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TheSandPilot 28th Feb 2015 12:52

What does your schedule looks like?

This is my first post on this forums, I'm a student currently who is interested in aviation, I might join the national cadet program, and I'm just curious about how the schedules of the pilots are.

I know, I have heard and saw many posts, but I just want to see someone's real schedule, like how it looks like, flights per month, locations, distances, rest days.. etc.

Please, don't turn me down :D


dubaigong 1st Mar 2015 02:20

I doubt that a pilot will show his schedule that can easily identify him if the company sees it.
If you are looking to start a cadet programm it means that you are local... Then go and ask you local friends or even the company you plan to work for to show you some flight Schedule.

The Turtle 1st Mar 2015 04:50

It looks nothing like I bid for...

Praise Jebus 1st Mar 2015 09:30

Hilarious. ..you are thinking of being an airline pilot and want to know how hard you might have to work?? 99.999% of people on this forum in fact on Pprune wanted to fly because they .....wanted to actually fly. I didn't even know what a ******* schedule was for the first fews years of flying.....

NinER fIveR 1st Mar 2015 14:29

Apologies SandPilot, I can promise you that not all pilots become dehumanized cynical wretches after getting cushy jobs that so many others would kill for.

Regarding your question, maybe no one is willing to show you their schedule but u can still get an idea.

You will have a minimum 8 days off per month. Probably an average of 9-10 for your first few years. At least 3 times a month you will get a "weekend" of some sort (meaning 2 or more days off in a row, not necessarily on the actual "weekend"). This is in addition to 42 days off per year annual leave. As you get more senior you can probably manage 12-14 days off per month on a regular basis. It is important to understand that you will spend most of these days off recovering from strings of long duties and jet lag.

Regarding where you will go, it depends on which airline you join and which fleet you are on. If you join Emirates (or any other wide body ULR operator) you can expect a mix of really long flights to N and S America, Australia, etc medium stuff like Europe, Africa, and Asia and some very short flights to the Middle East. Most of the long and medium flights will be layovers, but don't be under the impression that any airlines will send you anywhere for more than absolutely necessary. Long gone are the days of the 72 hour layover where you get to properly explore a city or take your wife/GF for a decent mini vacation. If you decide to go with a narrow body fleet like Air Arabia or flydubai your flights will mainly be quick turnarounds to places within a 5 hour radius of your base. The destinations are mostly lesser known places or "second cities" rather than capitals, and the layovers are few and not that interesting, and there is a LOT of flying within the Middle East.

All UAE carriers operate extensively at night so a large portion of your flying will be in odd hours regardless which fleet or airline you choose, and they operate to dangerous areas like Iraq and Afghanistan. The working environment is as multicultural as it gets. You could be on a flight with colleagues from 15 different nationalities who speak 20 languages between them.

Another aspect of a career as a pilot, here or elsewhere, is the constant training and testing in the sim and the annual physical exams. Stumbling over any one of these hurdles could lead to a disruption to your career.

Becoming an airline pilot could be a great and regarding career, but it certainly requires a dedication to hard work and love for flying to be able to cope with the strains to your physical health and your social life. It's not for everyone. My two cents would be to go flying a few times with an instructor and see if you get bitten by the flying bug. If your mind is not made up by then I would say find another career.

Good Luck.

SOPS 1st Mar 2015 14:42

42 days annual leave....God I love to see that

glofish 1st Mar 2015 15:32

I can promise you that not all pilots become dehumanized cynical wretches after getting cushy jobs that so many others would kill for
Well, keep on promising my dear friend, that's about the most hollow thing that gets pronounced in this region, your pathetic one included.

As far as the cushy job, well, your silly words, but tell us who you have killed for it, or who "so many others" would kill to get it? I guess just the one a step below your pecking order.

Rosters here are 90+ hours per month throughout as many time zones as you can imagine with an average of 30 of the 42 "promised" leave days. It's sustainable for maybe a few years, but if you want to call these conditions a longer term career, then you are either Superman or a complete idiot.

harry the cod 1st Mar 2015 16:12

No vacation for 16 months! Really? Sorry pal, going to call you on that one. There's no way on this earth you'd have done 16 months without some form of leave.

If that was me, I'd not be posting on PPRune, I'd be writing to JA and AS. That's beyond reasonable.


Avid Aviator 1st Mar 2015 16:31

16 months
It's happening, know a FO with exactly that at the moment.
Happened to me in 2012 (well, 14 months)
Quite legal.
I'm surprised there aren't some with 22 months the way they are rostering it.
Not sustainable when you only get 30 days total anyway.

CamelRustler 1st Mar 2015 16:45

Sorry HTC
Sorry HTC the 16 months is true. I I am sure JA and AS know its happening. I did bid for the latest April days, but since I was not getting married in April I did not get any vacation that month either. I would agree with fatbus on the fact you need to ask Cadets. I would ask 777 FO's as that is the fleet you will be placed on in 3 years. Ask them what they think their schedules will like be in 4-5 years. I would ask at least cadets 3 preferably 5. Sum up your answers. Do not ignore the complainers nor would I ignore the positive posts. We just work for a different companies. You really need to ask your countrymen for the best answer.

NinER fIveR 1st Mar 2015 17:11

It's OK guys, I understand. You're stuck here so you whine, and embellish, and paint it black. I get it, really. But if you don't mind, some people intend to make the most of their employment here and some others would like some honest and OBJECTIVE advice about their potential career, not a competition over who can come up with the most soul-destroying joke. Carry on...

fatbus 1st Mar 2015 17:24

You can ignore the repeat complainers . Thet will try to turn every thread into their own bitch session about EK.
I would recommend that if you are aUAE national contact some of the cadets that have been flying the line for a couple years to get their take on it.

palm 1st Mar 2015 17:43

NinER fIveR is a total dreamer....just try to be accurate or don't post anything on this forum.

sluggums 2nd Mar 2015 02:22

Hahahaha, that's hilarious. The only bit missing was the demand for some respect...

That last post pretty much sums this place up. "If you don't like it leave", actually, a lot are thank you very much, some without jobs to go to... Best careful what you wish for.

50-60 hours per month, so that's the same as 90-95 hours per month, is it? You have no idea.

1,000's of pilots eh? Funny, we're cancelling recruitment sims every week, and roughly speaking 4 out of 5 of the remaining sessions have vacant slots in them. But then again "we've got 1,000's of applicants" is the rubbish they spout from the bouncy castle. The management would 'count' an application from my infirm mother...go figure.

...and I have seen people with 18 months between leave, fact. So while some of you complain about the complainers, bear in mind that there is a lot of verifiable facts in their moaning, but then again, why let the facts get in the way of your version of reality.

G.Green 2nd Mar 2015 06:45

Thank you abby001 but I'm not sure they heard you down the back.

nolimitholdem 2nd Mar 2015 07:30

hahaha the abby001 post is priceless! I particularly like the large font. But the best part is I don't even think it's a wind-up, he probably actually believes his own bs! Still chuckling.

That IS the best summation of the arrogant, crudely self-aggrandizing stereotype on display all over the region. I wonder if the more moderate locals cringe when they read stuff like that?

If the attitude in that post doesn't help dissuade anyone from wanting to join the ME aviation scene, I don't know what will.

Am NOT Sure 2nd Mar 2015 07:35


A bit harsh eh? You sound like a great candidate for the next ISIS batch

TransitCheck 2nd Mar 2015 09:32


You must be management.

I think if you find that if you open your mind and actually read what everyone is complaining about you will see that everyone is basically saying the same things. People are here because we want to be here but within the culture in the ME when you attempt to make suggestions, they fall on deaf ears or you get the same response that you posted above. Most come here very happy and positive and then sour after 3 years or so.....that says a lot if you actually think about it.

The strong arm posting/meetings, fist shaking, yelling, and "if you don't like it, leave" comments are the most frustrating because they don't serve any purpose and they don't help solve any of the problems that exist at any company.

Certain airlines in the ME could be the BEST place in the world to work for. THE BEST. For most on this site, this is not our first airline. We have seen airlines fail and have seen the short comings at other workplaces and would like to see those same issues fixed here before it is too late. The avenues for suggestions and fixing the issues at hand are just not open enough for employees to communicate with management here.

Instead of shunning guys away listen to what is being said. It's called constructive criticism and you will find that most people on here making the points actually care the most about their companies future and their careers but are frustrated at the lack of interest from the top in fixing even the cost neutral or minor cost issues that would greatly improve working conditions.

We know that complacency in the cockpit is very dangerous.....and it is VERY dangerous....so we fight to combat that.

The most dangerous thing at management level is arrogance........need I say more.

littlejet 2nd Mar 2015 09:47

well said TransitCheck

pacbro 2nd Mar 2015 11:34


If your dear wife misses you and complains you're not home enough and you're doing "50-60hrs" a month, imagine what she'd be like if you worked for EK! If you don't like what's being said here, go read the newspaper :ok:

Over and out.

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