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Veterans ID card

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Veterans ID card

Old 1st Jun 2012, 11:03
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Veterans ID card

Its a sad fact......we will all end up wearing the rosy specs, spinning war stories and embellishing them profusely whilst criticising the new young blades doing the do in a different way than we did.

Saw this petition via another source and thought it worth putting to the PPRuNe massif for their thoughts on supporting it.

Identity cards for Military Veterans - e-petitions

Still remember waiting in a queue and watching local civvy workers for a large firm getting a discount, spotty stude bringing out his NUS card and getting likewise and me being refused with a serving Military ID card! Even more difficult for the ex-mil community. Every little helps!

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 12:23
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Agreed. Petition signed. Something else I saw while in the States recently. Our hosts were members of the National Association for Retired Persons, which gave them access to all sorts of discounts at hotels etc. Big groups have clout: maybe we need something like that here.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 13:22
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It is not so much the possession of an affiliation card that is needed but the recognition of such a card.

A veterans badge is as good a symbol as anything but it there are no concessions on offer then it confers no benefit.

Now in New Orleans at the cruise terminal I asked if a stall holder would give a veteran's discount - I had no card or badge. He immediately offered 10% then said no, make it 15%.

On concessions though, a local proper sports shop offers 10% on production of a mil ID and our local dry cleaners also offers 10% - I don't think either offers and veteran's discount however.


I have an official Service Personnel and Veterans Agency ID Card which states that I am a War Pensioner. Now there may be other war pensioners without such a card, ring the agency on 0800 169 2277 or 01253 866043. You may need to be a war pensioner but no harm in asking.

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 13:28
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Try these ....

RAFA Retired Service Card

British Veterans Recognition Card

Neither of these are 'official' and both cost you money. The second one seems to have discounts negotiated with certain companies.

If you want a proper ID card you could always join the Reserves!
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 13:29
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e-Petition Closes Quite Soon

Ends 311553AAUG12. Need to get a wiggle on and spread the word. Only 2556 signatures at last look.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 13:55
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Of course we all know that in the US, there are discounts everywhere for serving & retired service folks. However I would say that over here it is more commonplace for servicemen to recive various store discounts, I live in a very high contration of the green side of the mil and most stores & cinema do some kind of mil discount. I even went into Nandos recently and received 20%.

I can only imagine that a retired mil card would also attract a similar, benefit. I will be signing!
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 14:26
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Whatever happened to the Forces Discount Brochure.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 16:03
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Service Discount

Austin Reed at their discount warehouse in Thirsk give a large further discount on production of a service ID

They also go out of their way to offer the benefit. A young friend of mine had her 1250 in her purse the assistant spotted it and without any resquest made the discount

Remember the name ......Austin Reed.....

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 17:42
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I should say at the outset that I don't hanker after the past and retirement really is wonderful. I experienced the massive support for veterans in the US during two tours over there. The experience in the UK is poles apart. It really is the case that veterans are actively persuaded to avoid their former "stomping grounds".

I wish it wasn't the case but I still rely on just one aspect of former service life. At every turn, the Service puts obstacles in the way, most of which a F1250 will fix. It's now at the point where I'm looking for a civilian alternative.

Unlike the US where access to the BX and health facilities is valuable, a veterans ID card at least would confer a recognition of service and essential access.
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Old 1st Jun 2012, 20:20
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Originally Posted by Geehovah View Post
a veterans ID card at least would confer a recognition of service and essential access.
To what end? What do you call essential access?

My Veterans Card does give me essential access as a War Pensioner to NHS facilities directly associated with my war pension. Mind you no one asks what these were nor have I noticed any benefit from this. Put another way, those that can give me preferential treatment seemingly as unaware of my rights.

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 23:07
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To what end?
To me, the biggest issue is to ensure that veterans suffering health problems get the treatment that they need! I'm particularly thinking about those that suffer mental health problems years after they have left the Armed Forces, but as a direct result of their service.

One of the main obstacles that often stands in the way of veterans quickly getting help is that they have little evidence to prove that they were ever in the forces. So in my view, issuing a veterans' ID card is an essential part of a Military Covenant. That fact was recognised several years ago.

MoD Announcement on the issue of Veteran's ID Cards - April 2009

It is thought that under the proposed plans more than four million former members of the Armed Forces could benefit from preferential treatment on the NHS and, where necessary, access to council housing. These were some of the recommendations made by a Conservative Commission in 2008 where it was considered that greater efforts should be made to rebuild the Military Covenant, an unwritten pact whereby serving and retired members of the Armed Forces receive special treatment in recognition of the sacrifices they have made.
Veterans win fight for 'smart ID cards' - 30 Mar 2009

Four million former servicemen and women are to be given veterans' cards to ensure they get priority treatment for NHS healthcare and housing, and discounts for services such as transport.

The Ministry of Defence plans to introduce the cards at the beginning of 2010, The Independent has learnt, in an attempt to begin repairing the damage done to the military covenant between nation and armed forces under New Labour.

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Old 1st Jun 2012, 23:35
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I have to be honest, and I can see that I'm in a minority (even a lone voice so far), but I'm not a supporter of a blanket veteran ID card. Unfortunately, I find that some people will inevitably expect it to give them privileges that they are simply not entitled to any more.
I remember when the RAFA "proof of service" cards came in about 15 years back, we had one gentleman produce one at Wyton and he (quite angrily) stated that it should entitle him to visit any RAF station he liked, unescorted, purely on the strength that he used to be in the mob, and that he wanted to look around. We did get a few of those annoyed RAFA card holders that mistakenly thought they'd been issued with a kind of new civvy "1250".

Personally speaking, I left recently after 22 years and now earn a good living in aviation working for a civil company. I don't expect any further access to any RAF station based on past service. I expect that if I have to visit on business, I will be escorted. I'm not interested in a veteran ID card because I don't work for the RAF any more...

Futher, I can't see why I would expect special treatment from certain vendors because of the company I used to work for. I used to get 10% off at Cotswold when I was in, very handy it was too. But I accept that I'm not in now, I work for another company and I don't see why Cotswold would give me a discount based on what I did in the past.

No civvy business owes me a living or a discount based on my previous employment, and no RAF station should expect me at the gates demanding entry. And I'm still not quite sure why I'm in a minority in that view.

The medical stuff I can empathise with by the way.
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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 00:15
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I'm still not quite sure why I'm in a minority in that view.
You're not, I suspect. The minority are whinging.

I share your sentiments, when you leave, leave it behind and move on. Civvies don't really give a damn for "When We" stories or mindsets, loose the "Rank (ret'd)" annotation too would be my advice. Show them you're up to it, ie earn it.

As a slight aside, The Mob's a closed community but, once you leave it you should have enough skills and experience to make it without reference to a former life...

Injured servicemen is a totally different argument.

Am I right in saying that there's an Official in the UK CAA that despite being a civvy still describes himself as "Wing Commander?

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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 01:57
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Do we really have to be so self deprecating about it?

It is genuinely pleasant to be in the USA, where a bit of service and hardship for the common good is appreciated. It can be a little OTT for the British sensibilities, but it is a foreign country with a less cynical outlook.

The recognition of service, current and past - seen on badges, hats, license plates, shirts and other accoutrements - is acknowledged at the very least. It's a bit 'cheesy' sometimes, but it is all encompassing, inclusive even, and it engenders a strong National spirit and pride.

I wish we had that, in our own manner, at Homeplate. Britain would be better for it. I think the people's joining our Nation from overseas would benefit from experiencing this pride too. To all our benefit.
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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 03:29
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Yup, nothing that interests me either, will sign it though as it may if issued help those that need it for preferential medical care, though I doubt any of the Government claim would have any substance. I agree with what you say about people still using their rank too.... Get over it, it was a job and you no longer are doing it, so it is Mr.

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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 04:46
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Nah. Sorry.

What's the problem with recognition of achievement if somebody has made SNCO, WO, Queen's Commission in service of the country?

Why so miserly in recognition of this? This is a symptom of the lack of pride in our country. When we were better than now, we celebrated achievement.

How bloody miserable. Even if you couldn't care less, for those that served their entire working life it normally means something. To negate it is mean spirited and pointless.
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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 08:37
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Today is my first day as a civilian, and having had a RAF ID card for over 38 years and now having nothing, doesn't quite feel right. It would be good if we were looked after a bit better as regards using station facilities and med and dental care, free prescriptions etc. But I suppose the counter argument would be good pension and tax free gratuity.
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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 11:52
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LFFC, have a look at my earlier post regarding the Veteran's Card that I have.

See if that Veteran's Card would fit the bill.

I also get the free TFL Oyster Card.
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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 12:55
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I joined the RAFA as a life member on leaving and got the retired ID card. It was useful in the USA where it was treated exactly the same as their governemnt issued ID for ex servicemen, but cock all use in the UK. Now, I live in Asia and I no longer know where the card is.

Petition signed.

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Old 2nd Jun 2012, 13:00
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A ID card would be useful for getting onto the local base to use the Spar shop..........
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