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Turkish Airlines

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Turkish Airlines

Old 15th Mar 2012, 08:06
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Angry Turkish Airlines

THY are now claiming trainings cost of 7000 - 15000 Lira after your contract is finished.
What a bunch.
Not paying your last salary and deducting your "debt" even no bond for training cost after
contract finished. So, do not followed procedure when resigning, just leave after payday, this
ensures at least your last salary.
Do not go there.
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 13:35
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how can they get away with that?
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Old 15th Mar 2012, 14:23
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Given the fact that the international courts have their plates filled with other issues, for the time being yes... they can get away with their current practice.

THY is not the only carrier that pulls this misdeed either.

In China for example, expats are promised bonuses for each year of service. Their LPCs are scheduled before the completion of that one year of service. The LPC is failed, and thus no bonus. Same goes for if one fails their medical.
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 08:28
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Unhappy Looking to employ more expats

News rumors are, that THY need to start employing expats again.
Wonder why they were not able to keep the guys they had.
Maybee because weekly block hours increased from 30 - 37. Resting period going down
from 10 hours to 8 on outstations (block to block).
Ops calling all the time, changing your schedule.
Nobody evers answers your emails or have any answers.
your salary never is right, you get deducted in payment for ?????

It goes on and on.
Much better places to be.
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Old 16th Mar 2012, 16:08
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Does Someone know how to apply for Turkish? On their website they only provide information, without any actual application information. I neither could find a working link on pilotjobsnetwork nor pilotcareercentre.

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Old 16th Mar 2012, 18:05
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If you are applying as F/O do not wast your time, THY have more than 300 in the pipeline, they are looking for Captains with TT min 8000 +4000 hrs on type and prefering instructors and examinors.
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 20:00
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Looks like trick used by Turkish Airlines HR is to issue a training cost up to 7500 EURO if you leave within the first year of your contract and then.... when renewing your contract after the first year use the same contract form that have the same bonding year after year, so it is a lifetime bonding if you sign with THY Only way out is the night after payday.
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Old 22nd Mar 2012, 21:04
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Hiring again

Had the following Mail in my Mailbox today. What is that now? After they scared away alot of Guy´s and did not extend the contract of many others the eroding situation is forcing them to shop outside again. Too bad, hopefully the fellows are warned that they will do the same today again. Your Contract ends when they want ! Not when it is due.....

It is all still in a mess, not organised, all will come together one day but it can fall apart at the very next day as well. So do not go there to leave a secure job. If you are jobless then it is another piece on the plate but have a plan "B" in the sleeve, it will happen again that they scarp the people when the Expat phobia is suddenly kicking in one day.

Parc Aviation on behalf of Turkish Airlines is happy to announce we are now accepting applications for B737NG Captains.

The minimum requirements for this position is as follows;

Minimum Requirements:

6,000 hours total flying time (4,000 hours in multi-jet MTOW 27 tonnes or greater)
A minimum of 2,000 hours in command as Commander/Captain of B737-NG (some EFIS PIC may also be taken into consideration when accompanied with 1000 hours NG PIC time).
Class 1 medical
ICAO English minimum level 4
JAA Licence
Meet Age profile of 37-59 at commencement
Current Captain /Commander, First Officers, qualified as Cruise Captains, does not meet requirements.

Must be current and have flown the aircraft in the last 12 months

Base: Turkey
Contract: Direct with airline
Duration: Initial contract offer 1 year renewable

We are waiting on confirmation from THY if they will accept all other licence types outside of JAA, therefore we are happy to accept expressions of interest from Captains who are not JAA licensed. Please review the terms above and if you would like to be considered for the position, please complete the application form and send back to me directly as soon as possible.
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Old 27th Mar 2012, 08:24
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4 month of training in the Sun.
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Old 1st Apr 2012, 11:21
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Check the contract offer.
  • Duration one day less than one year so THY HR Department refuses to pay you earned vacation when you leave (or are terminated as many are after the initial one year).
  • ID ticket offer in the initial contract disappears after first year of employment.
  • If you extend after first year and then leave you are charged Training Cost worth approx 7000€ even after initial contract.
Pay is calculated in local currency and the Turkish Lira to EURO/USD rate is not attractive at the present.
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Old 7th Apr 2012, 21:40
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The latest from THY is that apparently they are not getting a good response to their recruitment drive.- but then is anyone surprised. It seems that they over did it when they decided not to renew contracts and now they are very short of pilots. This combined with the fact that there is an exodus of ex pats has caused a problem.
So the THY solution is to call all expats to a meeting and make dramatic promises of .permanent jobs, pay increases, etc etc. However my guess is that these promises will last until the summer is over and then ............??
Can anyone confirm that some or any of the supposed meeting is true?
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Old 7th Apr 2012, 23:52
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I have also heard the rumours. Can't see how it would work though with many of us flying here on license validations. Surely we would need a Turkish license to take up a permanent job. Still it doesn't stop them from making an offer! The admirals mightnt be that happy either!
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Old 8th Apr 2012, 11:45
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And on top of all of the above bad news, you had to live... in Turkey!!!

Why not simply wave goodbye from a THY layover destination - the day after payday? Get off the airplane and forget to go back after your rest break. Don't forget a room party.

Thanks, guys, I was toying with the idea of a THY job but after reading those posts and hearing the exact same from most of the guys I know who went there, they can jam it.
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Old 8th Apr 2012, 19:49
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Can the same be said of Sun Express, or is this a different kettle of fish?
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Old 8th Apr 2012, 21:02
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What don't you do what I did?
Tell the broker that you want 9000€ tax free, 5-on 3-off, 5-on 4-off, and flight to and from any THY destination on your days off.

Off course the answer was NO. But if everyone raises the bar, they won't have any other option.

Ah! I know that because I am currently flying, I can bargain.

Check Six, Krueger
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Old 9th Apr 2012, 10:18
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The way they are structured it may work even better 5/4, it is just a matter of time when they have to give in on that. Are you sure your message is passed on to the relevant Department or did the Agent took the buffer and just dropped it as they promised they can find Pilots for that crappy condition?.

Write to them directly and tell them, I am more then 100% on the side that eroding conditions should be stopped. Even when I was out of a Job I took not the first offer, was the lowest by the way, I took one who gave me more pleasure.

Fly safe and land happy

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Old 9th Apr 2012, 16:20
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I cant wait to see the end of this story.... eventually they will have to leave aircraft on the ground. I dont work for them but have friends that does.
What the story on B748 or A380...
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Old 11th Apr 2012, 15:46
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THY conditions

Any present B737 expat captain with THY is looking for “parachutes”, a back up system in case things turn foul for them.
The number of voluntary endings is still on the rise. Thy is hoping the positions will be taken by ill-informed newcomers?
The following information is posted:

Duration: 1 year renewable
Istanbul, Turkey
Roster Pattern:
5 days on, 2 off / 6 days on, 1 off
Commencement Date:
As soon as possible
Screening location: Istanbul, Turkey
Accommodation provided:
During screening & for first 15 days after joining
Ground transportation provided throughout training
Reality is as follows:

Duration is to the liking of the company and not the employee. They might give you one week notice when they don’t extend. Even in the second year of contract THY charges the training costs to the pilots that are leaving. Many lawsuits are in place by pilots that have left to receive their correct final salary.
Base: Istanbul as base is defined by the company’s lawyers as both Atatürk and Sabhia Gökcen airports, which gives the company the right to have the pilots report at Sabhia( with a transfer to that airport in your own time and at own costs) and the right to finish your day at Sabhia (return in own time and at own costs!) The trip from Atatürk to Sabhia can take up to a few hours and a taxi will cost you substancially.
Roster pattern: The scheduling department forces their pilots to work outside the rules. In the labor agreement it is laid down that a pilot should be off duty 12 hours after his last flight before his day off starts. In real life the schedules have been stretched to end at midnight before the day off. The subtle pressure being used is the line: if you don’t fly we will take your salary…. Afraid of hassle (and or job) many just do it.
Commencement date: the sooner the better as they are running short on captains (many Turkish pilots have not passed the English language proficiency test).
Screening location: Of course Istanbul with a paid ticket by the company. Better to inform the new guys about the ID90 rights are only for the first year. The second year ZED fares are in force.

Accomodation: no remarks
Ground transportation: more precise information will learn that the only paid transportation is from the hotel to training center. Any other transportation to head office, police station, photo shop, hospital, clothing center etc., will not be reimbursed.

Think twice , learn Turkish as they hardly speak English and only join when you are desperate, otherwise you will become it just a bit later...
Long haul? Much better conditions. Commuting contract and housing arrangements.
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Old 11th Apr 2012, 22:17
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No ticket out of there

Just realized THY pays the ticket when you join the company thank you - but when your contrat is terminated or you resign they cancel your last PC and leave you in open space without renewed certificate and refuse to pay your return ticket to your homebase

Last edited by 0074; 12th Apr 2012 at 05:59.
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Old 12th Apr 2012, 10:35
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Can the same be said of Sun Express, or is this a different kettle of fish?
I work for SunExpress for more than two years. General a good company to work for, but not a commuting job. If you like the sun and dont mind flying 1000hrs a year, go for it.
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