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Gulf Air Interview (threads merged)

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Gulf Air Interview (threads merged)

Old 15th Dec 2006, 14:33
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I agree with you 100%... I do have a canadian ATPL... and the fact to writte the exam will entitle to have your Full ATPL once the required hours are in your logbook... but becarefull though with the time it will take you to get the 1500h etc..... you have to re writte all the exams... if you can't make it... so think about it...
By the way I heard that in january they will interview again... did some body get a call already?
all the best to all of you ...

Originally Posted by OBBI View Post
Soap Box cowboy said:
(Canada does not have a Frozen ATP, you either have the liscence or you dont)

as per my personal experiance once u write your SAMRA & SARON & INRAT with 70 % pass mark ' that well be your Canadian Frozen ATPL once u come to Bahrain and GFA they wil accept it

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Old 11th Jan 2007, 00:47
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Good day all..
Any idea on what the seletion process is for the abinito course and when the next interviews might be conducted. The posting on the website asks for a cpl, will there be a sim element to the ab-initio selection process as well? Any idea on how long the assesment takes and how long will GS course takes?
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Old 11th Jan 2007, 01:52
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you should be a national and hold cpl/multiir
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 08:44
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Thumbs up

wat up soapbox

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Old 8th Feb 2007, 08:49
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Bula Jimi. Go to page 9 article #360 of this thread where SKYTORT posted a well written and detailed piece on the whole assessment process. I was in the interview (and was successful) before his group and it hadn't changed much since. Don't forget to relax. Goodluck.

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Old 8th Feb 2007, 09:46
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Jimi, no offence but you should have tried to hide your identity little bit better before you post in this forum, some guys in the management see this as cheating. We all did ask about it before our interviews and I am sure you have no bad intentions for asking about the info for the assessment, good luck and if you need more info pm me I would try to help.
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 19:44
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hi i was just wondering when is the next abinitio assesments
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Old 8th Feb 2007, 22:35
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hey guys first post here

I was jus wondering when will the next National Pilot Training program begin coz from what I heard GF aren't sponsoring anymore locals or aren't recruiting, can anyone elaborate on the situation for me?

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Old 10th Feb 2007, 00:26
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yeah,i realised that.anyway,no more mistake like that.shouldnt have done it.will keep in touch.actually this was my first time to log onto this site.i should have used another airlines name./my nickname.will be in touch.

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Old 13th Feb 2007, 17:17
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Anybody know when the next Direct entry pilot interviews are? Was told I would get one, but no word yet. Sounds like I missed the boat.
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Old 20th Mar 2007, 18:06
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Thumbs down

Hello Guys!
Just for your information (in Bahrain Dinnars):
Basic Salary - 1,561.420
Wife - 41.670
Child (each) - 12.500
Transportation - 40.000 (if you buy a car)
Communication - 13.000 (if you get a fix line only)
Reimbursement of School - 283.000 (per term)
Duty time on B767 - 287.000 (192hs of time away)
Housing for married - 450.000 (guess if you can find anything suitable )

*and you have to sign a training bond of 23,000.000BD (61.000USD), the double of any standard bond in a GOOD airline*

Think twince! Because I am heading off!
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Old 21st Mar 2007, 09:31
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Yes Salty! I am!
You can stay and wait for Santa Claus. Last year we had the same story but with different values, GF receiving thousands BD to renew the fleet. Nothing happened.
Stay and see the others increasing their piece in the market.
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 04:20
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ta ta crabs.
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 12:47
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Crabs, you think I'll be staying on because of those rumours? Unlike you, I was well aware of all the conditions before I signed that dotted line. I did everything humanely possible to know what I was getting myself in to. So anything, and I mean absolutely anything that is a dinar above that, I'll regard as bonus. Even if a tiny fraction of the rumoured 1.33 US billion injection by Santa Claus becomes true, it will still be way above and beyond what I signed up for.
I suspect though that something big is in the works. And I mean something no one has expected, especially the 767 boys. I'm just happy to be hearing these exciting developments. Whether they'll take place or not doesn't really matter to me as far as leaving or staying goes. I guess it's because of a rare condition nowadays. It's called loyalty. That's another discussion for another day and thread.

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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 17:13
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Dear Sal-e,

If I ever start an airline I would employ you with my eyes closed, you are a dream employee with your loyalty.

I don't work for Gulfair anymore but I wish u and all the guys there all the best and I hope you have a good pay rise and shiney airplanes..... though I doubt it will happen
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 17:28
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I really do support your attitude towards your company Sal-e ,which is a bit rare to find these days but at the end of the day some of us have to say the jerry mcguire movie phrase "show me the money"..............
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 17:52
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SALE - here is the issue. You can comment/complain about the company yet still enjoy the job and be loyal. A good employee is NOT one who blindly says 'all is well'.
I enjoy my job and I love living in Bahrain. I do take issue with the housing allowance especially now that some are getting special treatment (ie more money).
I certainly take issue with some of the favoritism shown although it doesn't affect me greatly - so far as I can tell.

I take GREAT issue with pilots getting bumped off the flight on their leave tickets. In fact our contract states we get 52 days of leave yet they force us to take it in 2 blocks (you cannont effectively bid it in one block). In this case we should be supplied TWO leave tickets home yet instead we get only one to our home and a second to a GF destination. Now I would be happy with the 2nd to a GF destination yet we cannot get a confirmed seat on ANY of the tickets. Sorry - but I am gonna complain load and far on that one.
There are more issues but I think my point is simple.

We can like it here yet still complain. In fact, the way GF is structured, complaining (constructively), to management is the ONLY way to get things done. It takes our dept head a lot of work to get the other depts to 'buck' up.

The packages elsewhere in the GUlf, Europe and Asia are far superior to that at GF and so people are walking. Good on 'em. GF runs its business - well - like a business (though I would say they do it poorly, but hey). They will keep costs and salaries down if they can. A pilot, like any good business, will move his skill to where he can get the most in return. He, and all of us, act like any good business does and we attempt to maximize our profits. There is NO shame in that!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't walk the planet with rose coloured glasses. GF has issues (especially those that they are legally obligated to follow) that have to be resolved. GF expects me to live up to the contract (and bond) and I expect them to do the same - and to be frank they are not doing that (which is why guys are jumping ship early and will win any legal battle that arises). And that, my respectful friend, is not to much to ask for.

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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 21:57
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Do not get me wrong, colleagues. I'm all for improvements. All I'm saying is I knew what I was getting into before arriving. Inevitably, there were a couple of minor surprises but nothing that really threw me off. No, I'm not one to be taken for a ride by anybody, and I'm not going for the employee of the month award, but I also don't look around me too much to make comparisons, conclusions and draw judgements. Gulf Air has treated me how I expected to be treated. And I'm glad to say that for the most part, it has been pleasant. I've been warned beforehand of a lot of things so conditioning may have had something to do with it. Yes, I agree that the two biggest issues worth focusing on are housing and schooling allowances. Once again, I was very aware of those inadequacies and was hoping a few unfortunate resignations (which have occurred) would jolt the companies senses. I believe improvements in those areas are forthcoming.
The point is a lot of allowances are made before one takes employment with Gulf Air (or any airline for that matter). There comes a point where things improve (or collapse entirely) and it takes a good eye to spot telling signs. I hope I've joined Gulf Air at one of those times.

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Old 23rd Mar 2007, 06:05
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How to apply to Gulf Air??

Hello ladies and gentelman,

Just a very short question, how is the best way to apply to Gulf Air? I have tried their website, but it says no pilot positions are open right now!!. I have heard from several people not only in this forum, but from other places that GF are always hiring, because pilots come and go. I have an e-mail to Mr Ahmeed Saleem, he is the head of recruiting. Should I fire my CV to him or not?

Any advice or comments would be greate guys, especially from GF pilots.

Thank you and good luck to all


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Old 23rd Mar 2007, 06:27
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Why not send him your C.V. What have you got to lose?
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