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Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II

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Gaining An R.A.F Pilots Brevet In WW II

Old 5th Feb 2017, 15:28
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fliegle (#10160),
...he couldn't stand the taste of the stuff later and always drank Mackeson...
De gustibus non est disputandum.....
....Nothing to do with "the thread" but, what the hell...
Here, on the Best of All Threads on PPRuNe, you will find kind, indulgent Moderators, whose patience and forebearance have done much to make it so. Check a few back Posts (there are 500+ Pages of them, to see how wide we range). Enjoy !

Danny42C. (US Army Air Corps "Arnold Scheme" 1941-2).
Old 5th Feb 2017, 16:01
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Dear Danny, good to have you back with us. Every day is a bonus to we oldies. Greetings from across the bay.
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Old 5th Feb 2017, 20:52
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To continue the Guinness distraction

My 'Nanna' aka Mary Jane had an on/off involvement with the NHS around 1961/63 - during this, she an alleged lifelong teetotaller was prescribed 'stout' by the the NHS
During her last incarceration she reckoned that the product dispensed by the hospital (Stockton & Thonaby General) was of an inferior quality and the family were instructed to smuggle in Guinness as this was all Mary Jane would accept!!!

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)
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Old 6th Feb 2017, 11:24
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Ta ! Yup, there aren't many of us left.


Good on Mary Jane ! - a lady of rare discernment.

Hope that when they let her out, she celebrated with a Black Velvet !

Cheers, both. Danny.
Old 6th Feb 2017, 15:46
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Danny, great to see you back. As an in-patient at RAFH Ely in the 60s the orthopaedic surgeon prescribed a bottle of Guinness per night
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Old 6th Feb 2017, 16:38
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Hmmm ... my incarceration at RAFH Halton was a dismal experience. As the OH noted, angrily, to the staff I had never even been given any sort of bed-bath or personal hygiene assistance. At the time I was completely prostrate [with an R] due to a bu66ered back, and doped to the hilt, having been delivered there by ambulance from NATS.
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Old 6th Feb 2017, 21:48
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2 years after leaving the RAF our first child was due. The GP promptly offered to book Mrs C into the local NHS hospital (the Luton and Dunstable).

"Can you instead arrange for RAFH Halton?"

But you aren't in any of the Services!

"Doesn't matter, the NHS may use Military Hospitals if capacity is available" (it was then, we were still in the Cold War era). News to him but he duly agreed to try.

And so it was arranged and she spent an idyllic week there, with staff greatly outnumbering the patients. It could have been longer, but she and our son soon grew bored. Being a modern man I attended the delivery (well, it was modern then!). True to form it was interspersed with a shift change, with much banter between the different teams. Some things never change!

No Guinness offered though, not even for the wife!
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Old 7th Feb 2017, 12:59
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Amusing tale (except for the victim !) from an RAF Hospital.........

Wroughton, 1952.....in the Ward was a chappie shortly to be married. But there was a snag, things were a bit tight, as it were, better circumsnip.

Job done, patient recuperating, visitors come in weekend - including object of desire. Inflamed by passion, busts stiches, howl heard in Swindon.....

(Well, we thought it was funny......)

No Guinness, though !

Old 7th Feb 2017, 16:55
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MY goodness, this discussion takes unexpected pathways! Today's contribution to our medical forum: the Senior Houseman on the ward where I spent eight long weeks awaiting surgery was in fact a Senior Housewoman and a real stunner. For some reason she took to me and kept a very close eye as I progressed towards the Big Exit.

One evening she changed before ending her shift so she could go direct from hospital to party, arriving for her final ward rounds with a toss of her ponytail, clad in a vivid top and a pair of jeans which must have been sprayed on. She bounced up to my bedside, raising the ward's collective blood pressure to dangerous levels, and asked if she looked OK? I said I wished I was 50 years younger, at which she gave me a big hug to the envious cheers of the other patients.

I was enjoying this novel therapy when Sister came round the corner to see what the commotion was about. 'Put that patient down at once, doctor', she said. 'It's dangerous to excite these cardiac cases'. 'Oh yes', said my carer, 'but it's like having a grandpa again.' Three years later we're still in touch, my lovely friend is happily married and as pleased with the results of my surgery as I am myself. Alas, while she has qualified she is now paying off her 45,000 student loan.
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Old 8th Feb 2017, 13:55
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Yes, there have been some stunners over the years. But how young they've grown ! Some fifteen years ago was flat on my back, along comes a schoolgirl (you'd guess at 16), strange bouncing gait like a rubber ball, expertly catherises me and bounces off again........

Wish to put it on record that I and mine have had nothing but good service from the NHS, no complaints except for the grub (in earlier years). Once "main meal" arrived, looked at it, said to Sister: "If you put that before your husband, he'd take a stick to you !"

Not well received !

Old 8th Feb 2017, 15:06
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You didn't have as much attention as I did when I had my cataracts done in Shanghai a couple of years ago. The usual fantastic selection of nurses and as they had not seen western eyes before, (Chinese eyes are universally dark brown) they were all dead keen to do the eye drops trick.

There was a non-stop procession of them and I must have had three cardiac arrests and five gallons of eye drop fluid.
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Old 8th Feb 2017, 17:25
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And the cheongsam ?

Old 8th Feb 2017, 18:56
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I was 'circumsnipped' [great term!] at RAFH Norton Hall. I recall nothing of the nurses bandaging my wounded old chap. Blanking my thoughts seemed wisest!

But I did have the diversion of being the next room to Spencer Flack, who had stuffed his Sea Fury into my Approach Lights at Waddington in 1981. I didn't discuss the incident with him, as it seemed too personal! But, back to Aviation ...

I was at home in my OMQ that day when the Crash alarm sounded. I rushed in from the garden, threw on some uniform and headed for the Tower. Having seen the Crash Crew heading for the 21 approach and Crash Gate, I followed [advising ATC on my Storno, of course]. There I found G-FURY in a crumpled state in the field just the other side of the A15, and Mr Flack being attended to by the Crash Crew. A minute or so LATER the Crash Ambulance arrived from SMC (How long?????) and I was party to assisting the stretcher into the extremely tardy Ambulance.

A few words were subsequently spoken about the speed of response by Medic 1 on a MEDA.

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Old 8th Feb 2017, 22:38
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Ah yes, the grub...
I had to spend a few days in hospital in about 1990. I don't recall anything wrong with the quality. That's probably because there wasn't enough of it to detect what it tasted like.
My other half was bringing in sandwiches for me every day to keep me going.
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Old 9th Feb 2017, 08:26
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My last stay in hospital was in France , for a hip replacement. Operation, care, food all brilliant until the last night, when supper was , to the French a delicacy called "boudin noir" - like black pudding but semi liquid. I could not face it so survived the night on the starter and cheese and biscuits. The following day I was loaded head first into a small ambulance and the driver set off at high speed. He had no idea where he was going and I was trying to direct him, hardly able to see out and thus where we were, in my then very poor French, head first at high speed. We made I, just.
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Old 9th Feb 2017, 12:02
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Hospital meals - don't complain too much.
Just think what us fliers had to endure whilst travelling out east in the late 1970's as witness this lunchbox provided by civilian caterers at Khartoum in July 1979.

A couple of ropey rolls and two dead bananas - so awful I had to photograph it for posterity. Mind you it wasn't too bad because ISTR none of the crew had to be hospitalised afterwards!
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Old 9th Feb 2017, 13:30
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My contribution to the hospitality sub thread:-

Many years back I was in Changi Hospital (nice view over the creek BTW) and recovering from Sand Fly fever, a sailor is brought into the same ward with kidney problems, and after a few days they duly wheel him away for his operation, short while later the daily lunch list comes round, guess what was top of the list, yes Steak and Kidney pie! needless to say there were no takers that day, we never saw him again. talk about services sensitivity

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Old 10th Feb 2017, 09:34
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You may recall that you kindly relinquished your seat by the fire to Frank, our intrepid Beaufighter nav who, at 98, joined as the oldest member of the virtual crew room. (Post 8123)

Sadly I can now restore the seat to your care as Frank passed away earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. Typical of the man, he lived life as fully as possible right to the end, justifying my frequently expressed comment that they don't make them like that anymore. His friends and family are so pleased that this thread provided the stimulus to write down the essentials of his war story which he himself was reluctant to tell for so long.
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 09:57
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RiP Frank - now has a seat by the fire in the crew room in the sky
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Old 10th Feb 2017, 13:02
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pulse 1 and Wander00,

So, another good man gone - we must be getting near the bottom of the barrel now.... Requiescat in Pace.

I shuffle back into the old battered chair by the stove with a heavy heart (Send not to ask for whom the bell tolls...............)

Thanks for the sad news, chaps.


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