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My thoughts.....

Pls forgive me, I've had a couple of those well overpriced tsingtaos from the mini fridge and there is not good English movies on the telly.

I have watched friends in EK have their love for EK go down more and more over the past few years. It's not personal ...... Not at all. They are just looking at the quality and number of applications coming in and like any other company will be doing their best to find cost savings (higher productivity rate, undercrewing, etc etc. This isn't nasty, vengeful work....this is business.

HOWEVER......the other side is when you start being unable to recruit the right quality of pilot or people keep leaving. Then just like supply and demand in all other businesses, pay goes up. Hrs down slightly etc etc........supply and demand.

However, here does seem something that concerns me......Peach Aviation
Pls take into account I don't do too much forensic study into these these.
But from what I have heard, Peach is now cancelling flights due to lack of flight. Crew. I'm thinking probably because their pay is shitty and their rosters are shitty.
Now the guys running peach are not complete muppets. I'm sure they have their finger on the pulse. I'm sure the T&Cs from other local airlines has been compared..........yet they will not improve those T&Cs and it would appear they would rather park the planes..........that scares me a but.

An airline makes money when they put pax into their planes (ignoring yield) and go flying. That's the sole business purpose of what an airline is. If they are willing to essentially stop portions of how they make money to prevent a certain group getting slightly better cash......honestly scares the crap out of me.
It says to me that the age old 'supply and demand' technique seems to be something they don't want to do.........that's a bit scary to me.
That's akin to me shooting both myself and my friend rather than admitting I was wrong to my friend.

I hear from guys that times at EK are not great right now. I also hear about how they are struggling to find suitable guys right now. I suppose the big question is, will EK recognise that this is a problem they may have created and then begin actions to address these problems, or will (like Peach) emdanger their entire existence about being an airline just to not increase your lifestyles T&CS etc....

There might be some errors in this. But that's because Of the overpriced beers from my room (I bet the bastrds are going to want at least 70rmb for them!!!!

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