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what_goes_up 5th Feb 2003 20:50

Gulf Air Interview (threads merged)
Dear fellow PPRuNers
I have an interview coming up with Gulf Air. Would anybody be so kind to share his/her experience to get an idea of what to expect? Any comments on T&C's are very much appreciated.
Tanks in advance

millerscourt 5th Feb 2003 21:49

Now is not the time IMHO to go to the Middle East particularly GF as they have been on a downward spiral for sometime now.After the last war they treated staff badly.lost huge sums due to internal theft so unless you are unemployed stay put. If going on B767 the routes are now dreadful.

Some years ago it looked like they were going to the wall with all the in fighting between the owners so myself and about 50 others left and just as well we did otherwise we would have lost our jobs due to the downsizing of the Airline
I actually liked it there.but one can only put up with so much.

PS If going on A320 the aircraft never cools down in the summer""

ia1166 6th Feb 2003 05:51

I don't know what fleet you were on but i'm on the 320 and life is on the whole pretty good. no one has lost their job here in a very long time as far as i know. money is a lot better than the uk. FOs are taking home more than charter captains in the uk. captains on about 4900 a month which is a lot considering the uk market. flying is easy. no long night flights. weather is fantastic right now. i'm going water skiing, bit of fishing before i fly for 1 hour to have 24 hrs off in UAE then fly back tomorrow night. As long as you don't get involved in the politics. i'm very glad i came here from the uk charter market a few years ago. my mates are still toiling away on night dalamans and the like. me, i have a boat, bought another house, have 2 months holiday a year, travel everywhere on id90 tickets in first class. purrfect. its not the best job in the world, but its a whole lot better than anything in the UK apart from the majors.

Bagshaw Crusher 6th Feb 2003 10:02

latest F/O contract is only 2800 USD a month. Accomadation a bit of a problem. More the US Navies fault than Gulf Air. Prices have balloned for suitable villas but the problem being looked at.

Speedbrake Lever 6th Feb 2003 10:35

Hey Bagshaw

you quote 2800$ a month for doing what might I ask ?

The 2 F/o's here with me are on almost 4000$ a month

Housing a problem well seemingly not for Aussies ( it says you're in Melbourne)
a crowd of them have come here and have villas in some pretty good areas, paid for by GF they don't get the housing allowance but it wouldn't nearly pay for the houses they have been given
so I don't think there should be much bitching about that

But listen we don't need people here who whinge the world is full of them

If you don't like, thats ok, because there are plenty that do


whynerh8ter 6th Feb 2003 14:21

The GF housing is in a bit of a state of dingyness....most I know take the allowance, and add to it to organize a proper villa....things not bad at all here...just short of crew...:cool:

what_goes_up 6th Feb 2003 14:27

Hi guys
Thanks so far for your inputs. They are highly appreciated. Does anybody have an idea of what to expect on the initial interview. Is there a tech quiz, CRM-games...?

Bagshaw Crusher 7th Feb 2003 08:24

Speed Brake, ease up, not whinging at all.

I was in a rush so my post terse and no way a reflection of my attitude toward Gulf Air.

On housing, stick to your guns, you will be looked after but like all good things in Bahrain, it takes time.

On wages, are you including allowances? The allowances are good and do beef up salary. There are many different F/O contracts evidently.

What Goes Up

You will have an engineering exam before interview. Know GPWS and driftdown procedures. Interview is not an unpleasant experience. HR staff quite warm.

The Gulf Air training is outstanding, staff are very friendly and the expat pilot group a good bunch. Come down before the rush, with the murmurs of expansion etc.

ia1166 7th Feb 2003 21:35

The 320 f/os who take GF housing would be on about 1800 bd when flying and about 1600 when home on a months leave. wife and children allowance would add to that. that equates to about 4700 US a month.

Speedbrake Lever 8th Feb 2003 09:32

Hey Baggie

You mention Time oh ok well I've given them over 20 years so far
so my parole should be over by now

Yes there does seem to be a few different contracts alright for the F/O's
its the Aussie thing you know some are here on contract that is contract work if you get my drift
thats grand but they can probably stay as long as they wish to

in fact you'd probably do better to come here as a CHEF or whatever they call themselves



Captain Over 8th Feb 2003 14:41

Hey ia1166, regarding the FO's you mentioned the salary above about...how many years with GF do these FO's have?


ia1166 8th Feb 2003 17:00

No increments here for a long time. apparently they are returning but i've heard that before. some of the FO's i know actually took home over 2000 bd recently due to overtime and call out pay. i don't profess to knowing their exact scale but i'd say i'm very near the mark. if you want good pay and conditions you should become a chef though. the omani f/os take home the most, but thats another story.
(edited for alcohol induced errorz)

CaptSnails 8th Feb 2003 23:03

Way to go SL and ia1166, you tell'em boys. Things could be a lot worse, they could work for Qatar Airways:yuk:

Besides guys don't worry about the upcoming war I hear we'll get a retrofit from GAMCO, a couple of sidewinders and plenty of chaff.;)

Life in GF is rosey would'nt change it for anything

ia1166 9th Feb 2003 17:57

On the q&a bit, you might get asked about notechs as we've just started that here, also a bit of local weather knowledge. also the fleet expansion plans.

what_goes_up 13th Feb 2003 13:56

Gentlemen thank you very much for your thoughts, tips and hints. The interview is comeing closer and I am trying to prepare myself as good as possible.
ia1166 sorry for my ignorance; but what is (are) notechs? :confused:

Cheers to you all

Willie Everlearn 13th Feb 2003 20:44


Interesting remark about the CRJ.
I've heard similar comments from this side of the atlantic.
In fact, someone was 'around' YUL doing CRJ market analysis for some carrier 'supposedly' from the middle east.
Where might that be?
Bahrain, Dubai, Sharjah, ???

The CRJ 700 would be a rather nice fit in that neck of the woods.

...any thoughts on how we connect the dots here?


ia1166 13th Feb 2003 21:29

Notechs- Non technical skills. the sim checks now contain a loft element where the cockpit crew are videoed and debriefed on crm issues. its all the rage now. catch phrases such as FORDEC, TEM etc. if you're still in doubt send me a privat message and ill give you a quick brief on it.

wandrinabout 14th Feb 2003 09:01

What goes - best of luck for your interview

hope you dont mind if i ask you a couple of questions:
- what fleet are you applying for
- when/where is your interview
- what experience did you have on type

Thanks in advance

what_goes_up 14th Feb 2003 15:22


- A320
- next week/ LHR
- total 3700, A320 1900, A330 1000

Do you give it a try?:ok:

ironbutt57 17th Feb 2003 03:06

No silly games, no trick questions, just an honest assesment of your ability, most importantly, to fit in and operate in a multi-cultural environment..no room for racists, or self important folks here...easy-goers, with a sense of humor will slot right in here no problem...so if you fit the bill...go for it!;)

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