential to attract significant 'export' dollars.

If we can get costs down and services up as well as making certification of new Oz aircraft easier (possible???), Harmonise RAA (ex AUF) training and PPL training so that the unbalanced competition no longer exists, to the benefit of both organisations. If we can make sure those who NEED AsA services pay for them and make the Government realise safety and security is NOT a user pays policy area, then we will have more planes, more pilots, cheaper flying, more controllers and so it goes.

Benefits for everyone!!!!

Just imagine, 10,000 foriegn pilots trained in Oz every year.

Now that has to be good.

As for the ney sayers

Andrew Kerans
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I know RB personally, although haven't seen him for some time. He is a man of integrity and a man for whom I have a good deal of respect. I do however, have certain issues with AOPA, but that's my problem and quite another story.

You said:
I think the benefits outlined are tangible, even if it is only a mass transponder check!!!
What exactly will this exercise achieve and what if anything, will it change?

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With regard to your point about ATC's actively/silently opposed to NAS.

It depends what you call NAS.

If 'NAS' is the attempt by Dick Smith using all the political influence at his disposal, to enforce his personal airspace regime upon the entire Australian aviation community and it's customers, with inadequate consultation & modelling, for nil economic benefit, and questionable other benefits to anyone, then YES - practically all ATC's would be against it.

If 'NAS' is about real airspace reform that is well thought out and benefits all and inclusive of all parties, then YES - practically all ATC's would be for it.

The word NAS has come to be associated with Dick Smith - it is therefore a 'tainted; brand name.

Come up with something new - do it properly, keep Smith and the usual suspects away from it, and you will get all the support you want.

PS: I would suggest you could substitute 'All ATC's' in the above comments to 'All Pilots', 'All Airline Passengers', 'All Reasonable Persons'....

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That wasn't my post.

But I think you can see there is an attitude of cooperation there, so why not try to find common ground instead of all the anti-GA merde on this site.


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But I think you can see there is an attitude of cooperation there, so why not try to find common ground instead of all the anti-GA merde on this site.
To quote John McEnroe,

You can't be serious?!

You need to have a quiet word with your foot-stomping hero in glasses about cooperation and common ground.
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Don't think this has anything to do with Mr Smith, it isn't really even about NAS.

It seems it is about the total #$%^ up this govt has made of aviation, really, I think it will be good for ATC, regionals, everyone.

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Afraid your wrong. It has every thing to do with Smith and NAS. NAS is just the latest in a long list of costly mistakes paid for by the industry generated by the Smith/AOPA combination of freedom to fly.

One of the reasons a few years ago, I like many others didn't renew my membership to AOPA after nearly forty years. The ship was rudderless and out of control, and recent events have convinced me not to rejoin.

Roll on the National Day of action, lets make the RPT's fly full circuits, lets block up frequencys with transponder checks. Not a problem to me, my response will be on the pa to the fare paying passengers apologising for any delays caused. When people realise that airfare rises are due to GA being given more reduced costs so that the airlines have to pay for costly blunders such as NAS, should create considerable discussion.
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AOPA is sad and pathetic, representing only 7% of licencees with medicals. So don't take what they have to say too seriously.

Dick Smith continues to use as AOPA as his political stick with the cronies there not knowing any better and oblivious to having their limited minds manipulated.

The day of disobedience is cute but will only be supported by the ratbag fringe of GA. They have the right of course but it does their "cause" no good.

The "cause" ? Well that is difficult to determine. A few lines of rhetoric and populist stuff but nothing of substance whatsover. Where is their policy paper on NAS and the plight of GA ? Where is the reasoned argument. It doesn't exist, that is too hard. There is no cogent argument about anything. No wonder no one will listen.

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