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The best thing you can do with EK is...leave. You will be much happier. Trust me. It really is a pile of camel shite in the grand scheme of things.

But while it is human nature to complain - you have to look at it in context. A few people moaning = the usual suspects. When the malaise crosses all employee groups and exists on virtually each and every flight, it's perhaps a more systemic problem. Only the truly foolish would think there is no substance to the growing chorus of discontent.

Time will tell.

But it's clear abby001 DOES actually believe his own bs, which is kind of...endearing. Delusional, but cute in a childish way.

Oh, and people complaining about other people complaining is kind of stupid. I find it usually emanates from ancient fossils in the twilight of their careers who don't have much time to go anyway, so just want everyone to shut up to not make their last couple years unpleasant while they count the days. Boo hoo, I say.
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