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What does your schedule looks like?

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

What does your schedule looks like?

Old 2nd Mar 2015, 12:57
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When making a career choice never ever listen to Pprune!
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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 14:53
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The ones complaining won't get the hell out because they can't go anywhere else that'll pay them as well, flying heavy metal and able to employ their own personal slave, sorry I mean maid for a few hundred $$ a month.

As someone else said, we are all in a profession which most have left as a distant dream and most cannot afford to enter.

May this year bring an end to your miserable lives as pilots in the ME!
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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 17:02
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abby, you are just a hole in a slice of Swiss cheese
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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 18:15
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My thoughts.....

Pls forgive me, I've had a couple of those well overpriced tsingtaos from the mini fridge and there is not good English movies on the telly.

I have watched friends in EK have their love for EK go down more and more over the past few years. It's not personal ...... Not at all. They are just looking at the quality and number of applications coming in and like any other company will be doing their best to find cost savings (higher productivity rate, undercrewing, etc etc. This isn't nasty, vengeful work....this is business.

HOWEVER......the other side is when you start being unable to recruit the right quality of pilot or people keep leaving. Then just like supply and demand in all other businesses, pay goes up. Hrs down slightly etc etc........supply and demand.

However, here does seem something that concerns me......Peach Aviation
Pls take into account I don't do too much forensic study into these these.
But from what I have heard, Peach is now cancelling flights due to lack of flight. Crew. I'm thinking probably because their pay is ****ty and their rosters are ****ty.
Now the guys running peach are not complete muppets. I'm sure they have their finger on the pulse. I'm sure the T&Cs from other local airlines has been compared..........yet they will not improve those T&Cs and it would appear they would rather park the planes..........that scares me a but.

An airline makes money when they put pax into their planes (ignoring yield) and go flying. That's the sole business purpose of what an airline is. If they are willing to essentially stop portions of how they make money to prevent a certain group getting slightly better cash......honestly scares the crap out of me.
It says to me that the age old 'supply and demand' technique seems to be something they don't want to do.........that's a bit scary to me.
That's akin to me shooting both myself and my friend rather than admitting I was wrong to my friend.

I hear from guys that times at EK are not great right now. I also hear about how they are struggling to find suitable guys right now. I suppose the big question is, will EK recognise that this is a problem they may have created and then begin actions to address these problems, or will (like Peach) emdanger their entire existence about being an airline just to not increase your lifestyles T&CS etc....

There might be some errors in this. But that's because Of the overpriced beers from my room (I bet the bastrds are going to want at least 70rmb for them!!!!

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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 02:18
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My Thougts.....

Go and have a look at Abby and TwoTone's last few posts then either put them on ignore or wind them up in the Wannabee forum.

My experience is that if you want to get a great job, you need to earn it! That doesn't mean go fly and just build hours it means demonstrating your quality. The reason people aspire to better jobs is because they provide greater rewards. When those jobs are under threat they try to protect them but the common trend nowadays is for those that haven't earnt the jobs to tell them to leave so they can have them. And there beginneth the spiral to doom!
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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 04:38
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As glofish correctly pointed out, you're a hole.
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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 07:51
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Peach is a subsidiary of ANA. I believe the going rate for an A320 contract CA in that part of the world is approaching, and in some cases, exceeding 20kUSD/month. Possibly management has determined it doesn't make sense to pay the low cost pilots more than the mainline pilots. It could create havoc across the system.

If an independent low cost such as RyanAir or Air Asia started parking airplanes rather than offering more money then I would start to worry. I think Peach is more of a test case to figure out how the Japanese market responds to additional low cost carriers. Air Asia Japan didn't last long.
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Old 3rd Mar 2015, 17:53
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ekwhistleblower, quite the contrary to what you say. I do have the priveledge of working for a reputable outfit. I think your user ID itself speaks volume for the amount of respect you're willing to give the company you work for.
Going on from there, I think if you are wanting respect from colleagues or your company then it must be earnt, something you say yourself. I would like to ask, how do demonstrate your quality, perhaps people on the forum and especially wannabees may learn a thing or two.

Whining and moaning to me is not a demonstration of protecting your job. Well, it doesn't appear to me anyway. We have a choice and either we can create a new possibility within the realms of a breakdown, be that management, colleague, world crisis or we move over and away. To racket constantly comes at a cost to oneself and the misery you inflict on your FO and other colleagues at work.

Comparing today's terms to that of the past achieves little.

That's my two pence from someone who has earnt his keep from a non priveledged background.

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Old 4th Mar 2015, 06:48
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TT7 good post , I hope the EK babies read and learn a bit. It's tiring listening to the constant complaining . Their wives have already told them to grow up.
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Old 5th Mar 2015, 18:47
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The best thing you can do with EK is...leave. You will be much happier. Trust me. It really is a pile of camel ****e in the grand scheme of things.

But while it is human nature to complain - you have to look at it in context. A few people moaning = the usual suspects. When the malaise crosses all employee groups and exists on virtually each and every flight, it's perhaps a more systemic problem. Only the truly foolish would think there is no substance to the growing chorus of discontent.

Time will tell.

But it's clear abby001 DOES actually believe his own bs, which is kind of...endearing. Delusional, but cute in a childish way.

Oh, and people complaining about other people complaining is kind of stupid. I find it usually emanates from ancient fossils in the twilight of their careers who don't have much time to go anyway, so just want everyone to shut up to not make their last couple years unpleasant while they count the days. Boo hoo, I say.
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Old 5th Mar 2015, 23:25
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nolimitholdem, out of all the people on here, you win the award for the most miserable of all by a country mile. I often wonder that if you spent as much time as you did on this actually trying to live a life, the bitterness may fade away slightly. I doubt that will happen somehow I do however feel sorry for people who may actually be sub consciously basing their career decisions off of some of the absolute c*** that appears on here at times.
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Old 6th Mar 2015, 11:52
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It seems to me that EK is like apple. It is the power of the brand is what keeps management pushing its employees to the limit. I bet most iPhone users wont stop buying iPhones or apple products if they heard about apple phones exploding or catching fire for no reason. I wouldn't be surprised if airlines like EK have made studies to see how they would be affected if they lost an aircraft and I'm pretty sure if these studies exist, EK can afford to lose an airplane.

There will always be a large number of pilots around the planet who would love a chance for an interview at an airline like EK, even if they read every negative post on this website about the conditions there. It is just the power of the brand.
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Old 7th Mar 2015, 07:08
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Looks like low staffing levels are rearing their ugly head. Phones are ringing for a few of us on off days. Can't wait to hear the report sent upstairs on why flights are CX'ing. Gotta be a pilots fault some how.....Boss they wouldn't answer the phone.
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