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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 18th Apr 2008, 10:55
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Hmmm, interesting post Mr K787......

In another thread today, you dedicated several paragraphs to generally slagging off EK and its work patterns (most of which was inaccurate) written in a way to make people believe you actually work for the airline!

From the above request, it appears you haven't even been for interview!

So a word of advice my friend.... P1ss off and stay where you are!
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Old 19th Apr 2008, 02:41
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I believe if you haven't done the dental exam then you are not yet covered for their plan. That's how I understand it. Maybe you should inquire. Would be a terrible thing to have a bad tooth ache and find out you're not in their records for the initial dental exam.

Old 19th Apr 2008, 23:52
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Is ANYONE happy at Emirates?

I have filled out the app for Emirates, but don't know if I want to Submit? It seems all you guys are miserable. Is anyone happy there? Please share stories...

Mr Magoo!
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 00:29
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 04:51
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Yes, I am happy. Whats more, I am out of my honeymoon phase and I still love my job. No question about it.....the best break, and move, of my career.

If you are looking for reasons not to come,then I am sure the guys here will give you a thousand of them. You just need to sort through the crap and decide what you wish to believe.


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Old 20th Apr 2008, 05:30
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6 years and very happy.

The negative guys just scream louder...

Its almost a sin to like working here, if you read these pages. Its different in real life!

Dont make up important career decisions based on guys who post their anger on a bulletin board

Remember, some of their points are valid and some are not, but to have their opinion their must be here. And they are! In a upmarket they are still here. Not many leave, but many do say they will.....however..

If you get the job and if you still want it, come on down and check it out for yourself
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 05:40
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"In a upmarket they are still here"

So, is Emirates upmarket? I wasn't aware it was upmarket.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 05:49
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I am!.........
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 07:04
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I am happy. If I was not I would be elsewhere. You have two choices in life, to be positive or negative. It is so much easier to be positive!

Life is all about choices, so make up your mind. To winge and wind will not change anything. This is not a democracy and all know that. If it is not what you want, then look elsewhere.

I am sure there is more people here loving it that the others!

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Old 20th Apr 2008, 07:07
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I'm not. I've done 10 years and I'm gone, as I suspect most of you will be.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 08:09
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To be positive you need and effort..being negative is the normal outcome of being here in Dubai
Since i joined I never met anybody..zero... nada.. really liking this place.
The vast majority are unhappy.. even most of those who tell you that are happy...They have to believe so because most of the time they don't have alternatives for one reason or the other and they just try to cheer up themself..not to fall in depression.
The only happy people here are the local that have big laughs ut us slaves from St.Tropez..... and the people making massive loads of money and remember.. flying for Emirates you won't make it.
Emirates is like a mairmaid... she sings at you and you are attracted but the song is just a song.... And if you fall for it then your screwed one way or the other. Behind every move they make and word they say there is an accurate psychological profiling ..They know to pick on your weakpoints.. they know pilots are grown up kids just looking to play with the bigger toy and be the chief....and I have to admit they are very good at it.
The company it self it's ok...if you don't mind flying 90% of the time at night,accelerating dramatically your aging rate, ridicoulosly short layover, no real training, no union, no assesment of absorbed radiation, no real pension, no rights, and other small details like ..the salary.. but i think they should keep in mind that nothwistanding all the marketing and embellishment Dubai remains a place not to live in.. noisy, hot, humid, polluted, dusty and million on miles far of being a civilized place and they should pay much much more in order to make you stand this place. Coming here and having the some standard of life you can have home..not being able to save a good amount of money...and not having any of the constitutional rights it is stupid...and that's the way i feel at this stage.
So if you are desperate for a job, the police is looking for you, somebody is threatening your life and you are coming from a country whose currency did not appreciated 50% against the dollar...or from the US come.. still there is worst... mhhhh ...let me think... oh yeah ....HELL!
Well if you are from the US..actually I can't imagine anything worst.

Last edited by revolucionpilot; 20th Apr 2008 at 08:26.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 08:19
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Like it or Not?

As Warlock says things have changed since he got to the "pit". Without in any way belittleing what he says, but things have changed everywhere.

A Buddy of mine was having a rethink..going to take a job with Easy/Go/MY Trav/ A2000. I said great but what about petrol at 1.12 UKP per ltr, council tax etc etc oh yes and what are you going to do with your 5 ! boats?

Life here is not a bed of roses by any means...........but where is these days?

We, as a family, are happy here at least happier than back "home". We have a very good standard of living, not rockstar living but far better than home.

Inflation is on the rise due to the $ peg but that is out of EKs control.

Life here is what you make of it, don't for F##ks sake make your decision on what you read here, as previous poster said "the unhappy just shout louder".

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Old 20th Apr 2008, 08:38
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Inflation is not because of the dollar peg but for greed plain and simple. Procucts from dollar based countries are also going through the roof. Why is that? It can't be the falling dollar so it must be the greed which we all become subject to. The dollar has fallen somewhere in the vicintiy of 12-15% so how come prices have risen across the board 40 50%? We are nothing else than pawns in a big boy game. Get use to it.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 10:44
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SO would a first world lady ask any different?. The sad part is that even in the first world all seats are occupied by the third world. Stop whining and maybe you'll be happy here.
Obviously there are definately fatigue issues which are only going to get worse.So I am outta here as soon as I find a decent offer mainly cause its a lifestyle choice, but unfortunately will have to put up with the third world there too.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 11:08
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The guy's question is: Are you happy AT EMIRATES?

With my family and friends, very happy. That has nothing to do with Emirates.

Most of my frustrations come from EK (deterioration of T&Cs) and Dubai.

I am happy, BUT if I criticise EK or Dubai, it does't make me one of the "bad guys".

Happiness is personal, criticising something is often mis-interpreted as being unhappy. You know...Culture!... East meets West...

Happy me!

Happy Ek!

Me happy with EK????? Depends!!!!!
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 11:23
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Happiness at Emirates is inversly proportional to the amount of time spent on PPRuNe.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 11:27
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Fork Handle,

Why did it take you four years and the others less, assuming same fleet? Emirates or you.
I'm sorry dude, but you are way out of line.....

I don't agree with a lot of what Muttley has to say but with your post, there are a couple of things that are clear.....

1 You have no idea how things work at EK;
2. You do not work for EK

Based on that I have no idea how you feel qualified to answer the topic of this thread. Your post has no value and is just inflammatory.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 11:53
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Yes I am happy, and have mostly been very happy with EK and Dubai over the past nine years. This however does not exclude all the times I have been very angry and upset by things in EK and Dubai.
Emirates is and has always been a place to come and get what you want or need in your life/career. To get it, we all had to sacrifice some things. Some more than others.

I have achieved all I wanted to gain while here in Emirates and the sacrifices which will continue and probably increase are no longer worth the effort for me. So I am leaving while I am still able to say that I have enjoyed my time here.

There is no easy answer, it depends entirely on where you are at in your career , what you want to achieve and how much you are prepared to sacrifice to obtain it. It is a constantly changing equation that only you will be able to solve.
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Old 20th Apr 2008, 13:05
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Thumbs up Emirates Airline interview

Hi buddy,

I ll be having Emirates interview guide line in my pilot shop soon after some days, I ordered it 10 days ago but not received. When you will be here in Dubai?

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Old 20th Apr 2008, 13:28
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Dubai pilot shop

YOu may see Dubai Pilot Shop,,,DUBAIPILOTSHOP will provide all requirements of pilot and has a special price for students
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