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Hydromet 23rd Feb 2021 01:31

Caption Competition Mk III
Thank you Wensleydale, I'll jump to it and find something suitable.

Have a go at this one.


cavuman1 23rd Feb 2021 02:33

Banker's convention....

- Ed

Ascend Charlie 23rd Feb 2021 04:01

"I'll take the ugly ones, Captain!"

Buster Hyman 23rd Feb 2021 04:22

"Oh-we-oh, Ho Chi Minh. Oh look, you've landed in Saigon....Follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail, follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail..."

Buster Hyman 23rd Feb 2021 04:24

Thank God we're not wearing Bikini's this time!


Buster Hyman 23rd Feb 2021 04:25

Pilots & crew demonstrate the latest incident to investigators, and coincidentally provide approximate locations of each crew member at the time...

treadigraph 23rd Feb 2021 06:45

Whose leg is it this trip, Captain?

treadigraph 23rd Feb 2021 06:46

This is terribly sexist... why shouldn't I wear shorts too?

treadigraph 23rd Feb 2021 07:04

Straighten up and fly right...

Kiltrash 23rd Feb 2021 07:23

Overmanning I think Hoskins

Kiltrash 23rd Feb 2021 07:24

You are all called "Onewinglo"?

Kiltrash 23rd Feb 2021 07:25

All we need is the air stair driver and we can get on board

Kiltrash 23rd Feb 2021 07:30

To celebrate Aviation returning, Busby Berkeley designs a fresh dance routine

Buster Hyman 23rd Feb 2021 07:38

Vietjet crew demonstrate how unpopular it was to close the Cap Com Mk II thread...on the other hand, they also demonstrate how happy Nutty is about it!

Wensleydale 23rd Feb 2021 07:45

Close up Red 4, or you won't be considered for the Synchro Pair! (She prefers the opposition roll anyway).

Kiltrash 23rd Feb 2021 07:54

On the annual " Bring your child to work " day, Captain Flasheart shows how ' productive ' he has been.

Wensleydale 23rd Feb 2021 08:09

The day that the co-pilot managed to Miss Saigon.

treadigraph 23rd Feb 2021 10:07

Their hats are modelled on International Rescue - the cabin crew on the Tracey boys' titfers, the flight deck crew on Parker's...

NutLoose 23rd Feb 2021 10:35

We're a short haul operation..

NutLoose 23rd Feb 2021 10:36

Ok girls, stop taking the piss out of the captain and copilot and give them their white sticks back.

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