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ekwhistleblower, quite the contrary to what you say. I do have the priveledge of working for a reputable outfit. I think your user ID itself speaks volume for the amount of respect you're willing to give the company you work for.
Going on from there, I think if you are wanting respect from colleagues or your company then it must be earnt, something you say yourself. I would like to ask, how do demonstrate your quality, perhaps people on the forum and especially wannabees may learn a thing or two.

Whining and moaning to me is not a demonstration of protecting your job. Well, it doesn't appear to me anyway. We have a choice and either we can create a new possibility within the realms of a breakdown, be that management, colleague, world crisis or we move over and away. To racket constantly comes at a cost to oneself and the misery you inflict on your FO and other colleagues at work.

Comparing today's terms to that of the past achieves little.

That's my two pence from someone who has earnt his keep from a non priveledged background.

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