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RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the ground. All armies, navies and air forces of the world equally welcome here.

RAAF Flight Screening Programme

Old 16th Jul 2004, 04:30
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I wouldn't define a real war only as one on home turf with the ADF fully commited. Iraq's a pretty real war. There's a C130H with a bullet hole in it to prove that. And I think the Army boys in-country think it's pretty real
Just because no Aussies have been killed yet doesn't mean that some people over there aren't trying to very hard to kill us.
I hope your mum realises that being female only excludes you from combat in the Infantry in the ADF. RAN ships have female sailors and RAAF aircraft have female aircrew who have most certainly been sent to the Stan and to the Sandpit.
It's good that you realise that you could go to war. There is NO POINT joining the ADF if you would refuse to serve in combat.
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Old 16th Jul 2004, 06:13
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i apologise, the implication i made is unjust. the thought process in my head was evaluating potential vs actual risk - whilst there are plenty of people trying to kill you, the chances of survival, at least statistically-wise aren't that unfavourable. and to quote you- "most people <..> have had a good time". that's what i was referring to mostly, and once again, i'm truly sorry if i offend.

and my reference to "real" war was fuelled by grandparents' actual experiences in WW2, in former Soviet Union, as compared to stories of fun and occassional afgani encounters of previously mentioned friend. NOT diminishing the loss of life in Iraq and the A-Stan.

i sure hope my mum DOESN'T realise that!! i wouldn't want to deal with that any earlier than i had to!! (if i had to)

CAN you refuse? i was under the impression that it is a condition of entry, that you understand and agree to serve, if required.
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Old 16th Jul 2004, 09:17
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As I have had much time to think about the alternatives to this line of employment - indeed grade 5 it was when I knew that I wanted to do this - I have had much opportunity to also ponder this very point.

It is, I believe different for every person. Olena has been able to be living evidence of this.

For myself, I would not hesitate. There is a knowledge that goes along with "...signing on the dotted line...". I have not had the opportunity. Yet.
The knowledge that I speak of is, for me, the complete and utter conviction that, if I was asked, and if I had to, I would give everything that I had, including my life to defend the way of life that I know, and that the ones I love know.

This extends to all current deployments - both acknowledged and disavowed. In each and every conflict, there is an interest that is uniquely Australian, and undeniably so. This may not be so apparent to those that don't serve, or have the desire to serve, yet it is those same people that would come running to the ADF if the values we stand up for now in all conflicts we are involved in were degraded, made extinct and opposing values put in their place.

The catch cry would be; "...and the ADF did what to protect us from this???!!!!..."

I digress.

The answer to your question goes a little something like this...

I would be there, with bells on. I am NOT a war-monger, and I do apologize if I have portrayed myself as one, or have introduced doubt of my intentions within the R.A.A.F. by being honest about my feeling towards this sticking point.

In my opinion, the reason that every single person is in the ADF is to be the first, the last, and every person in between that will stand up for our people.

And stand up without question, or hesitation.
No exceptions.

I will not comprimise my point of view on this, as it is one of the major reasons that I have always known that I want to follow this path. If it happens, I will be there.

And heaven help anyone that stands against me, or stands in my way.

Again, my sincerest apologies to anyone and everyone if this point of view, or this conviction that I am proud to call my own is offensive, or derogatory in any way, or is perceived to be in any form.

All that said, I have no doubt that we have the BEST defence force in the world. Bar none.
That is a very comforting thought when considering being in the business of defending one's own country.

That's it. Soapbox away now...

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Old 16th Jul 2004, 10:33
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Don't worry. Not offended. I see your distinction, though. Both the Sandpit and Germany vs. Soviet Union are/were "real" wars. The German/Soviet one was, of course much, much, much bigger (on the question of scale, destruction and loss of life, you almost cannot compare the two). What makes both of them "real" is in both cases people are/were killing each other. No-one said you can't have fun, though.
You probably can refuse to be deployed, but I should imagine it would be a career killer, not to mention you could get charged. I haven't heard of anyone refusing to go. Quite the opposite, everyone was/is quite keen.


You're right. Everyone has their own reasons for joining. What matters most though is how you do your job when it matters.
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Old 16th Jul 2004, 12:57
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I'm new to this forum, yet seeing this post encouraged me to join!
I'm 18 and have just got through to OASC at Cranwell!

I think its great to be interested at 15, but I suggest you keep other options open! I've wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember, but am now at the stage where the government is hardly encouraging recruiting for pilots and even if I get through OASC, I may not be in IOT till late next year following the cancellation of 2 IOTs!

Join ATC if you can, however, D of E and things like that are just as good, proving you're a team player (excuse the cliche phrasing we've all reapeted heard in recruitment advertising!) Another bonus is if you can get some hours, it is, however, very expensive! If not fixed wing, try gliding!

Keep us posted
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Old 16th Jul 2004, 22:15
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if i could please amend my original statement to- "i don't think that there'll be a *large-scale* war including australia". i answered the original question in terms of perceived danger to my persona only. not what i would think of politics - whether it's right or wrong, whether i'd have moral issues following orders, etc. that i can only hypothesize on and it's an endless debate.
i'll try to refrain from exhibiting the foot-in-mouth syndrome.

i suppose you may have some individuals joining the forces for training/money and not realising the implications of their decision? i can't see many cases of that, although, human stupidity is a widespread disease...

As per fun- you are right, after all, a cousin's grandparents met in a nazi concentration camp, so it can't ALL have been that bad
black humour aside, my credibility on anything in that field is lacking. what we were taught as part of soviet patriotism (and what to do with undetonated missiles or the enemy spies, not that we found any), and what i've personally heard from guys from soviet/afgan and russian/chechen wars... i've been sheltered from all that and any passionate stand of mine hasn't yet stood the test of reality. Thus i apply great (hopefully healthy) dosages of cynicism to any potential passionate outbursts of mine. one day- i may speak from experience. i doubt there'll be any less cynisism then though. (especially considering how so much of what i learnt already about things like birthcountry, the great Stalin, communism etc turned out to be true)

i'm more inclined in the peaceful application of my (hopefully) talents, such as the great part our Navy aviation has in SAR, firefighting, peacekeeping / border control operations to name a few. PLEASE don't mistake this for a desire to do the easy jobs and hide in the trenches when shit hits the fan. how the hell can i become the best then? on a more serious note, i see more good being done in there, especially how it's now a *relatively* peaceful time.

Surditas, well said. thank you.

i hope i've explained my stand a bit more clearly this time. my convictions do not lack strength. i merely allow that in my life i could NOT have seen and understood enough to say that i know all and that what i know and believe will never change. not to say that my morals are subject to flunctuations!! * insert disclaimer*
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Old 17th Jul 2004, 07:43
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Thumbs up


No danger of you being misunderstood herein. It is very heartening to see someone else who is just as well aware of the implications of being in the ADF and what it means in our current political and military climate.

Don't worry in the least Olena. Good to see that there is no shortage of willing and ready individuals to take up the offer to defend and protect this country and its interests.

No misunderstanding interpreted...

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Old 29th Jul 2004, 06:12
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I was just told pass/fail. Nothing more specific.

On another note, I've just completed my assessment day and passed through that. Now it's a matter of waiting (and hoping) for an invite to attend Flight Screening at Tamworth.

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Old 2nd Aug 2004, 10:24
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Hey Coran...

If you are successful, do you think that you would be able to keep us updated as often as was convenient for you while you are down there??? I am very keen to get as much inside info as I can on that place, as decent and current reports are so hard to come by...

If you could find the time, that would be priceless info. I am very well aware that they are very very wary of too much info getting out about the course. After all, it is a competitive environment, and they don't want anyone getting too ahead of themselves before attending.

Fair enough I say, but anything that you think could/would be of use/assistance to myself and all other hopefuls who are both watching and contributing to this thread would be absolutely priceless.

Thankyou in advance for anything that you could do for us.
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Old 3rd Aug 2004, 08:47
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Join Date: Jun 2004
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If I am successful in making it to Tamworth then I'd be happy to give updates while I'm there, without breaking any rules of course.

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Old 3rd Aug 2004, 08:57
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Join Date: Apr 2003
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Likewise, I passed all my testing, psych, defence interview etc..

Hope to see you there soon.
havick is online now  
Old 5th Aug 2004, 10:10
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Go and see your Training and Development Flight or FDS or whatever they are called these days, they should sort out interview techniques and have loads of good gen for you.

Speak to your JEngO, he should point you in the right direction as a starter. Also might be worth contacting a base which does the type of flying you want to end up doing if you aren't already at one and see if you can have a visit - get it from the horses mouth etc.

The best practice for Aptitude tests is to do loads of Speed/Distance/Time type stuff, there are probably some good books out there that people can suggest?

Good luck

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Old 5th Aug 2004, 10:18
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Since it sounds like there are a few of us up to the same stage I thought it would be good to see just how long some others have played the waiting game for the call up the Flight Screening.

Anybody care to share their experiences?


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Old 5th Aug 2004, 12:53
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Thread Starter
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Wow this thread just keeps getting revived!

I'll briefly share what I can remember about my acceptance from last year. It took around 3 weeks after successful Stage 1 testing before I received those letters asking about my FSP and service preferences. Then it was another 2/3 weeks before I got a call up from a lady at Tamworth asking when I could come up. (I was quite vague in filling out my FSP course preference form and was just short of writing "ASAP" on it...come to think of it, I might have written that somewhere on the form.) The next available course for me was set for about a month later. But, as you know, there was an unfortunate interruption in that time.....

But total time was going to be about 2.5 months from end of Stage 1 to beginning of FSP...and that's about as efficient as I've ever seen them, seeing as I was just told today that the ADFRC only "received" my appeal on the 31st July......when in fact I had sent it out mid-June. B*gger, Australia Post must have dropped their standards.

Great to see so many hopefuls, and if I may take a bite out of the pie, Havick and Coran, and Wizard and FTI, if and when you guys get there, please do give us some details. PM if you feel that is more appropriate. It would be fantastic to set up some sort of mini network. It's all about teamwork, right?
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Old 5th Aug 2004, 18:08
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As Dirty Sanchez says go and visit different sqn and go flying with them. This gives loads of benefits:

a, it's a good tick in the box at OASC when they say what have you done to find out about your chosen NCA trade, it shows you have got off you ar$e and done something

b, you can get some really good flying out of it (I flew the low level heli lanes in London in a Puma, and it was outstanding), and if you are really luck you can come and fly on a mighty Herc (K of course)

c, you may find out you hate it and its not for you

d, you may find out you love it and it will give you that little push to try a little harder when things start not going you way


e, its better than free because the air force will pay you travel cost etc. (which I suppose is free before anyone starts getting clever)

I did it a few years ago and it is the best thing, air force wise (just in case my wife reads this), I have done.

Also girls love flying suits as we all know

Get your head in the newspapers and get a good idea of what is going on in the world and in the UK.

All the best M8

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Old 15th Aug 2004, 11:41
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Hey all,

Spoke to BAE systems in Tamworth, there is only two more FPS between now and the end of the year.
havick is online now  
Old 16th Aug 2004, 11:38
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Hey Havick...

Did they give you dates???
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Old 17th Aug 2004, 23:07
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well, technically it's three but the next one starts on 21 August.
ADFA entry has 8 more FSP's till the end of the year.
as for DEO/SSO
16 Oct-04 - 30 Oct 7 spots and
30 Oct-04 - 13 Nov 8 spots.

has anyone else been told how many files were sent off to Tamworth from your recruiting unit?
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Old 18th Aug 2004, 01:12
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Pilot Testing?

Hi all,

I managed to get through the aptitude testing and am booked in for pilot testing next month. I am after some info on the pilot testing.

I have read about 'following a dot on the screen' and the obvious accurately reading aircraft instrumentation.

Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here's my story:
I have wanted to fly jets since I was little, however my eyesight isn't the best as I wear contacts/glasses.

I have tried to get in twice before since 1999 but i was told [email protected] was not being accepted. Recently I read [email protected] may be accepted, so I called up and they confirmed. I am going to see an Opthamolgist soon (as asked by nurse on JOES day).

I am looking at natural methods of eyesight correction and am willing to undergo [email protected] to have a chance at getting into the defence forces.

At the moment, I'm studying aerspace eng and flying on side - almost got my PPL. I'm hoping to attain my dream one day and have researched alternatives such as flight test engineering.

Have read this thread with great interest - good luck to everyone and never ever give up.
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Old 19th Aug 2004, 07:42
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Further to my last quick off-the-cuff remark, which I stand by, I would add that getting other people's opinions is fine, but look in your heart, temper it with what you have seen already and make up your own mind.

I can only speak about the RAAF, not the RAF, but would suggest the basics are similar.
Talk to 10 people and you'll get a confusing range of attitudes which are all about how they feel they have been treated during their service. Fundamentally, if you remain positive you will tend to have positive experiences.

Think about it; many people would give their left proverbial to fly military aircraft, and the training is excellent. So even with low flying hours on some types, and some military illogicalities to put up with sometimes, to do that is to do something really good; plus when you get out you have well respected credentials because the taxpayer has spent a million on you (not sure how many pounds you guys estimate to train an RAF pilot, but must be a goodly amount!).

In the end it's up to you to decide to apply or not - obviously getting in is another thing, but really wanting to do it is a good starting point.
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